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Peach State says: What Is Wrong With The Clocks?

You know me…I am always up early! BUT…this new not-so-nice-game of waking up three times a night is not working for me. I know it can’t be me…Right? What Is Wrong With The Clocks?

The comings and goings of the various people in my family have changed a great deal recently. The new chime connected to the alarm system is reassuring so I know what door is being opened…but before the (how does my friend say it?) butt-crack-of-dawn the not so gentle door-bell chime yanks me from the last thread of sleep. Why the change?

My 19 year old has started working out with a mentor every morning. He is up about 5:00 and gone before my gentle crickets and beach sounds fade to the shuffled wake up mix from my alarm clock.

School has started…meaning up a little earlier to get hubby and my youngest the breakfast they need before heading out the door 10 minutes apart.

Hubby has to drive an hour to work and now that school is back in session…let’s just say he has to leave a bit earlier. Oh joy!

My 19 year old comes back from morning work out anywhere between 7:30-8:15 and falls back into his coma-producing bed.

My 22 year old has picked up a part-time job working with and maintaining the computer systems for a large auto dealership…on top of his varied schedule with his full-time job. “The truth is I just can’t keep up with his schedule!”

Maybe these combined changes have produced this annoying wrench to be thrown into my routine. Go to sleep between midnight and 1:00am and wake up about 5:45-6:00 without interruption…”Not any more!” It has been the most awful wrench to deal with. I can’t fall asleep easily…waking up every morning about 3:10-3:15 by rolling over and focusing on the blue numbers staring boldly at me…rolling back over and finally relaxing enough to doze off again only to find myself being blinded by the same blue color display an hour or so later…then falling into a gentle coma as the revolving door begins to turn. My mind begin to calculate how much time I have left before I must rise and begin my job as short-order cook and espresso barista. “Short-order cook indeed…here’s your cold cereal and bowl of oatmeal!”

“Couldn’t we just go back to the way things used to be?”

I blame the clocks…it is their fault! I know…I know! Clocks are my friend and only want to be there when I need them. My coffee cannot produce the energy I need to face the day so what is the world coming to? “This is not good! I am mentioning coffee in a negative manner!”

Maybe I should do what my hubby suggests…go back to bed when everyone is gone. The clock works against me everyday with the added TKD and Basketball schedules thrown into the mix. The funny thing is I am still asked about dinner menus…as I am walking out the door and driving down the road to TKD. Most nights dinner is cooked and on the table by 7:15 after getting home from TKD…but…there are a couple of nights that dinners served before 4:30 because we don’t get home until 8:20 and that is past someone’s bedtime. “Not mine…my youngest…hehe!”

All of this said and my lovely 6-shot espresso depleted…my eyes are droopy and heavy. I will go lay down for a few. I want to finish decorating my house for fall today as well as doing some general house-keeping.

Has this happened to you? How did you maintain?

Take time to enjoy your coffee and Have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: The Monday Routine…Yuck!

Here we are again! The day of the week that pulls you from the comfy-cozy-confines of peaceful slumber by your hair. “My inner voice screams when realizing the alarm clock has not even reached the predestined wake-up call.”

Not yet…just five more minutes…please! There is no reply as I rise and begin The Monday Routine…Yuck!

Fortunately I have friends who have left me some furry-funnies to give me an early morning smile!



What great friends I have! They share my deepest-darkest feelings…The Monday Routine…Yuck!


That’s the way to start the day…
I will finally be able to use that insulated bag and keep the IV bags hot and ready. It may be a long day but I will get through it…like a heavily caffeinated trooper!

Now go…start your Monday, hopefully with a smile, and Have a great day!

Peach State