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Peach State says: Doors, Guns, Basketball and Random Acts of Kindness

Today the name at the top of my list was boldly-unusual-and-not-meant-for-me


“Excuse me! You want me to go where and do what?”

Doors, Guns, Basketball and Random Acts of Kindness all have something in common…Oh yeah…most of the items were on my HONEY-DO LIST! I laid my plans out to best utilize my time and allowed me to visit a store having a close-out sale. (Insert evil chuckle)

Here is how it unfolded…

The needed items were gathered and placed into the car.

❇The old-malfunctioning-in-need-of-a-polish storm door handles that have driven us crazy by falling off in our hands or onto the front porch without warning…

❇The military-style-boy-toy that needed to be sighted in…

❇Oh…and the two youngest boys.

We headed over to the close-out sale and then to the oversized Home Improvement Store. While paying for the new-bright-shiny door handles (OOO…shiny things!) my 20 year old turns around to see a familiar face from our church. long story short… They were picking something up for the Random Acts Of Kindness being performed by the youth…”Guess who joined the group?” My youngest was sent with them after I wrote a note giving permission to the young driver. As we left the parking lot my 20 year old proceeded to discuss lunch options.

We were then off to the gun-supply-repair-shooting-range to have the military-style-boy-toy sighted in. DONE…
That did not take long and off towards the house.

The bottomless-pit finally broke me down by saying “Mom…I would like to spend some time with you…just you and me…before I leave!” I know what you’re thinking…Sucker!. Yeah…me too but I just could not resist that cute little face and my stomach had reached the painful growl stage.

We finally arrived home and my son installed the shiny things and then practiced taking the military-style-boy-toy apart and putting it back together. Success…he had a great time and beat the previous times from yesterday.

We then headed to the church to rescue the youth leaders (my bad)… pick up my youngest after Random Acts Of Kindness. After chatting with the leader we drove across the street to the church offices to pay for and register my youngest for Upwards Basketball starting next month.

My HONEY-DO LIST was completed!

Back at home I began to straighten up a bit before heading to TKD. I grabbed a cold-lite-mocha-Frapp in a bottle and started cutting up the peaches for a cobbler. (I just had to mention coffee…)

I am now sitting at the TKD studio watching the storm clouds darken and build. Class is almost done and I will head home and prepare dinner…and get my PJ’s on. I wonder what my HONEY-DO LIST will look like tomorrow?

Do you ever have one of these strange-not-up-your-alley HONEY-DO LISTS?
What’s on yours?

Have a great day!

Peach State