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Peach State says: A Few Surprises Up My Sleeve!

It started a week ago with my responding to a need! I was checking my email, all three accounts, for a missing email and found a message from the Director of the Children’s Ministry at my church. Due to situations beyond our control! We need your help! Please call to volunteer! So I called…and boy did I surprise the Director with my response. I still have A Few Surprises Up My Sleeve!

She was in shock that I called her…

“Are you sure?” she asked with surprise in her voice. I chuckled and said “Well you needed help and I can help!” I guess the thought of my teaching had never occurred to her. She asked me a few questions about my schedule…”Are you singing Sunday?” I quickly responded…”I am not on the schedule…at this time!”

Here is a little known secret. I have taught Sunday School before. I have not been involved with this aspect of service for about 10 years…this is because the churches I attended during this period of time did not need my help or the timing did not work with the schedule of my other ministry. I have worked in Children’s Church and even organized and started one up in a church. I have taught every age group…even a couple of Senior Adult classes, when I was filling in for my grandmother. I grew up in a home where my dad was a school teacher…my mom was a church and school secretary…my dad was a Minister of Music. Is it any wonder that I would not follow in their footsteps? I love teaching…and have even worked in both public and private school situations.

Back to the Director’s conversation!

Once it was established, the date was set…She was still in shock! I said…”Many people have no clue to who I am and what I can do! I am more than just a singer!” Then out of no where came this voice… “I have been a Sunday School teacher before!” NOOOO! It was to late and the statement rang like the huge bells in a oversized church tower. It was like telling a thief you have a stash and giving them the combination to the safe. I could literally hear the lightbulb over her head turn on…”What?” I felt like I had been swept off my feet…Her next comment took me back to my “Happy Place!” “My husband would not like me to steal you and use you in the Children’s Ministry…” (Her husband is the pastor!) “He loves to hear you sing!”

A calm disposition replaced the frantic back peddling as we ended our conversation.

The Children’s Minister came up to me Wednesday night, as I was talking with the Director of Vacation Bible School about the class and age group I would teach during VBS, and told me my son did not believe him when he told him about my teaching his class the following Sunday. My son had told him…”You don’t know my mom…she doesn’t teach she sings!” I guess I have A Few Surprises Up My Sleeve!

Yesterday was the day…I was all prepared and put the lesson in my Bible. “I usually do not take my bible in book form…I use the app on my iPhone or iPad.” My son and I left for church and as I drove I got a text…”I meant to call you…I will need u if that’s ok! Tank u!” (This is the message as I received it..) The message was from my Minister of Music. I quickly called him as I maneuver the curves of the road and the very narrow bridge. He needed me to sing on the Praise Team and assured me that I would be done in time and would have time to spare. He was right!

I got to the class and began to set up…the children came in and sat down. There were 10 5th Graders…the five boys sat at the front table and the girls sat at the back table. The introductions were made as I tried to find out the personalities of the children based on their parents. As expected, I was constantly taking things out of my son’s hand and moving things from his reach. “His ADHD meds were not working….!” There was one boy, sitting at the other end of the table from me…His eyes twinkled with mischievous delight. “He reminded me of….well… me!” We got everything accomplished with no civil disruptions or violent outbursts. The children were dismissed! Off I ran to the choir room for preparation for the 11:00 service. My BFF, a public school first grade teacher, asked me how it went. I told her I thought it went well…”I was really quite surprised!” I was warned about the behavior issues with the boys…the only issue I had was my son. The other boys were just being boys. I can deal with that…and…I would much rather have a room full of mischievous boys than finger waving divas. She asked how I broke the ice with the young hooligans. “That was easy…I just mentioned a few things like…black belts…pulling legs of spiders…you know? She smiled her sneaky little smile!

After church was over I went to retrieve my son and headed home. I asked him how he felt Sunday School went…”They liked you!” “The other kids…they didn’t believe you were my mother…” I smiled on the inside! He seemed truly surprised and said he actually learned something…”Really…What did you learn?”

“I learned not to sit next to you when you are teaching!”

It seems that I have an uncanny ability to move pencils and papers away from my son while teaching a class and never miss a step. He was amazed at my moving around the class and keeping eye contact with everyone else while seeing him not sitting correctly in his chair.

I’m Mom! I was please to hear that I still have A Few Surprises Up My Sleeve!

Will I do it again? “Probably!” Will I do it next week? “No! … Music Ministry commitment.”
I love to keep people guessing…”Don’t you?” It is fun to see the reaction on people’s faces when they figure out that I have A Few Surprises Up My Sleeve!

Peach State