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Peach State says: Limitation’s Painful Reminders!


I have to admit I don’t kiss my oh-so-highly-independent-easily-embarrassed-by-parental-PDA’s 20 year old in public and have not since 4th or 5th grade. But I do enjoy the occasional poke or pat in front of his friends! It is highly recommended as a competitive sport among parents.

With this in mind…Last night was the Upwards Basketball Awards Night and both of my youngest were involved. My 20 year old was a coach/referee and the 13 year old a player. Here are just a few examples of…

Limitation’s Painful Reminders!

[20 year old]
The shaking head,
The rolling eyes,
The “I can’t believe you just did that” look,
“Please stop!”
“And my not-so-favorite…” The imitation of an older person using a walker!

[13 year old]
Blank stare,
Cold stare,
Unexplained deafness… Well, pretty much the way he usually acts in public!

Sadly the Painful Reminders from my 20 year old came before the program even started. Let me paint a picture for you.

We were one of the first to arrive, as usual, and entered the building as loud-arena-motivating-sporting-event music filled our ears. My dear friend was up in the sound booth testing out different songs for the evenings proceedings. Unfortunately, according to my 20 year old, I can not “Move It, Move it” anymore due to my age and lack of coolness! “Do you see what is happening?” So being the mom that I am…I simply removed myself to a location filled with those who are in my age group and who enjoy “Moving It, Moving It!” (Insert parental chuckle!) Close your eyes for a moment and think about the “Tacky Parent Dance!” Are you laughing yet? “We were!” Once I was with this exclusive group my inner “Dancing Queen” emerged. Well not really but I do love a good beat you can move to! Who doesn’t? My 20 year old just walked out the main doors shaking his head as his gave me that look…”Please Stop! I can’t believe you just did that!”

The next set of events prompted the rolling of eyes and shaking of head….My two dear friends, in the sound booth, have two small girls and….Yep! I picked them up and carried them around and played with them a little too much! Not only did the “old-timer using a walker” routine surface during this time but when I got home and realized the beginning pain associated with lifting and bending with the 2 very young-diaper-wearing-potty-training-sticky-Dorito-coated-fingered girls. “I understand that due to certain physical issues I have I am limited and often am faced with the oh so Painful Reminders!

All in all a good time was had. Games and highlights…drawing if tickets for prizes…and recognition! I don’t want to leave out my youngest and his smirks…I let him roam with the guys and hang. Several times our eyes connected and what a frown I got. “What?…I didn’t do anything!” I guess I was in his business! I am such an awful mom to be interested in what my youngest child is doing when he is not in close proximity in a crowd. If he was a girl I probably would have gotten the “Talk to the hand” attitude. I just had to chuckle inside at my totally-irritating-always-thinking-he’s-right-irresponsible 13 year old! “Has he got a few lessons to learn!”

So this morning, as I type away in my short window of time, I feel a stiffness in my shoulders and neck area not to mention the darn left hip. I carried “Precious Princess” down the stairs before the butt-crack-of-dawn this morning due to her waiting for me at the bedroom door as my alarm sounded this morning. I am in dire need of a lovely Calgon-take-me-away pill but alas, I have places to go and people to see. “Maybe later….hehe!” It is time to wrestle the herd from their beds…our first appointment is at 10 and breakfast is served.

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Doors, Guns, Basketball and Random Acts of Kindness

Today the name at the top of my list was boldly-unusual-and-not-meant-for-me


“Excuse me! You want me to go where and do what?”

Doors, Guns, Basketball and Random Acts of Kindness all have something in common…Oh yeah…most of the items were on my HONEY-DO LIST! I laid my plans out to best utilize my time and allowed me to visit a store having a close-out sale. (Insert evil chuckle)

Here is how it unfolded…

The needed items were gathered and placed into the car.

❇The old-malfunctioning-in-need-of-a-polish storm door handles that have driven us crazy by falling off in our hands or onto the front porch without warning…

❇The military-style-boy-toy that needed to be sighted in…

❇Oh…and the two youngest boys.

We headed over to the close-out sale and then to the oversized Home Improvement Store. While paying for the new-bright-shiny door handles (OOO…shiny things!) my 20 year old turns around to see a familiar face from our church. long story short… They were picking something up for the Random Acts Of Kindness being performed by the youth…”Guess who joined the group?” My youngest was sent with them after I wrote a note giving permission to the young driver. As we left the parking lot my 20 year old proceeded to discuss lunch options.

We were then off to the gun-supply-repair-shooting-range to have the military-style-boy-toy sighted in. DONE…
That did not take long and off towards the house.

The bottomless-pit finally broke me down by saying “Mom…I would like to spend some time with you…just you and me…before I leave!” I know what you’re thinking…Sucker!. Yeah…me too but I just could not resist that cute little face and my stomach had reached the painful growl stage.

