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Peach State says: Bend, Whip and Twirl!

I could hear it when I woke up in the darkness of the morning. I could feel it when I opened the door leading to the back porch. I could see it even though the overcast-cloud-covered sky lacked the bright sun beams streaming through each crevasse of the varied-entwined branches.

Bend, Whip and Twirl!

The leaves have recovered surfaces that were routinely cleaned yesterday. Yet once again the numerous and ever-multiplying brownish leaves have been Bent and Whipped from there lofty heights and have danced their way, in a symphonic masterpiece, only to be lost in the Twirling collection on the ground!

Brightly colored leaves are beginning to fade just like their chances of holding onto the insecure limbs during their Bering Strait baring state. ( Sorry I could not resist the analogy of a colder climate!). As I look out the windows, surrounding me, it looks very chilly as the remaining quivering leaves tremble on the branches. I know my mind is playing tricks on me as the tingling chill-bumps run up and down my arms and shoulders.

I do so love these type of days…especially when I can watch the Bend, Whip and Twirl caused by the stiff Fall wind…Don’t you? I know a certain 13 year old who would love to be outside trying to catch that solitary straggler as it floats to the already covered ground.


A day made for memories…

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State