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Peach State says: The Training Paid Off…


Our traditional coffee pot died a couple of weeks ago and my hubby decided to try one of the new fangled coffee makers. Of course being the type of shopper I am…I knew where they were on sale!!! We purchased it on sale for $100 less than most retailers and then got a $50 Rebate too. I am always getting coupons for a particular store, which carries the specific coffee k-cups and will be able to save on these purchases until the company comes out with a version of My K-Cup for this machine. [My K-Cup is a refillable cup that allows you to use your own coffee instead of purchasing the disposable pods?] This modern machine allows you to choose the size and strength of your coffee and there is no leftovers. It is easy to use…But…now there are less people in the house to fix coffee! The consensus seems to think that it is difficult to fix one cup…
When we got the new Kuerig Vue700 and, once home, my 22 year old son and myself schooled ourselves on the techniques. My son knew there was more flavors available, like Hot Chocolate and Hot Cider, so he went to find them. The Training Paid Off! (Make sure what the alternatives are and their availability!)

I was on my way to TKD with my youngest when I got a call from my 22 year old. “Hey mom…Have you gone up to Bed, Bath and Beyond to get those coffee pods yet?”
I told him that due to lack of time and travel destinations I was never near one to do that. “Okay, I will go see what they have!”

When I got home after TKD and a quick run by the store, for cheese and a gravy for dinner, he was beaming. “What did you buy?” He paraded the variety as he grinned he biggest toothy grin! He bought 3 Hot Chocolates (2 Milk Chocolate and 1 Dark Chocolate), a SleepyTime Tea for me and a Vanilla Latte’…Hmmm, The Training Paid Off! (If you want something that mom has not bought or provided…buy it yourself!) To bad he did not have my coupons…Now I can go get more…(snicker, snicker)

“He is really a good boy!” However, there is one minor problem! He did not buy any travel sized pods of coffee!

He made hot chocolate for me as soon as I put things down…My son smiled as we watched the thick, rich Dark Chocolate cascade into the waiting cup. It was so good! My son then had to make a Vanilla Latte’ for his daddy. My son performed the task flawlessly and even though my hubby remarked about the simplicity of the preparation I am sure I will never see my hubby make himself a cup. “I wonder if my son bought these just to have an excuse to have hot chocolate whenever he wants one…seeings how he paid for it.”

My son does love his gadgets…Because of him we have a Soda Maker, Shake Maker, Donut Maker, and an Ice Cream Maker(needs no ice or salt). He loves to create flavors and to find short cuts in the preparation of these calorie-filled-sweets. He does not like it when I experiment using less sugar or worse low-fat. However…because of our mutual love of experimenting we tried to make a mocha using the new coffee and hot chocolate pods last night. It Worked!. Not as good as my latte’s but…in a pinch it will do! I will try and remember to let you know what I find when I check out the variety for myself.

“To bad my son sees no incentive to keep his room cleaner!”. HeHe!
I think I need to research How to train a child to clean the house without being told to or paid! Any suggestions? Have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: And So It Begins…


It’s Monday…the beginning of a new week and the first Monday in a new Month. Not just any month but, November! “So much to do and so little time!” These are the days when people start their “Holiday Rush” and the many countdowns take the place of “OMG…It’s Monday” complaints.

And So It Begins…

I have already begun my various forms of count-downs for the various activities. “I love the feeling of accomplishment and finding shortcuts to completion of my many lists!” But… my health does throw a Proverbial Wrench into the works this year.

Sooo…I conquer what I can before it needs to be done and find room for the “extra-out-of-the-ordinary-must-be-done” items placed on my To-Do lists! (case in point…) The Presidential Election…I, along with my hubby, went to vote this past Wednesday. With his schedule and the hour long commute there was no way he could cast his vote tomorrow. [That is one giant check mark by an item on my list!] School is out tomorrow and I will have plenty of help, hopefully, around the house as I begin my Pre-holiday clean. I will be able to follow the Election Coverage as I check other items off my list. I was thrilled to find an invitation, of sorts, to an exclusive hair salon addressed to me in the mail Saturday. It is for a FREE haircut, hair style and color! “Goody…Goody!” If I plan it right I could have a new hairstyle for the holidays. Calendar in hand…I will carefully navigate the already set-in-stone commitments and book the appointment. “It sounds like a Me-day!” That is just what the doctor ordered…well not in so many words but…with the increase of medical appointments mixed in with the standard everyday events I sure do like the sound of an almost “Spa Day”…wouldn’t you?