We finally arrived home and my son installed the shiny things and then practiced taking the military-style-boy-toy apart and putting it back together. Success…he had a great time and beat the previous times from yesterday.

We then headed to the church to rescue the youth leaders (my bad)… pick up my youngest after Random Acts Of Kindness. After chatting with the leader we drove across the street to the church offices to pay for and register my youngest for Upwards Basketball starting next month.

My HONEY-DO LIST was completed!

Back at home I began to straighten up a bit before heading to TKD. I grabbed a cold-lite-mocha-Frapp in a bottle and started cutting up the peaches for a cobbler. (I just had to mention coffee…)

I am now sitting at the TKD studio watching the storm clouds darken and build. Class is almost done and I will head home and prepare dinner…and get my PJ’s on. I wonder what my HONEY-DO LIST will look like tomorrow?

Do you ever have one of these strange-not-up-your-alley HONEY-DO LISTS?
What’s on yours?

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: The Joy in a Child’s Eyes!

The rebound is captured and the race down the court begins. The ball is passed, as a flurry of varied sized bodies wave their arms, to a small undersized child. The timid and bright eyed boy pivots and shoots…the ball goes up and over the basket. The crowd sighs with a collected “Aww!”. The action continues and once again the timid boy has the ball…this time he passes and the ball is put up for a score. This timid boy had helped his team score…Wow!…The Joy in a Child’s Eyes!

Now…why the interest in this young man? Well, he is the son of a friend of mine and he plays on the same team with my youngest. My 19 year old coaches one of the two teams at the church and if I may brag for a second…he is wonderfully equipped to do this. He cheers these young children, ages 8-12, and guides them in the basic skills of basketball. Once a star player himself he has worked with our youngest for several years and now finds himself thrust into a role of coach. The parents love him and so do the many children he works with on the court. Long story short…Last Saturday, this timid young 9 year old boy, was called over to the bleachers before heading off with the teams for half-time. His father whispered something to him and then let him join the team. After half-time my 19 year old son, the coach, went to say something to the father on the sidelines that brought a huge smile across his face. My son then came to where I was sitting and told me what he said. The father had told his son that he would give him $$ when he got a basket…the son both excited and scared told my son the coach…who then instructed the team to get this timid boy the ball as often as they could. My son then told the father…I hope you have cash!

The second half started and the scoring drive was set up…down the court was a drive with points sought. Down by the basket was this timid boy and his father was telling him to turn around…get ready…(The overly tall 11 year old player, as tall as my 19 year old, reaches the basket and gives the ball to the timid boy)shoot…shoot…”aww!” Those of us cheering from the bleachers sent well wishes and encouragement of next time and good try. This timid boy never scored…

But… last night at practice teams worked on a play which calls for this bright-eyed young boy to stay at mid-court and once the other team puts the shot up he is to head to the opposite goal and wait for the ball. You know..his shots were improving with each attempt last night. This Saturday, when they play again, we may have a very rich little basketball player. Another great thing about this is the attitude of the other players. They are going out of their way to make sure this timid boy gets a chance to shoot and score. “As a mom…my heart just bursts with joy seeing this type of teamwork. As a sports fanatic…I do love a good David and Goliath game…when teamwork is emphasized and seen.”

As for my youngest…He is doing an outstanding job playing this sport. He underestimates himself and does not see what the rest of us see. He is about 5’3″ and is responsible for guarding the oversized 11 year old. I am not exaggerating…this tower of a boy must be 5’10”- 6′. The lessons my youngest has learned, while playing with my 19 year old on the court in the back yard, are being put to work. Quick response and stubbornness have given my youngest the ability to actually rebound and block this oversized boy.

All in all…I am a proud mom! I can’t wait to see how the game goes on Saturday. I will save you a seat!

Oh…It is Election Day today…if you have not voted…Go Vote! My hubby wore a tie suitable for the day…want to see?


Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Onward and Upwards!


With coffee in hand I will arrive for the Basketball Assessments scheduled at 8:00-9:30 this morning. My youngest has earned the chance to play Basketball with the new league forming at our church. It is called Upward! His behavior has been a miraculous turn around in the past three weeks. Don’t ask me why…because I just don’t know. It has been a really nice change.


After the assessments we will head over to the Youth Building where I will drop him off for a full day of Back To School Partying with the youth group at our church. This will be an adventure in itself, as it is his first activity with the church youth group. I will then head, in a mad rush, to do a little banking and complete my birthday shopping. These birthday presents, for my youngest, will be wrapped and hidden before going to pick him up at 5 PM this evening. I am hoping for a nap sometime in this time period. Wish me luck! Maybe I can even work on my fingernails and give them a fresh coat before tomorrow.

Off I go…Onward and Upwards!


Have a great day!

Peach State