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Peach State says: The Post-Op Shuffle Has Me Tied In Knots


Thankfully we have not been given this report from my son’s surgeons. However, we have another appointment this morning making three since last Wednesday. It takes my son quite a while to load himself into the car and then prepare himself for the curvy and somewhat pot-holed ride down two interstates. I really wished we could qualify for a “frequent flyers” type of rewards program as many times as we have parked at the hospital.

An issue arose yesterday causing my son to contact his surgeon. Within 20 minutes of the call we were on our way out the door following this oh-so-familiar-path for a stitches check. The Post-Op Shuffle Has Me Tied In Knots…well the stitches are tied in knots.

“This won’t do…I need to replace and add stitches to this area.”
(says the surgeon)

My son was just besides himself with glee! Yeah right!

If today’s appointment is successful we may have no drainage tube to worry about and one of the two incisions can be closed for healing. “I so wish this was over!” My son is the typical strong-athletic-outgoing-20 year old usually yet this experience has taken control and showed him he is not all that. His grumpy demeanor is radiating through the family. BUT…There was a small shinning glimmer of politeness from this situation last night. I was the target of a Migraine Attack yesterday and with all of the driving required I avoided medicating myself. My son offered me one of his oxycodones…”No! I was a good mom and reached for my regular semi-drug-inducing-sleep meds.” No more pain this morning…so far!

It is time to get this train on the track. Have a great day!

Peach State