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Peach State says: The modern inconvenience called the Internet

Turn on computer and wait! Mark all the appropriate boxes to clear off the screen

in preparation to start my day.  “Explorer has failed and is restarting!”  Down goes

the screen and then pops back up.  “Explorer has failed and is restarting!”  I don’t

like the pattern that is evolving. I turn off my computer and hope the message,

filling me with frustration, will not return.  So far so good then, with bells and

warning lights come the pop-up.  “Explorer has failed and is restarting!” What did I

do to deserve this so early in the morning?  I try all the techniques and secrets my

son has taught me to no avail.  “I quit!”  I say in my head. I don’t want to wake

those sleeping upstairs.  I turn my computer off again and reach for my  trusted

iPhone.  My faithful friend brings up the pages I seek and I quickly maneuver

through them, aware of the time lost while fighting with my PC.

I feel scattered and out of sorts, not being able to do those little  tasks, and begin

my day behind schedule.  “Has this ever happened to you?”   Why do we find it a

pivotal  part of our day and when this happens we see the  billboard size

neon sign blinking [EPIC FAIL].

This inconvenience slows me down and without it I can’t  access my

book or my blog. “Do you know how long it is taking me to type this using

using my phone?”.  Well, I am a creature of habit and things must be done.

I was busy yesterday and could not blog.  My day was off ever so slightly.

“I will succeed and overcome this tragedy, thrust upon my very being, and

write.”  We lived our lives and thrived without the Internet for a long time. Why

can’t I now.

“Really got caught up in the moment and forgot I am enjoying the use of this

“Inconvenience” while blogging on my phone.  Things we take for granted!

With this said I will move on to the next task. “Who knows, my son may find the

straw  that broke my camel’s back  today  and I will write you again. “Till then

have a great day and surf without me!”

Angry Birds here I come!

D. L.