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Peach State says: Rearranging Tuesday!


Dear cuz,
I have chosen to write to you today in hopes that my dear friends will not find out about my activities today. Rearranging Tuesday!

I have been sitting in the same room arrangement for almost 2 years now and I just wanted to scream. My chair has been moved to the point that I sit sideways in it to see the television. “And not very well at that.” Well you know me…and even though I received harsh-finger-shaking and oh-no-you-can’ts from friends, when I was moving a couple of chairs this past Sunday, I took control of the situation and put my foot down. “Not that anyone was listening…they were all gone!”. Wait my 22 year old did move my chair from the middle of the living room floor to a spot by the window…yep he sure did…then he left.

I took my time and was careful…but I am beginning to feel…PAIN! Granted I probably should not have been participating in this refreshing and organized activity with a Herniated Disc and I will pay for it later as well as Now!

Please be a dear and do not speak of this to my dear friends…they will shake their fingers at me and ask me why I did this by myself. I can tell you one thing…if I didn’t do it it would never get done…Can I get an Amen!?

Thanks for listening cuz…I knew you would understand!

Well time for TKD so I gotta go…Have a great day!

Peach State

To bad this guy was not available to help me with Rearranging Tuesday!