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Peach State says: Wow…What A Week!


Wow…What A Week!

It has been a week since I dropped off my 20 year old at the recruiter’s station. He was taken to the hotel with the other future soldiers Monday night and then bright and early, in true military time, swept off to the last beginning of a lifetime of hurry up and wait.

Meanwhile, back at the old homestead, we started our day just like every other day…except for the fact that once our youngest left for school we booked out the door and headed for the military base just south of Atlanta. ( about an hour away!) It was quite brisk and there was a chance for flurries.
According to the weather personalities around the area we were only in a Winter Weather Advisory…with no accumulation!!!!! We arrived at the base and die to the fact that my hubby had his gun with him we had to report to the security office. We drove over and began to fill out the paperwork. We were then informed that if the base closed to due inclement weather the gun would be locked away and we would not be able to get it back before leaving the base…or we could leave it in the car and park it out in front of the security building! My hubby opted for the leave it in the car. We Walked Across The Base…in the cold!


My 20 year was sworn in for the final time and we said goodbye!
We headed back toward home and encountered the white-wintry-mix. I was thrill my hubby was driving. The roads were in decline…rapidly!

By the time we got to one of the main highways the snow and ice was causing a slip-sliding mess. The upside…we made it home before midnight, the downside was the fact of 11 1/2 hours spent in a traffic jam! All the while we were stuck in traffic the kids were released from school, then the buses were cancelled with kids left at the school… You get the picture! A friend of a friend picked up our youngest and dropped him off down the street at his friends. How lucky were we to have that happen? VERY!

With Georgia being closed the Army shippers were stuck as well…Good news! They did make it to their individual bases…a couple of days later!

I took off for Nashville early Friday for a Vacation Bible School conference. Two days of classes, walking and stairs. We drove back Saturday and my chair felt so wonderful.

Life is finally…somewhat normal!

Wow…What A Week!
I have missed you all!

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Vacation Bible School Pics…As Promised!


The last child has left the building…the halls have been cleared.
The rooms have been returned to the original set-up…well close to it!
The decorations are folded, and sorted ready to be used by another church.
Here are some of the decorations….I hope you like them!

Sorry the chairs could not be moved yet…


Okay…this poor volcano has seen it best day!

This adventurous personality has become a wonderful friend…and a comrade during the decoration process. “She has already approached me about being a Co-Director next year with her.” I will have to really think about that….

We had a blast making the falls…

The Great Barrier Reef was almost destroyed by a group of toddlers…they loved the pretty fishies!

Yesterday…one of the girls in my class walked up to me and gave me something…She gave me a hug and said I just wanted to say thank you!


I have been very blessed during this week. Thank you for letting me share. Have a great evening and or day!

Peach State

Peach State says: I Need My Facebook Funnies!

Except for this week…

As I warned you earlier…this week has kept me hopping! However, I would not be able to leave you facing the day without something to put a smile on that cute face of yours. “I also know that some of you will be in contact with me today and I did not want the first thing out of your mouth to be….Where’s my Funnies?…” I will enjoy my cup of coffee before running around with my head cut off for today’s Vacation Bible School and share what my friends have shared with me this past week. So here you go!

Let’s start with an inspirational thought! This emotional tug is our Blog Worthy Award Winner!

Chewbacca really knows how to speak to my heart!

Those oversized bath towels must weigh at least a hundred pounds.

Maybe he should lean how to change the password or start taking something to help his memory!

Fix one crack and another one appears!

I thought this was cute and had to include it!


Don’t expect me to change…I will drink my coffee any way I want to!

I hope you found something to chuckle about with these diverse Facebook Funnies. I know I did…but we all have those days and today I Need My Facebook Funnies!. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Build It and They Will Come!

20120604-150846.jpg You know where I was most of the past week…building an erupting volcano, carving the Grand Canyon, moving the Matterhorn and Great Barrier Reef into the large gathering room with the Northern Lights flowing silently overhead. Oh…and let’s not forget the over-sized and complex Victoria Falls in my classroom and the two story staircase in the gym lobby. All of this construction was in preparation for Vacation Bible School this week…“Build It and They Will Come” and come they did!

Today was the first day and I had a large class with 27 4th Grade boys and girls. I am now in my chair with my feet up…after dancing to the action songs connected with the theme of Amazing Wonders then picking up two children to bring home for a little time with my youngest after feeding them. I really want more coffee…if I can keep my eyes open! I may be late each day because of Vacation Bible School and just wanted you to know.

I need yo complete my planning! I hope all is well!
Have a great day!

Peach State