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Peach State says: Quit Shaking My Snow Globe!


Quit Shaking My Snow Globe! I am trying to be organized and with all of this stuff flying around I am a bit discombobulated. Everything is up in the air…and I am busy trying to grip the proverbial handle on what needs to be done. So let these darting concepts and unsettled chores find a resting place and give me the information so I can finalize my plans. Every time you shake the SNOW GLOBE everything falls in a different place! Quit Shaking My Snow Globe! If you stop…I will be able to organize my thoughts and plans. I have managed to complete most of tasks put before me…BUT!…the tiniest details have still been put-on-the-back-burner. “Not by me but those in charge of the bigger picture.” I, along with a dedicated few, have gone over-and-beyond to bring this project together. The good news is that I am NOT the only one feeling this way and this will be over in a week!

I can overcome…I will just need a lot more COFFEE and a good NAP everyday! Well at least I can have my morning coffee…Ahhh!…right now!

Have a great day!

Peach State