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Peach state says: A Little Southern Hospitality!

We headed out in the cool of the morning, about 94 degrees, for our pancake breakfast. Our schedule planned and filled with shopping and to experience A Little Southern Hospitality!

Off to Gatlinburg…and to the Smoky Mountain Tennessee Moonshine distillery. They were not open on Sunday and there was a free tasting we were just a tidbit anxious to try. “Well those of us of legal drinking age!”

I would really have liked to see a pic as my hubby and I tasted this swig of dragon-fire-global-warming-disinfecting-cure-all-that-ails-ya-window-cleaning-pimple-removing-rubbing-alcohol called Moonshine. The server said it was smooth…but she recommended that it was not a sipping smooth but should be enjoyed in a quick jolting swig. We bought one bottle….Peach Moonshine!

Off to the next part of the distillery and gift shop for some mountain inspired tasty treats!

Then we proceeded back to where we parked the car a mile and a half down the hill to head to the Tanger Outlets…”They have a Coach Store there!”…my hubby bought me a small purse and a large purse and a matching wallet!. Before you de-friend me or stop reading my blog for wasteful spending you should know that we…He…spent less for all three than what they originally retailed for. Retail:$700 and with coupon and shopping genius (me) he spent $195 plus tax! “Me very excited and HAPPY!

We returned to the condo and deposited all the goods…drank a bunch of water to fight the scorching heat…and headed off to a trek in the woods (Dollywood)!


We went for just a little while and are heading back out in just a few for a day of hill-climbing-water-chugging-body-wrenching-fun! More pics later! Y’all have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: I Would Rather Be There!

With my list of chores already laid out before me today I receive this picture of a friends vacation spot. I simply replied…Jealous! I Would Rather Be There in that place by the sea! The fresh salty air and the mist from the breaking waves as they crash against the white sand. But I grab my coffee and continue with my day! I am not finding any solace in my daily doldrums. I need to escape! Don’t get me wrong…I love being a housewife and taking care of the castle. I just need to get out past the walls of the fortress…by myself…and breathe in some fresh air. I know…I know…I got out last night when I went to church. I will get out again on Sunday morning. Maybe I should have titled this post…”My Pity Party!” I will leave in a little while and search for a useful wedding gift for my niece. “Her wedding is Saturday!” Once that retail exploration is complete I will return to the castle…and clean!

The floors of the castle are laden with traveler’s dust and collections from their journeys….(translation)… The floors are covered in the tracked in dirt from the boys and the dog along with scattered debris, like clothes and balls and water bottles and doggie toys, as they came in. The movie images of the servants sweeping the castle’s dirt floors was hilarious to me as a child. Sadly…that is the way my floors have been lately. I know they are not dirt floors…but with the constant pollen and laying down of new mulch comes yard work which leads to a constant flow of mud and grass throughout the house.

The boys have their chores (which all seem to fall on me) that are completed during the day. With their new schedules and revolving door routine the chores never get done. My youngest…well he can’t be expected to do them all and he would forget to do them anyway. Besides…what beautiful Queen would want to live in a dirty castle! This Queen will not have her King come home to a dirty castle…he would not be happy! We are not a poor kingdom…but the concept of servants only exists in dreams. The shinning of the marble and crystal must be maintained. The polishing of the silver is not an everyday activity. The Royal Gardens are still under seasonal construction and will be completed in the summer. The ever present plague of dust must be removed by hand and Pledge. “A fresh scented Pledge dusting spray not a vow!” A short solitary escape is what I desire…I Would Rather Be There!

Walking along the shore as the sun’s glow touches my skin. The sound of the waves fills my senses and drowns out all other interruptions. The warm water covers my feet as the loosened sand embraces my toes.

Snapped back to reality as I sip on my latte’! Two have already left and two prepare for their day. I will soon be alone…able to accomplish what needs to be done. Is there a nap on that list? Funny, I always want a nap but never have the time for one. I will need to keep moving this morning to avoid stiffening up like a suit of armor in the castle halls. I moved the wrong way yesterday and twisted when I should have bobbed. The pain will fade…”I hope!”…as I continue my Royal Itinerary.
I should add a visit to the Royal Baker to my list…(the local Panera Bread) for my free Mocha refreshment! This will be a pleasant addition to my retail exploration. I peeked at the bride’s list of treasures and have a idea of a wonderful gift. “I received a very large oversized bowl when I got married and use it all the time.”

My stomach growls increasingly as I wonder if the Royal Cook has any brown sugar oats. Wait…I am the Royal cook…time to fix my breakfast. Do you want to escape? Where Would You Rather Be? For the time being…this Queen will continue on the path in front of her…until the King gives her some funds from the overflowing Royal Treasury. Ah! There lies the rub! The Royal Treasury is lacking and has not been overflowing for quite a while. Oh well! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Rainy Days are Wonderful Days!

Do the best you can with what you have been given!

Here we are! Another rain soaked day is just outside my window.  There is a thick layer of a ghostly fog floating against the brown grass in my yard.  The flag moves gently, in the slight breeze,  shaking the tiny rain drops from their resting spot.  The cars splash by on their daily course leaving tread marks against the wet asphalt.  “Rainy Days are Wonderful Days!

I am not crazy to feel this way…I am relieved to have this scene in January.  It beats the sun shinning brightly and the temperature in the 60-70 range.  The rainy, foggy day gives the onlooker the wintry feel and the opportunity to excuse yourself from outside activities.  I was going to walk the track at the park close by but, I should stay home and catch up on household duties.  This is a perfect day to put on my music, of choice, and whisk through the house making the best of what time I have.  There are times where a book and a blanket are all I need on days like this.  “Not today!”  I am sure I will find things to fill my time…the refrigerator needs my attention and the counter-tops could be cleaned and sealed again.  The little jobs that always get over looked are the ones I have in mind to complete today.   “Rainy Days are Wonderful Days!

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote a lovely poem called “The Rainy Day”.  He talks of the dreary nature of rainy days and how it tears the soul, draining cheerfulness from the weary heart.  He then brings it back, in sermon like tone, and says [“Be still sad heart and cease repining.  Behind the clouds is the sun still shinning.  Thy fate is the common fate of all.  Into each life some rain must fall.”]  The sun is still shinning and will shine again soon.  Till this happens I will make the best use of what I have.  Make it a good day and it will be a good day. Why let the rainy, dreary day drag me down to the depths.  I am able to enjoy every day!

Rainy Days are Wonderful Days!”  Enjoy this time of solitude and silence.  Make it a special day, not bothered with a hurried and sloppy journey.  Take time for self!  “I will start with another lovely latte’…after I iron my son’s pants for his job interview.”  What?  I am a loving and nurturing mom…and he has not figured out how to iron correctly yet!  HEHE!

Staying Dry!

Peach State