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Peach State says: Mom Versus The Spider!!

NOT IN MY HOUSE!! Not to mention I had not had the pleasure of one single sip of coffee!

I had taken coffee and breakfast upstairs for my hubby and had come back downstairs to let my “Precious Princess” out for her morning tour of the grounds. It was just like any other morning!
I escorted “Precious Princess” back inside for her treat and walked though the dining room. As I turned around to check on my four-legged-shadow I saw it…the ugly beast ready to pounce at any given time!

Mom Versus The Spider!!

I immediately jumped into action…as I quickly reached my weapon of choice. “My son’s shoes!”
I tossed one of the shoes on top of the hideous creature and it quickly scampered barely being missed by the oversized shoe. “Crud…it is alive!” With the second shoe in hand I placed it firmly on top of the eight-legged-crawly-demon with a deliberate whack. The legs were curled up and it was barely moving…sooo…I whacked it again and grabbed several paper towels. I scooped up the grotesque mass and ran quickly to the front door. I stepped out on the front porch and tossed the whole thing…paper towel and all onto the ground.

With a stay out of my house mentality I quickly shut the door and continued upstairs. I shared the Epic Battle with my hubby only to hear him chuckle at my visibly shaking hands.
What? I Hate Spiders!”

Have a great day!

Peach State