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Peach State says: It’s A Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day

I am sure you have never experienced the disappointment and stress related with having children! Wait! You have kids so therefore you have experienced some stress in some form!. “Well I feel better…NOT!” You know those days where events and consistent routines are sucked back like the ocean from the shore before a tidal wave crashes and churns everything on top of you. Yep…me too! It’s A Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day!

It is an eternal cascade of changing tides…I know I said I loved the beach but, not in my land-locked house. My poor body is tired of treading water as I try to avoid the debris. It is worse than Murphy’s Law!. The sibling relationships are strained and in constant upheaval. “This is worse than being trapped in a small confined area with a bunch of women with PMS.“. [Menstral or menopausal…Take your pick!]

I think Alexander had the right idea!


If we all move to Australia everything will be okay…Right? I know…there would be overcrowding and our families would find us. To bad…I have heard there are great beaches in Australia. So the only thing left to do is suck-it-up-and-stop-being-a-cry-baby! Tensions will relax and fade…eventually! Until then I will do my best to keep my mouth closed and not bite off any more heads. Thank you for letting me spew this vent lent your way. I hope you never go through this…but if you do…I promise to make you laugh and release a little tension. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Sometimes You Just Need To Scream!

20120529-074325.jpg. Ever have one of those days…NOTHING GOES RIGHT! I have no more words of wisdom and I ran out of straws to break the strongest of camel backs a few months ago. One thing after another! Why did the publishing company stop printing the parenting book called “Tricks of the Trade…How to Successfully Raise a Responsible Teenager!” Perhaps I should write a book and title it…”Sometimes You Just Need To Scream!”

The proverbial carpet has been pulled out from under our feet. Typically parents have the luxury of speaking their mind as the child/teen is forced to listen. The parental words bounce around, like a award winning play on a pinball machine, popping and pinging against the different areas of their brain. BUT…this time the words went flying straight through…in one ear and out the other…not one word was left behind!

I worry about the loss of communication surrounding this series of events. The good news is that the child/teen involved is trying, through humor, to stay connected with the family. “I think the whole concept of borderline adult scares the pants off him!” He is so overwhelmed and cannot make sense of what to do next. His independent spirit, whispering in his ear, resembles the devil complete with pitchfork. He is telling him one thing which is the complete opposite of what we have suggested. “Why is it kids just don’t realize how parents really do know something about making it in the world?” “Did I say that out loud?” I have long been aware of the vicious relationship circle between parents and kids…but now I sound like a parent from a bad 50’s movie.

Now when my husband calls, on his way home from work, and wants to know about my day with the boys…I respond…”I do not want to talk about ______!” I do not need to frustrate either of us. Avoidance is essential to sanity right now. But just below the surface it is waiting….”Sometimes You Just Need To Scream!

However…other issues have come not play. Stress is causing problems with our health. The underlying pain, ranging from sore muscles to migraines, and stomach aches have begun to plagues us daily. On the flip side…at least my husband and I know the reason for the bickering and have put blame where it belongs.

I apologize for the vagueness but just needed to vent. It really helps! I can see all of you agreeing with everything I say as all of your heads nod up and down. Your sympathetic understanding of my position helps me feel like I am not alone…but if you know what I am going through…I am sorry and can identify with you! Do you want to share a scream? 1-2-3 SCREEAAMM! “Sometimes You Just Need To Scream!

Well I feel better…so now it is time to get ready for the next thing on my agenda…room decoration!
I am teaching the 4th Grade Class in VBS (Vacation Bible School) next week and this is decoration week. Time to put on my creative hat and see what I can do…I hope the hat still fits!

Thank you for your help today! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Humor Time!

We love to laugh and share our dreams with those on our wall…
What can I share this week?

The dreams we have to succeed and find love are often not as important to some…

The dream car…How about a car that is reliable and doesn’t drink gas?

Inspiration: the quotes and pictures that need to be shared…
I have found some that strike right to the core!

There is not a need for this on the wall!!

For the person who is struggling…and needs a gentle, childlike nudge!

I just love the examples we learn from as children!
This one was one of my favorites…I do not know why it was sent to me…HeHe!


We have the cat and dog pics that speak our mind…well…you judge for yourself!



Last but not least…this one made quite an impact and I personally appreciate the humor in it…What do you think?

Someone who is able to admit their situation and solve it without causing harm to others should be applauded!
I know you have similar inspiring pics that you receive. Send me your favorites! I love sharing wisdom! Have a great day!

Peach State