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Peach State says: Dawn’s Early Light

20120524-065719.jpgThe darkness fades as shades of deep orange and pink pierce the horizon. The gentle beams reach out to brush the moisture from the leaves and bring light to the morning. The morning moves forward as I watch Dawn’s Early Light.

I cannot stop this progressive march of light and have to yield to it’s order. I reach for my coffee and listen to the day come alive. Another day of scheduled activities, silently flash on my hand-held screen, reminding my sleepy brain of the ticking clock. Virtual numbers begin their countdown and I slowly reach for another warming sip from my friendly cup. The broken and bent light has reached beyond the trees and begins to filter through the windows of my life.

Patterns appear across the damp grass as scampering chipmunks dash from sight. Playful sounds of morning fill the air as Spring tickles the leaves with a breeze. All is well in this morning dance by Dawn’s Early Light.

I hope and pray for resolution of several issues that plague my day. Heavy decisions and realizations of dreams hang in the balance as this day unfolds. The rippling effect, of the choices made, could be felt by our family for a long time. Both positive and negative….where is my happy balance?

Sorry…I do not mean to sound like a Weeping Willow. I do not want to stand with my shoulders hung over as moisture sprinkles all around me. I long for the peaceful remnants of normalcy…childhood…where these issues did not invade and tear apart the fibers held together by love and trust.

Dawn’s Early Light is fleeting as the colorful blooms show their true nature in the morning sunlight. The air is pleasant and cool, as it teases with a gentle caress, knowing the warming of the day is on it’s way. I close my eyes and smile…Iced Coffee! It will definitely be a day for an Iced Coffee Escape.

Our morning shuffle will take us into our day…I know this and will put a smile on my face and hold one in my heart. I will reach for my cup and sip…but only until this cup is gone. “Places to go and People to see…it will be a long day filled with life.” I smiled as I wrote that! I do have a life no matter what the situation. “And so do you…Go live your life today and find something that will put a smile on your face and a smile in your heart!”

Have a great day!

Peach State

20120524-080725.jpgIf things get rough I will think of my happy place!


Peach State says: Just a few Thoughts for the Day!

I usually look at the “Thoughts for the Day” as part of my morning routine. I find that Eyore from Winnie the Pooh is just as logical as the philosophers of old. I wanted to share some of the better ones with you this morning. I hope your day includes laughter and a smile….”Lord knows there are days we really need to find a reason to smile….”


This is so true…how many of you are guilty of picking up a empty roll and waving it through the air or square off with someone else. Oh the battles won with the unraveling remnants of the flimsy paper shell.


I am so glad that I found this lovely revelation of reality. We all have days that weigh heavy on our shoulders. This way we can inform people of our situation giving them the opportunity to help or RUN!


Last, but not least, how true that beauty can be found in plain packages. Read the previous quote with that, oh so famous, Eyore tone. Make it a practice to find beauty in unique places…you will be surprised!

Reading “Thoughts for the Day” makes time just for you! We need to take time for ourselves and find the elusive smile. What is your favorite “Thought for the Day”.

Peach State