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Peach State says: Have You Checked The Weather App?


“What? A girl is trying to dream here!”

Have You Checked The Weather App?

I have and I check it most every morning. I have been a dutiful friend and have sent screen pics to another friend who craves the cooler temperatures.

Now …Take into consideration that Atlanta is south of where I live and we run a little cooler because of the lack of asphalt-covered-surfaces…
Did you see the lows…”OOO”…they are coming…Low Temps!. “M-M-M!” I can taste the Mulled Cider/ Hot Chocolate/ Espresso Mocha just thinking about it! ( please choose one of the three mentioned drinks, available in my cozy kitchen, to share when visiting!) The chill is definitely in the air this morning…The misty rain has saturated the surfaces as it gives the fallen leaves a moist shimmer. The gray filled sky adds to the ambience completing the cooling Fall day. The incredible blue skies and color-filled-trees is the perfect day for being outside…but today is a day for indoor activities.

Now that is my new favorite color…“October”…”I love that color…it’s my favorite!” (inside joke!)
My wish, in all of this, would be that my rocking chair on my porch had this view! Can you imagine seeing this picture everyday and what about with snow laden branches? I think my incredibly wonderful hubby would build me a fireplace, to rock next too, if I had this view!

Well enough dreaming for the day…time to get ready to run errands. “How’s that for getting back to reality?”

“May you cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State