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Peach State says: His Foot Is On My Coat-Tails!

The picture was taken last year the day before Back To Bethlehem started. This year…I will not be able to walk the streets of this seasonal reminder! The city gates welcome modern day visitors to stroll amongst costume clad people recreating Bethlehem. The street, lined with shops, winds through scenes of daily life. But this year I will be lucky to attend as a visitor…my hubby has put his foot down and stood there…His Foot Is On My Coat-Tails!

I understand his reasoning! He has gotten very protective of me, in the past year, in regards to my health and well-being. He has realized that the wife of a year ago has become a limping-hunched-over-pain-filled-try-to-hide-it-push-through-the-pain-nightly-pill-popping-maniac. Oops! I left off Coffee-drinking-enthusiast! (insert chuckle) I do try to hide how I am feeling and I used to do a great job of it when it came to my hubby. But…he has changed! It is not that he dotes on me…that is not his style; instead he is aware of the world around him and in his own unique way shows a deepening love for me. “Okay, I agree that is a bit sappy! You have to realize my hubby of almost 27 years has grown up and is finally learning to appreciate what he has instead of constantly out-doing the Jones’s.” I have told you about the little things he does for me…Right? Now he is tenderly, with no room for compromise, recommending I not participate. How did he put it? Oh yeah…”I do not want to hear you moan and groan every night about how sore you are or that you don’t feel good because of the constant smoke from the fire pits in the city. You need to take care of yourself and if you won’t I will make sure you do!” (aww! Isn’t that sweet?) Sadly…he is right! It takes a toll on everyone who participates but, we do it for a heart-wrenching-tis-the-season-reason.
I can understand where he is coming from and based on health issues, that have recently reared their ugly heads, it is best that I not participate. No need making things worse! I get enough finger-shaking-you-should-not-be-doing-that from my friends. (I know it is from the heart!) Maybe…just maybe…if I behave myself…I can help a certain friend set up her shop Saturday like I did last year. “I will need to bring my own step-ladder!”

I will muster through this difficult time at-home-where-it-is-cozy-and-warm-inside-out-of-the cold-night-air-enjoying-my-dinner-in-a-relaxing-fire-pit-smoke-free-area. BUT… I want to go, as a modern day visitor, this year…maybe I can convince my hubby to go as a family…after all there are cookies and hot chocolate after you go through the city and it is FREE! We will see! You never know! My hubby has developed a desire to do more as a family just to irritate the boys. I think this is just the activity to achieve this. This means they would not be able to be with their friends that night or do what they want to do. “Oh how awful!” After all, according to the boys, we are parents whose sole preoccupation in life is to destroy the lives of our children. Hehe…mission accomplished? Yea Right!

So as I close, on this chilly rainy morning, I will rest for a few minutes and finish my coffee. I will straighten the house as I putter around before heading out and about with one of my sons. “I have so much to do today…couldn’t I just stay home and out of the rain?” I need to watch the slow-cooker as it prepares the pork-loin for dinner, I need to fluff the pillows on the couch, I need to make sure the decorations are where I want them on the tree, I need to finish watching the movie I started last night so I can make room for more Christmas movies on the TiVo…What? Those are important things to do…and I don’t have anything else to do. I cleaned the kitchen already this morning and the laundry is done…bed is made…dry cleaning was picked up…groceries have been bought and put away…
I should call my hubby…he will let me stay home and take care of myself…hehe!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: When All Else Fails!


The final preparations were being made for dinner and the local news makes a statement…
“This is set to be the final GOP Debate…” My husband starts looking for the channel and time as the boys cringe with anticipation. “Found it but can’t record it!” “Who is recording 2012?” Never-mind I will record upstairs.” 8:00 arrives and everyone gathers for the nightly TiVo programming.
Quietly I reached for the remote and pressed list…”Suggestions?” American Idol will do. I started saying who was staying and who was leaving before the judges announced it…and had to admit to spoilers. The top 24 were leaked and so far I knew them all…”Then why watch?” If not Idol then what…The GOP Debate? “When All Else Fails!” A Movie!

We had a movie we all wanted to see and anything was better that politics. I have had enough politics to last a lifetime. We could have caught up on TiVo after fast forwarding through American Idol and cleaned off our list of recordings. The consensus spoke their minds and the decision was made…Tower Heist it is! The cast of this movie made it worth the watching. What an ensemble of personality quirks! Ben Stiller is one of our favorites as well as Matthew Broderick, who was recognized by my sons as Ferris. And Alan Alda, well liked since MASH days, was the icing on the cake. The premise of the movie was current and the unlikely collection of comrades unfolded.

“Don’t worry…I am not one of those people that tell you how it ends.”. The comic action unfolds and trust issues come into view. Wrenches are thrown into the plan and the cast must adapt.
All in all I give it two thumbs up and enjoyed the movie. It is past 11:00 by this time and the TV goes dark. Conversation lingers as we prepare to go upstairs for bed. “I am glad we watched the movie.” says one of my sons. “Anything is better than a debate!” says the other son. “When All Else Fails!” Movie time!

We will watch the debate later this week with the boys and will try and finalize our decision on which candidate to vote for in March. The constant barrage of commercials and interviews show each candidate trying to one-up the others by throwing the others under the proverbial bus. You can only handle so much of this sport. I would rather watch wrestling. “Nope…not even wrestling!” It is fake and staged too! The TV Series seasons are changing and most of our shows are showing their Season Finales. Only a few of our seasonal favorites are returning due to schedule upheavals and television politics. You know…do away with the good shows and keep the bad ones! We have more movies that we have not seen and may have to save them for another time. I am sure we will face another crisis of what to watch and “When All Else Fails!</em …well you understand!

Until then I will rest assured, knowing the majority will always make the decision, and TV viewing will continue on as a family activity. As I close..I have opened the window on the back door. The sounds of morning have begun. The birds each chirping their greetings as the dogs bark at passing walkers. The wind chimes tinkle and clank as the slight breeze stirs them gently. Life seems so easy and calm with these sounds flowing through the window. Maybe instead of “debating” what to watch we should just turn the TV off and open a window. “Yea..I know the boys would like that idea!” But “When All Else Fails!” they will want a movie…loud and full of action not nature singing to them mixed with life. The TV does not usually come on till about 7:00 so until then the house can be filled with bird songs and wind chimes and my music…”They really love that!”

What do you do “When All Else Fails”? When there is absolutely nothing to do and the natives, children, are restless. Pass on suggestions or advice! Have a great day!

Peach State