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Peach State says: Patriotic Goose Bumps!

My family recently viewed the alien invasion movie called Battleship. I knew, going into this movie, I would be bored. “I am not a fan of alien based movies!” The special effects for the aliens is too fantasy filled for me and the cookie-cutter-alien-invasion-as-mere-humans-fight-for-to-save-planet-earth is well…overdone. I yawned through the first almost 3/4’s of the movie. But then the movie took a turn and I knew exactly where it was going.

With all possibilities gone…the only course of action is to use a retired Battleship. But it only gets better from this point. Upon the majestic deck of this floating museum the crew begins to contemplate their actions…but way off in the distance I see the twist. My heart began to jump and beat wildly as a increasing tingle swept over my body. Patriotic Goose Bumps!
The appearance of the recently honored veterans gave this movie the heart-tugging twist it needed. “Well, for me it did!” The spirit in which these men returned to the call of duty may have been staged for the movie…but, I see them differently. Pride and desire course through them everyday. The body may be wrinkled but their hearts beat strongly with love and duty. “I will not go any further with my movie description. You will need to see it for yourself!”

I will probably view this movie over and over…”The boys loved it!”…and I will try and watch the part of the movie I missed while yawning. [Note to self: Make sure it is not past my bedtime when I start watching it…the next time!]

I love, honor and respect the military veterans. They are a special group of men and women who deserve more than my straight-from-the-heart-Patriotic Goose Bump-thank-you!
If you meet a veteran…tell them how much you appreciate all they did. It will mean a lot! Have a great day!

Peach State