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Peach State says: I Need My Facebook Funnies!

Except for this week…

As I warned you earlier…this week has kept me hopping! However, I would not be able to leave you facing the day without something to put a smile on that cute face of yours. “I also know that some of you will be in contact with me today and I did not want the first thing out of your mouth to be….Where’s my Funnies?…” I will enjoy my cup of coffee before running around with my head cut off for today’s Vacation Bible School and share what my friends have shared with me this past week. So here you go!

Let’s start with an inspirational thought! This emotional tug is our Blog Worthy Award Winner!

Chewbacca really knows how to speak to my heart!

Those oversized bath towels must weigh at least a hundred pounds.

Maybe he should lean how to change the password or start taking something to help his memory!

Fix one crack and another one appears!

I thought this was cute and had to include it!


Don’t expect me to change…I will drink my coffee any way I want to!

I hope you found something to chuckle about with these diverse Facebook Funnies. I know I did…but we all have those days and today I Need My Facebook Funnies!. Have a great day!

Peach State