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Peach State says: Today is NOT the Day!

Up, Up and Away!

Today is not the day

to be bound by the laundry

stuck in a rut of pressing buttons

and adding soap and dryer sheets.

Today is not the day

for dusting away the pesky particles of

everyday existence that will reappear

as you wipe them away.

Today is not the day

to chase the ever-light on their feet

dust bunnies multiplying

in the unveiled parts of the house.

Today is not the day

for research into the science of molds

in the vast expanse of the

cold storage drawers.

Today is not the day

to flounder in a sea of unpaired socks

long since buried in

Davy Jones Locker.

No..Today is not the day

Instead of the everyday chores of life

to keep order and sanity

in this quirky organization called family

I will set myself to a Spring Cleaning of sorts


Reorganize the school supplies and put them in their place

Move my furniture back to its pre-Christmas space

Refresh the look of the house

through placement of small tables and chairs

Get one of the boys to vacuum the stairs

Put the sewing machine back and

store the ribbons and threads

One of the boys can dust those areas over my head

Get dinner started and let it cook all day

That is quite a lot…I do have to say!

Today is not the day

for the routine order

laid out, as if preordained,

and mandated for all.

Today is not the day

for reaching and maintaining

the standard written in the accepted

Saturday Activities bible.

Today is not the day

to face these mundane functions

as a cherished friend

you will keep by your side.

Today is not the day

for blindly repeating

only to have more to do

the next day.

Today is not the day

for oppressing those in the house

held captive by the chains of

the unorganized void called a room.

No…Today is not the day

Instead I will face this field of battle

unyielding, driven by the idea of accomplishment

and knowledge of later having my feet up


I will grab the list I started last week

and cross through each with a wide streak

Tighten the faucet at the kitchen sink

I know there is more..let me think.

Untangle and store all the yarn and the twine

One of the boys can vacuum the blinds

I will gather up clothes for the Goodwill

And put the bags in the car

Walk a mile or two…that’s not far.

Make a nice dish

of Rice Krispy Treats

I may have time to change the sheets.

Today is not the day

for sitting around pondering

the wish list of accomplishments

that evade my every grasp.

No…Today is not the day

Instead I will control order through sound

and dance through my house

annoying those lost in the generational gap.

But…if the Tornado Sirens sound,

as they could today, we may find ourselves

the the basement all day.

Trying to overcome

the boredom of weather terms and conditions

awaiting the sound of all clear when given.

How about a nap!