My day is in full swing now with the exiting of my hubby and my youngest. I will finish my chat with you as I finish my coffee and pull out my calendar of event and checklist. “I wonder if I spend to much time and energy on planning?” (insert silent giggle)

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: My Second Cup of Coffee!

Coffee drinkers unite! Coffee is just like Lays Potato Chips…You can never drink just one! Waking up, taking a few moments to yourself, spending time with friends, and/or still not awake are all quality reasons for that second cup of coffee. Mmm…My Second Cup of Coffee!

I sit here, this quiet Saturday morning, and steadily sip on my oversized 20oz cup filled with, yes…you guessed it, espresso! A steaming rich collection of vanilla and the tiniest bit of non-fat milk mixed with bold espresso. I know what you may be thinking…”How many shots of espresso does she drink?” I confess I nap, sometimes, and sleep fairly well at night. I was born this way…to drink coffee that is. Coffee is in my blood! “That is a good blog title!”


During the summer months, or at least the days there is no school, I enjoy sitting with my hubby in his office. I fix his coffee and breakfast and wake his royal highness out of his sweet slumber. We converge on the office for our mutual wake up session. A little light conversation and laughter together to start the day. All the while with our coffee, the ever vigilant companion. This morning we watched three Rascal Flatts videos instead of the news. “What a wonderful change!”


It is a well know fact…at least in my extended family…that major topics of conversation and questions regarding schedules and money are not brought up until the Second Cup! We take our time and enjoy the small things in life…quietly! “Sorry…for a moment I thought I was on Fantasy Island!” The word “quietly” is a real stinker.

Hubby leaves for his day at work and I settle back and give thought to my day. There are a few things on the agenda for today but nothing major. The boys, the 21 and 19 year olds, will have their jobs and I will be here with the 11 year old. “He seems content with his job…annoying and to question everything!” It is still and quiet in the house right now…except for the soothing snores from my Precious Princess. I am finished with this cup and will refill shortly…

I would like to finish my book today but will definitely require My Second Cup of Coffee! Maybe I will just stretch out for a few minutes before the Carousel of Life begins it’s daily up and down, spinning motion.

I hope you are able to relax today…and take a little time for you! Whether it is coffee or tea…enjoy your break! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: A Bit More Coffee Cup Mentality

We may find ourselves drawn to cups/mugs for many reasons: the decorative qualities…to remind us where we have been…or just a inexpensive souvenir. We end up with a cabinet full of “perky” personality in varied shapes and sizes. My friends often talk about their cups…so I set out to collect pictures via Facebook. Welcome to A Bit More Coffee Cup Mentality!

The pictures came from all over…and are as unique as each of the personalities of my friends!

Can you imagine the feeling of sitting at the beach drinking your morning coffee out of these?

Even though this is for Tazo…my friend says this style cup warms her hands in the morning while she sips her coffee!

A friend recently treated his family to a taste of Broadway…Les Miserables was in town!


They went to Les Mis and all I got were these pics! Hehe!

Several of my friends enjoy a cup of tea now and then…one has a special cup just for her tea time!


Last, but not least, is a cup representing something a little closer to home.

“Funny thing…this friend lives in Tennessee and was here on business.” She did not like the cups provided during the meeting…so she bought this cup in the Starbucks on the corner during their first break. She said it is one of her favorites!

I should really clean out my cabinet…”I must confess I do love my coffee cups!”
I know I have some more to share with you!

The next time you reach for a cup or mug pay attention. Do you scan the selection for a favorite or just grab one? If you pause and find the cup, perfect for that moment, you have a “Coffee Cup Mentality!” I shall end for now and finish my second cup of espresso.

Have a great day!

Peach State