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Peach State says: Helping Seniors…In More Ways Than One!

The welcoming hugs and sincere compliments come from a dynamic group of Seniors at my church. They are, by far, the most personality filled group I have ever known! My Minister of Music has several of us to lend a vocal hand to this group when they sing and today my “Mutual Cat Loving Friend” and I will be that vocal hand. The Seniors are taking a short trip to a local Nursing Home to usher in a bit of Holiday Cheer!

Helping Seniors…In More Ways Than One!

I am not a stranger to being in a nursing home…much less singing in them. I, as a small child, would visit my great-grandparents and sing for them. When my grandmothers were placed in nursing homes I went to visit and became aware of the overwhelming sadness surrounding this type of living. “Maybe this is why I now sing with my “Mutual Cat Loving Friend” every third Sunday at a facility of semi-shut-ins. The expressions tell the many stories…the bright and twinkling eyes….the shaky out reaching hands…the low hanging head…the attending nurse standing quietly next to a special case… “My heart-strings are tugged!”

The Seniors at my church have a tight-knit group…and support each other daily. What an incredible example they give to us as they minister to those in the nursing homes. My parents taught us to respect and love these valuable members of the church. My parents would always tell us “You will never understand what a simple touch or word can do until you are older…” I love to give hugs and take time to speak to them…even more so today! There is one sweet spirit that, though she is three years older than my dad, seems fragile and weak! She has a spunky personality and lights up a room when she walks in. She has the most beautiful and clear soprano voice and was asked to sing a solo last year at one of the nursing homes. The timid voice began to shake and I moved behind her and rested my hand on her shoulder. When she finished I leaned up and told her how beautiful her song was…she just grabbed me and said “I thought an angel was standing behind me to give me strength…it was you!” Needless to say we have a special connection!

Oh the many life lessons they have already taught me and there are many things I still have to learn. I have tried to instill this same respect and love, for this special group, in my own children and have been thrilled to see the results. My 3 sons all appreciate and help Seniors…we are still working with the youngest. He is learning from a professional though…my 20 year old has taken him under his wing and shown him how to relate and respect this valuable resource called Seniors. (Don’t tell him I have seen him do this…it would ruin his coolness!)

It is almost time for me to start getting ready to leave. Would you do me a favor today? If you see a Senior…speak to them! Offer a hand or just a moment to listen! They will love it and you will not forget it!

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State


Peach State says: Late Facebook Funnies-Part 1

Rolling over to look at the clock was a good thing this morning…No Alarm! I am happy, however, to report that breakfast was made, coffee was made, school lunch was made, youngest did not miss his bus and the first two members of my family are gone. I know what you are thinking! “How strange that Peach State should miss the alarm!” I can explain…yesterday was hubby’s day off and my 19 year old got up with his younger brother for me so I could sleep a couple of more hours. I did not set my alarm Tuesday night…thus I forgot to punch the alarm button last night resulting in no alarm going off! I am still shaking…

Boy…I am glad he made the bus. That would have thrown my schedule way off track. I need to be getting ready to leave…I am traveling with the Senior Choir from my church, along with our mutual cat loving friend, to sing with them. One of the sweetest ladies came up to me Sunday and asked if I was going and I told her that I had not been asked… (She took care of that and went right to the source!) Within 5 minutes I was told about today! “This dang clock is ticking away too fast!”
I want to leave you with one more thought before heading off to get dressed.


Have no fears…I will present Part 2 later today, if Grumpy Cat has his way!
Till then I hope this sweet little dash of funny will help you through the morning.

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: I Can Name That Tune…


So there we were…gathered and ready to sing. But wait! This song won’t do…
What about ______? slow
What about ______? so-and-so is working and won’t be here
“I got it!” What about “Mirey Clay”?

That’s was the one…everyone agreed…and the nod was given to retrieve it from the Choir Room.

“The only problem was the fact that there is no song, called “Mirey Clay” in the filing cabinet.”

