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Peach State says: My Beautiful Shiny Floors!


There are certain things I would much rather not spend my day doing. Our wood floors are one of those things. There is nothing simple to cleaning these aged-scratched-needing-to-be-replaced wood floors. I have been closing my eyes for the past week knowing what I would have to do.

The excuses piled up waiting to be used:
To busy.
Raining today.
Vacation Bible School.
I should have started earlier.
I need to fix dinner in 3 hours.
I don’t think I have the right stuff to clean with.
Kids are home.
Kids are not home.
I will wait until the princess gets her grooming done.

I could not stand looking at these floors one more day…so with my coffee in one hand and Excedrin Migraine in the other… I preceded to prepare for the arduous battle that lay before me. “The reason I took the migraine medication was preemptive…and the pain never hit full-force!”

First things first, I removed all the carpets and furniture off the floor making sure to leave a pathway through the house. “I must say that the two sons, that were home, complained of the mess and enjoyed watching TV!” At least the youngest was still!

After the floor was clear I began the initial sweeping and swiffering, otherwise know as a dust mop, I then began the first mopping session. Once a section was dry I began the final wiping down and mopped again. “We don’t need the special little surprises of dog hair and left over remnants of boys waxed into the floor!” After the second cleaning and mopping was completed and dried it was time for the waxing.

The evidence of a family running in and out of the revolving door was erased spit-spot and I was finally looking at a sad-wood-floor-in-need-of-a-shiny-glow. Starting with the foyer I quickly applied the wax making my way through the kitchen. I allowed the foyer to dry and applied the second coat. “The floors were so happy and sucked the first coat of wax in like a child devouring a snow-cone on a hot day.” Once the first coat was dry I began the second coat. My 19 year old decided, at that time, to make his presence known and tried to cross from the stairs to the dinning room. He leapt across the foyer and his foot landed short of the carpet…sliding in the wet wax about 12 inches. “Mom…you missed a spot!…bye!” He was out the door before I could turn around and see the long mark and the smear in the hallway to the garage door.

With racing determination I quickly reapplied the wax to those smudged areas and continued where I left off. Finally I headed to my chair and put my feet up. It had to dry!

The final results:


The good news is I will not have to do this until after school starts back. “Trust me…I will not have to do this for another two months!” It was and is very satisfying to walk through the house and see the shine reflecting the different lights. The next big project is the refrigerator…but I have two weeks! Why two weeks? I need to clean it out before we leave for our vacation otherwise the boys will have no room for the junk food they buy. I am off to do a few other chores and some more vacation planning.

My To-Do List for the day:
Change the sheets.
Sweep and mop bathroom.
Put out new…really, we bought them yesterday…towels and bathroom rugs.
Mail Father’s Day gift.
Put gas in the car.
Pick up dry cleaning.
Plan dinner and cook!
Wash a load of clothes…yep, one load! (That’s all I have to wash…unless I make a load of towels from my bathroom and the boys bathroom.)
Maybe shop for another pair of capris!
Vacation planning…making a list a places to visit and shop!

What have you got planned for the day? I hope you are able to get everything done and take pride in your accomplishments. I will continue with my day…Have a great day!

Peach State