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Peach State says: Cough, Cough, Hack, Hack…

Readjusting my pillow…
Taking a sip or three of water…
Blowing my nose…
Popping a cough drop in my mouth…

I’m awake thanks to my sleep disturbing Cough, Cough, Hack, Hack…

Sipping hot liquid now trying to soothe my throat in hopes of returning to bed!

Peach State

Peach State says: Mr. Sandman Plays Whack-A-Mole

Finally in bed and as I close my eyes the events of the day parade through my mind. The techno color floats, the bands, the vicious and in-your-face clowns all reminding me of the ever changing landscape I call my family. Where are you Mr. Sandman? I only ask for a small release from the hectic day…he answers (insert sneaky giggle) “Not tonight!” Mr. Sandman Plays Whack-A-Mole!

Over and over, events raced through my sleep. They popped in and out as I fully relived each trying episode. “What happened to the calm, relaxing pace of dreaming?” I toss and turn hoping to sink into a peaceful slumber…Whack! Whack! I can’t even close my eyes without cleaning or resolving issues that bubble out of the molten center of the earth.

The alarm sounds and I rise to fulfill the duties of the morning. I anticipate the first sensations of my warming companion. Needless to say…I’m Sleepy! At least I feel like the drowsy little dwarf who could not keep his eyes open.

I reach for my Heavenly Brew, in dazed fashion, fighting the urge to close these sleep filled eyes. I have toooo much to do today!

To-Do List:
Wash the last load of clothes
Pack the clothes
Pack the few groceries for trip
Can the pickles
Take care of 2 issues for one of my sons
Create something from nothing….translation: cook dinner!

But…the good news is I do have a few…just a few!…minutes before my day really begins it’s frantic hustle and bustle. “Can you say Power Nap?” Please do not judge me in my time of weakness! You know me and how I thrive in the “revolving door lifestyle” of being a mom.
I know I am not alone in this dreadful scenario…How do you cope with the lack of sleep? How do you muster the energy needed to face the fun-filled, activity-packed day after being Whacked all night? “Don’t worry…if I find the answer you will be the first to know!” Have a (YAWN!) great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Watching the Shadows Dance on my Wall!

The ever-changing shadows played as the reflecting glow moved them across the wall.
The lined pattern, from the blinds, resembled a music staff as the various notes appeared and disappeared on the shadowy sheet of music. The symphonic movement composed for just me, all while Watching the Shadows Dancing on my Wall!

The elegant sway, as the light glistened on the wall, moved like the shimmering beacon from a lighthouse. Steady and direct…lending of itself confidence for the weary. The trees slowly performed a beautifully orchestrated ballet as the shadows stretched longingly across the wall. The fluttering of soft fairy wings moved silently around the shadows as the slight breeze moved freely through the leaves. Quietly, I relaxed, Watching the Shadows Dancing on my Wall!

My eyelids grow heavy…my body stills as it is enveloped by a billowy warmth. Breathing slows it’s pace as the glow flows around the room. The sleepy sounds of crickets and waves accompany the shadows as they dance. Fuzzily I try Watching the Shadows Dancing on my Wall!

My eyes lose the battle and give way to the night. The shadows fade as the reflections cease. The night silents the busy day to allow for the body’s recovery…in expectation of a new ballet. I will awaken to still shadows as I begin my day. I will admire, for a short time, the sun-dial movements of daytime shadows as they stretch slowly over the floor. Memories will pierce into my daily activities and I will long for another night-time symphony. The melodic movements will calm my chaotic world and give me a time to quiet my soul.

What a wonderful way to fall asleep…Watching the Shadows Dancing on my Wall!

Do you enjoy Watching the Shadows Dancing on the Wall? “I do…and I just had to share!” Have a great day!

Peach State