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Peach State says: Friday Facebook Funnies!

The good news is I don’t hate it until after all the donuts are gone!

Grab a donut and a cup of coffee and enjoy a few of my favorite “Friday Facebook Funnies!

Just look at those cute faces…yep, they don’t know anything about the missing cake!

Not in my car…I keep very important items there!



Can’t I do just one thing alone?

Now that’s a thought! Then while they are learning about these bouncing bundles of joy I can sleep!

Sure wish I was ambidextrous.

Anyone have anymore questions?

Well I guess they could take turns watching the kids too! Fantasy completed!!

We both struck out!

To that I would reply…”Are you sure that’s not menopause? Lol”

Oh crud…it’s still Monday!

Straight-Jacket Award Winner:

So now we are having an early Spring and an immediate job opening for an eligible out-of-work groundhog!

Blog Worthy Award Winner#1:


Now before I go any further I could not have Facebook Funnies This week with including some Super Bowl humor!
(Hint…my team won!!!)

When was this…must have been in the first half!

Such a tease!

And my favorite…Blog Worthy Award Winner #2:

Not other words needed!

Okay…that’s enough about football!

Well now it is decision time…Do I take a nap or fix a cup of coffee?
What would you do?

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Short But Sweet Facebook Funnies!

Coughing…scratchy throats…constant blowing of the nose… These symptoms are running ( excuse the pun) rampant on my FB page. It seems to be all anyone is really talking about…unless you add the weather! So I will share the few funnies I have in this

Short But Sweet Facebook Funnies!

20140123-130106.jpgPre-Valentine thoughts! Noooo! Not yet!

20140123-130236.jpgI have a cure for that…cover the mirrors.

Straight-Jacket Award Winner:

20140123-131238.jpgNo meddling! Ketchup! Got it!

20140123-131430.jpgWith chocolate chips!

20140123-132014.jpgI would have shown my son this pic but he was busy texting!

20140123-132231.jpgAre we already to that point in the future? I believe I saw some kids at the bus stop sporting that fashion!

Must Read Award Winner:

20140123-132407.jpgAdvertising much reach many different personalities!

20140123-132543.jpgNinja Cat will soon be Chicken Cat!

“How about some coffee?”

20140123-132649.jpgI would hate to see what blend mine would be with all the espresso I enjoy!


20140123-132920.jpgMaking sweet music together!

Fashion Award:

20140123-133021.jpgI just had to post this again!

As I get to the end I wanted to share a couple of football thoughts with you! I am overly excited as one of my favorite teams will be playing in the Super Bowl this year…

Blog Worthy Award Winner #1:

20140123-133509.jpgWell that is not what I was talking about! (But it is funny!)

Blog Worthy Award Winner #2:

20140123-133654.jpgAnd that is NOT me!

Have a great day and share the humor!

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Super Bowl Internet Humor

So there I was…watching the Super Bowl game last night! It was going well…my team was winning!


A FB notification appeared! My friend sent the above pic and that started the short-lived competition, among my friends, that I will call Super Bowl Internet Humor!. I will share these wonderful and humorous insights.



And let us not forget…That’s the night the lights went out…in the Super Dome!

Should have known!

Have a laugh and get back to your day!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Are You Ready For Some Football?


What a season this has been…and the fact that our two favorite teams play each other tomorrow is…well..a dream!. The Atlanta Falcons host the Seattle Seahawks! “Wish we had tickets but, that was not in the cards.” With two playoff games today and two tomorrow our house is in NFL Football Heaven. Are You Ready For Some Football?

There will be no silent cheering, as my hubby sleeps.
There will be no headphone in our iPads or iPhones listening to the game, as my hubby watches what he wants to watch.
There will be no need to ask “Siri” for score updates…
And the biggie….no texting between my son and I talking about the game.

This has been a season that will live forever as The Year Dad Watched Football! “I think my sons are placing bets for next season…Will dad be this into the NFL and other games next year?”

Well I have a lot to do before settling in for the proverbial cheering-raising-our-voices-coaching-from-the-livingroom-spitting-out-plays-and-yelling-about-the-choice of players on the field. NFL Heaven Pre-game hoopla begins at 3:30 today. I hope your team wins unless you are playing my team. “Oh sorry! Did I say that out loud?”

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Gotta Love the Super Bowl!


Super Bowl time has come once again. The game will be viewed all across the nation in a variety of ways. Families and friends will gather clothed in team colors and eat game day snacks. They will cheer for their team and coach from this side of the screen. “To bad the coach and players cannot hear our suggestions…HeHe!”. They have enough on their mind without having every American telling them what to do. “Gotta Love the Super Bowl

My family will gather together after preparing the Hot Wings and JoJos. I will make the Pigs&Blankets today and complete the snack table with Meat and Cheese Tray and Queso Dip and Brownie Bites. This feast of party goodies will replace the typical dinner. “Let the grazing begin!”

The boys are excited about the game and the line has been drawn in the sand. We are divided this year and both teams are being cheered for. Competitive in nature but not aggressive…these are not who we hoped would play in the Super Bowl. “There is always next year!”

We also look forward to the commercials…the boys will load their plates during the game and watch the commercials. We will pick our favorites and boo the bad ones. “Gotta Love the Super Bowl” The Half-Time Show will be watched, unless it reminds us of the past several years, and enjoyed as we prepare for the second half of the game. The fierce warriors will find their places and fall in line. The “I Dare You” glances bounce between the armor girded men. The coded speech mixed with grunts and groans will progress up and down the field.

What color will you be wearing? Who are you pulling for? Are you watching with family and/or friends? What snacks will you enjoy during the game? I hope your game day experience is a good one! “Gotta Love the Super Bowl”

Peach State