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Peach State says: What Happened To Relaxing?

The on-the-go-non-stop-week finally ended Sunday evening with the Christmas music…OR at least what I thought!

What Happened To Relaxing?

The irritating chore bug bit me yesterday…
It was one of those days where my ADHD was in full swing as I started gathering the overwhelming amount of wire coat-hangers from the closet…
I could hang up clothes…
This could be washed…
Start the laundry…
I should get the plastic dry-cleaners bags and take them to the garbage can before the garbage is picked up…
I should run these bathroom rugs down and wash them…
I can clean the bathroom floor…
Why don’t I clean the bathroom counter and put things away…
Wow, I should put my short clothes in the bottom rack….

Well you get the idea! It was not pretty, especially when you consider the other normal chores throughout the rest of the house. I found myself sitting down about 4 PM and realizing the items not completed on my To-Do list! You know what that means…I have more To-Do today! “I am so thrilled…NOT!” Oh! Remember when I said there would be one more practice for Christmas Eve music…make that three! And that is not counting the different groups…Ladies Quartet, Ladies Trio ( which is the Ladies Quartet minus one who will with family Christmas Eve), Mixed Quartet and the Mixed Ensemble. Fortunately the Ladies Quartet is singing Sunday morning and the others will be Christmas Eve! That means at 5:15, or there abouts, the musical performance portion of my holiday season will be over and I will be free to…COOK! But that is another post!!!!

This is the last week of school and my 20 year old is helping my parents for the next week. So with a quiet and empty house I shall begin my day! “Who am I kidding?” I have already folded the clothes from the dryer and put the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher and started it. I need to wrap 10 more presents for my hubby’s office staff and then get ready to head out for one of those practices at 10:00 am. Who knows…maybe I could-just-possibly-if-I-time-it-right manage to relax before the youngest gets home!

Where can I find a vacuum like that? To quote several friends…


Looks like my ADHD is alive and functioning today as well….”Lucky Me!”

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State


Peach State says: Easy Breezy Facebook Funnies

Having been outside with Precious Princess for a little while this morning I experienced this hair-blowing-in-your-face-as-I-dodged-the-empty-pollen-husks flying in the stiff breeze. Welcome to this version of Easy Breezy Facebook Funnies!

Shall we start with a few Words to Live by:

Hopefully Dr. House is on duty!


Coffee to keep functioning…exercise to keep moving…Reality is coffee keeps me moving and as long as I don’t exercise I will not make a mess and I won’t be in pain!

Don’t worry…I would not thrown an apple in your direction!

Yoda…The man is he!

A short explanation of the next one…A friend of mine, who sings tenor and sits right behind me in choir, sent this to me. I sing alto…surely he wasn’t referring to me!


Sorry…did I mention I am a huge “Dr. Who” fan?

On that note…Bring in the animals:

(“Didn’t you just love the way that just flowed…or tied together?”)

Turn a bouts fair play!

These flying monkeys don’t look mean!


Now that’s the kind of scale I would love to sing!

Wow…no words!

See…we are not the only ones having hard days!

I just want to say how much I love this simple word…it really …..Squirrel!


The joys of coffee and napping!

Hubby is up early on his day off…I am making a coffee run upstairs. BRB!

This is why I drink coffee all day…Yep!

“Darn…I forgot to close the laundry room door!”

The next two are inside jokes with my little group…can you guess why?


(Drum roll….) Blog Worthy Award Winner #1:

“But the commercials say Charmin is better!”

Another inside joke circulating through my Facebook updates has been a reflection of a statement made by our Pastor several Sundays ago…”I read your Facebook updates!” Here is a few Funnies just for him!


I posted these two…but then I have been tagged in several conversations and updates…example…
(drum roll…) Blog Worthy Award Winner #2:

All I have to say is “Peas in a Pod!” Lol!

Gotta have a “Grumpy Cat”!

My dog know when I have been unfaithful… And she also recognizes the scent of my parents dogs…Scary!

Because I can….Here is Blog Worthy Award #3:
This next one reminds me of a certain Praise Team at my church…yes I am on it…



Now who could this feline enticement be meant for?

Share the humor and smile!

Have a great day!

Peach State