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Peach State says: Over-Extended Taxi Driver


This has been one of the busiest weeks in our family. “Boy…Life does seem simpler without the little interruptions cascading over the previous interruption.” The usual errands mixed with the constant roar from the 20-something’s in the peanut gallery have kept me behind the wheel running here and there. With commuter cup filled to the rim with a supply of coffee I have taken on my semi-full-time position as Taxi-driver. Example:

The oldest was trying to find an apartment…”Mom, can you take me up to the apartment?”
An hour later…”Mom I was denied and walked up the road to another apartment complex…they need my SS# and I don’t have my card…oh and can you take me to the Social Security office 30 miles away to put in my paperwork for a lost card?”

I feel like an Over-Extended Taxi Driver!!!

This continuous driving all-over-creation was mixed in with an already busy morning schedule that started unusually early. My mind has not had to work this fast for a few weeks and I found myself a little out of sorts. The merging of four hectic schedules has kept me between the lines and behind the wheel. But now…two days later I have news about the whole situation.

Breaking News: My oldest son is getting on a Greyhound bus…Sunday afternoon…and moving to Dallas, Texas for a job. He got the call Thursday night from a previous employer who has relocated in the Dallas area and after talking with my son the company sent him a bus ticket to move him out!

The plan, as it stands now, is to take him to the bus station tomorrow about 12 noon and he will depart about 1:00PM. As some of you know…this may change due to my son being the type of person he is. But…my hubby printed off the ticket last night and he said everything seemed in order.

“Between you and me…this move will lift a great load off this little family unit (my oldest included) and there will be less time in the car as well as the added inconvenience of another wacky schedule to work around in an already thriving routine.”

I have been a taxi-driver for many years now but I did something yesterday that I have never done before! As we were driving back down the interstate, for the third time in three hours, I calmly stated in a matter-of-fact-motherly-tone that I would now be collecting gas money! Amidst the usual “What?” and “You’re Kidding!” I was given $21 for gas. It was a good thing…I had 21 miles till empty. My 20 year old has been pretty good about helping out with gas but this topic seemed foreign to my oldest son. Hubby and I have been trying to make things a tad-bit difficult for him in hopes of getting him motivated to grow up and move out.

Could there be light at the end of this long dark tunnel?

I will keep you posted! As for me…I have been ordered to bed for some much needed rest. The irregular routine has knocked me on my proverbial backside and hubby is not liking the results. Number two son is preparing to leave in a few moments and I will set me alarm to wake up in about a hour to face another day of motivating my 20 year old to complete the painting and hopefully get my house back to normal…if what we have can be called normal. ( insert chuckle!) School is starting a week from Monday add to that basketball, TKD and visits with the couch doctor for the youngest. Breathe and take a sip of coffee! I count myself lucky that I only have one in school…my 20 year old is still scheduled to leave sometime in October leaving us with just the 23 year old and the youngest here. “This is going to be a crazy 3 months…I better get my rest when I can!”

Till next time…
“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State