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Peach State says: School Vacation…Welcome To Fall Break!

As much as I would live to write about the cooler temps and colorful foliage we will encounter on our Fall Break getaway…I can’t! One reason is the fact that although the temperatures are cooler…they are not as cool as I would like them to be. The second is with a lack of seasonal change the color is lessened…Wow! I will just continue to dream of the vibrant reds and oranges painted throughout the trees just before they shower down to the ground. I do love walking in the woods amongst the crunching leaves on a beautiful Fall Day! Nope…due to the vicious circle of routine, we are home for this the official first School Vacation…Welcome To Fall Break!

I think I will incorporate a bit of Spring Cleaning into the mix this week! My 19 year old began the sorting of his life…(cleaning of his room)…this past week. “If I could just get him to remove the piles, he has created, from his room we would see actual progress.” We still have the normal activities to fill our afternoon with TKD and Basketball practice but the rest of the day with be filled with spontaneous, relaxing, organization! “Doesn’t that sound fun?”

Hubby has work this week and will be off as usual on Wednesday. The good news is that I am also off Wednesday…well there is no church activities due to the school break…so no choir or praise team practice. This means I will get to sleep in…till whenever I wake up! “If past experiences are the norm I will be up about 7:30-8:00…Golly Gee!” I will probably be awakened by the colorful crunching leaves as I hike through the welcoming woods on a perfect, picturesque and dreamlike crisp Fall Day!

“Maybe we will go pick apples at one of the many Apple Orchards!”

Have a great day!


Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Pre-Spring Cleaning Time!


It is just after Valentines and I have already got the cleaning bug. “That is just plain scary!”. What is wrong with me? Do I have too much time on my hands? “What spare time?” This is the beginning of one of my husband’s least favorite times of the year. “Check lists time!” The list of additional things to do are added to my daily need to do chores and slowly but surely the house is ready for the next part of the year. It’s Pre-Spring Cleaning Time!”

The reason for this could be out of the necessity for organization.. We have recently started shopping at a Warehouse and have bulk items packed into the pantry. It is a larger than normal sized pantry and the floor is beginning to disappear. I will need to sort and re-stack these bulk items and incorporate them into the pantry. Out with the old and in with the new…it means less time spent looking for the item I need. I will not find myself spot cleaning every time I go looking for one particular item. “Black garbage bags are my best friend!”

The rush is on for getting this done…as extra practices for the Easter Musical at church will commence tonight. We will have 6-7 extra practices, on top of the two weekly practices we already have, to memorize and prepare. Earlier dinner times mean less cleaning time…I need to get a handle on this process now! Springtime is blooming outside with the arrival of vivid colored flowers and trees. The freshness of spring needs to move into the house. Clean fresh smell and bright cheerful floral arrangements. “Speaking of arrangements!” Time to move some furniture!

Open flow to allow the room to breathe…not closed and cozy for the Fall and Winter Seasons. Time to rotate the heavier blankets for brightly colored throws for a splash of springtime. I need to make some lightly designed pillows to replace the muted green and brown pillows we have. The furniture is dark brown with a square and bulky design. “My husband and brother picked it out many years ago…without my help!” Accessories are definitely a girls best friend. Just looking around the room and noticing I really have my work cut out for me…“It’s Pre-Spring Cleaning Time!”

My son was putting the griddle away the other night and put it in the wrong cabinet…I asked him why he put it in the wrong place. “There was no room!” he said. Time to reorganize the cabinets again. Fortunately I did it just before Thanksgiving so it will not take that long. “Except for the one under the kitchen sink…” Oh yea…”black garbage bags are my best friend!” I should just grab the shovel from the garage and quickly scoop the old and useless remainders of past cleaning supplies into the trusted black bag. This will make room for the new cleaner we bought and a few things I have stored in the pantry. Inspiration=Motivation! More room in one place gives me more room in another…”I am getting excited to start!” “It’s Pre-Spring Cleaning Time!”

I feel like Willy Wonka at the beginning of the factory tour…”Too much time and not a lot to do…stop…reverse that!” The ground work has been laid…as Christmas decorations are stored and colors changed out. It will be the cleaning that will be the most time consuming…then the decorating will begin. Where to start…I think I will start with the base boards and clean those today…if there is time I may strip the wood floors and prepare them to be waxed tomorrow. “Best to do this before the school break next week!” I will keep you posted on the progress and close for now…off to find the cleaner and scrub brush for the base boards.

Hi Ho Hi Ho…it’s off to work I go…

Peach State

Peach State says: Today is NOT the Day!

Up, Up and Away!

Today is not the day

to be bound by the laundry

stuck in a rut of pressing buttons

and adding soap and dryer sheets.

Today is not the day

for dusting away the pesky particles of

everyday existence that will reappear

as you wipe them away.

Today is not the day

to chase the ever-light on their feet

dust bunnies multiplying

in the unveiled parts of the house.

Today is not the day

for research into the science of molds

in the vast expanse of the

cold storage drawers.

Today is not the day

to flounder in a sea of unpaired socks

long since buried in

Davy Jones Locker.

No..Today is not the day

Instead of the everyday chores of life

to keep order and sanity

in this quirky organization called family

I will set myself to a Spring Cleaning of sorts


Reorganize the school supplies and put them in their place

Move my furniture back to its pre-Christmas space

Refresh the look of the house

through placement of small tables and chairs

Get one of the boys to vacuum the stairs

Put the sewing machine back and

store the ribbons and threads

One of the boys can dust those areas over my head

Get dinner started and let it cook all day

That is quite a lot…I do have to say!

Today is not the day

for the routine order

laid out, as if preordained,

and mandated for all.

Today is not the day

for reaching and maintaining

the standard written in the accepted

Saturday Activities bible.

Today is not the day

to face these mundane functions

as a cherished friend

you will keep by your side.

Today is not the day

for blindly repeating

only to have more to do

the next day.

Today is not the day

for oppressing those in the house

held captive by the chains of

the unorganized void called a room.

No…Today is not the day

Instead I will face this field of battle

unyielding, driven by the idea of accomplishment

and knowledge of later having my feet up


I will grab the list I started last week

and cross through each with a wide streak

Tighten the faucet at the kitchen sink

I know there is more..let me think.

Untangle and store all the yarn and the twine

One of the boys can vacuum the blinds

I will gather up clothes for the Goodwill

And put the bags in the car

Walk a mile or two…that’s not far.

Make a nice dish

of Rice Krispy Treats

I may have time to change the sheets.

Today is not the day

for sitting around pondering

the wish list of accomplishments

that evade my every grasp.

No…Today is not the day

Instead I will control order through sound

and dance through my house

annoying those lost in the generational gap.

But…if the Tornado Sirens sound,

as they could today, we may find ourselves

the the basement all day.

Trying to overcome

the boredom of weather terms and conditions

awaiting the sound of all clear when given.

How about a nap!