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Peach State says: Washington State State of Mind!


Okay…enough is enough! This rain has got to go! The truly sad part is that no matter how much I drink of my wonderful “breakfast brew”, throughout my day, it has no effect. The overcast skies have finally moved inside amplifying a “GRUMPY” spirit!

I know I live in Georgia but now there is a strong…”Washington State State of Mind!

I have first hand knowledge of this dreary-sunless-rainy season in Washington State since I lived there about 8-9 years. I love the area and the exquisite beauty of the primeval-rain-soaked-constantly-damp forest in the Cascade Mountains. But…it is Summer in Georgia not a monsoon season in Washington State.


I do miss the many varied area to visit and explore…not to mention picnic! We would just hop in the car and start driving toward Mount Rainier and would soon be engulfed in shades of green. Isolated picnic tables next to solitary little creeks just waiting for that special someone to enjoy the peaceful pathway to lifelong memories. Don’t get me wrong…I love my Georgia but I would have to drive almost 2 hours to find a suitable spot worthy of memory making.

So…here we are stuck at home! At least the new-shiny-microwave is up and working. The A/C And Plumbing Inspectors are here running around with their clip boards. So far…we have water in the utility room again and we don’t know why! Always a comforting thought. My peaceful drizzle-filled morning has been interrupted so I am off to be homeowner!

Have a great day!

Peach State