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Peach State says: Late Facebook Funnies-Part 1

Rolling over to look at the clock was a good thing this morning…No Alarm! I am happy, however, to report that breakfast was made, coffee was made, school lunch was made, youngest did not miss his bus and the first two members of my family are gone. I know what you are thinking! “How strange that Peach State should miss the alarm!” I can explain…yesterday was hubby’s day off and my 19 year old got up with his younger brother for me so I could sleep a couple of more hours. I did not set my alarm Tuesday night…thus I forgot to punch the alarm button last night resulting in no alarm going off! I am still shaking…

Boy…I am glad he made the bus. That would have thrown my schedule way off track. I need to be getting ready to leave…I am traveling with the Senior Choir from my church, along with our mutual cat loving friend, to sing with them. One of the sweetest ladies came up to me Sunday and asked if I was going and I told her that I had not been asked… (She took care of that and went right to the source!) Within 5 minutes I was told about today! “This dang clock is ticking away too fast!”
I want to leave you with one more thought before heading off to get dressed.


Have no fears…I will present Part 2 later today, if Grumpy Cat has his way!
Till then I hope this sweet little dash of funny will help you through the morning.

Have a great day!

Peach State