We had a momentary lapse in song titles and had sent someone to pull the song with the wrong information. I ran to help and the only thing to do was sing the song, over and over, as I looked through every title in the filing cabinet. Give me a chance…I will get this…I Can Name That Tune…

Shortly after I arrived and began sorting through the files of music another member of the praise team appeared to offer her help. The wafting music came through the door as the instrumentalists and our fearless leader continued, completely abandoned and neglected by our three voices. We giggled in giddy, boisterous laughter as we combed through the files of music. We found a couple of other songs that might work when…what to my wondering eyes did appearFound It!

“That’s it!” How could we have forgotten?”

We headed, victoriously, back into practice with the file in hand. Rehearsal paused…as the song was passed out. Our fearless leader looked at the title and laughed. “There is nothing about “mirey clay” in the title…but that is what we call it…” He just shook his head. The funny thing about this renaming of a song is this is not the only one. You see…we find a phrase or word from our favorite songs that sticks in our heads and that is the way we refer to the title. “I do love the way our unique personalities find everyday truths in the words and phrases of the songs and hold them in our hearts.” It makes these songs sing…HeHe!

Why didn’t we just Google the song? Well…we are a techno-geeky savvy group and truth be told…the signal was too slow to wait and I have no battery left!

I do love singing…and singing with my dear friends…well it’s Priceless!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Putting On Two Different Hats Today!

This morning I will cast aside my cleaning hat and put on my visiting-helping-selling-while-enjoying-coffee hat. It is an oversized hat with a wide brim. On the brim sits a coffee cup holder with a straw coming down to my ready to sip lips. “No…I am just kidding!” I don’t look good in hats…at least I don’t think I look good. These are the virtual hats…and I am Putting On Two Different Hats Today!

My schedule has been slightly altered today for two reasons…
1) I am meeting with a sweet friend, over coffee, for a couple of reasons. I am going to let her smell some fragrance samples for a party I am hosting…and to catch up on life.
2) I will be going to help some of the sweetest people I know…the Senior Adult Choir at my church.
They will be singing a week from Sunday at two locations…and several of us offer a little moral support and back them up. I need to learn the music if I am going to do this correctly. HeHe!

I will be changing hats very quickly today…
Hat I will wear today:
Coffee Barrister
Financial Advisor
Dog’s Best Friend

Well…that is just a few…I have to leave in a few minutes and need to get ready. What hats will you wear today? I know you have some of the same hats…let me know what hats you wear!
Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: A Great Day With Friends!

What a day!
It started about 8:40 yesterday morning and ended last night about 8:30!
We, however, did go home after the first service but gathered back together 2 1/2 hours later.
Sound checks, singing, quiet whispers during the service….oh and the Candy Buffet!. (The “Candy Buffet” is a term a dear friend came up with as the cough drops, mints and gum circulated the row where we were seated.)

All in all it was a wonderful day…A Great Day With Friends! We all flowed in and out of the church membership during the fellowship after church last night. Sometimes together and sometimes individually. Yet somehow…we all ended up sitting next to each other. “What a cute gathering of the “Peas in a Pod”!” I am truly blessed to be a part of such a great group. ..but all good things must come to an end. As I walked out to the parking lot last night with “Our Mutual Cat Loving Friend” and her husband we had a realization!

Tomorrow…We giggled thinking that we would be back at the church in less than 24 hours for basketball practice. Who knows…we may come up with some more wonderful “blog titles”. We have a great time together and to be honest…we speak “blog titles“!

Sadly yesterday did not include one of our favorite thing. We were unable to sit and visit at our local hangout. (Starbucks) Due to the schedule and two of our little group moving into a new home this laughter filled session will have to be postponed until next month. (You know who you are…and you realize your commitment to this activity…set the date now!).

The above picture is one I made of our little group. I had each of my friends in mind as I chose the pictures and interestingly enough…they knew which one was theirs.

I wish each of them a fantastic day and all the coffee they can drink!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Just A Thought!

With this in mind…I have to say my typical blog for this morning will be delayed. My sweet and loving hubby scheduled a day of home improvements! You know the kind of home improvements when 2-3 workmen invade your home and put a damper on any plans you may have had. These same workmen will arrive sometime in the given window and stay for an undisclosed amount of time. I was asked to sing at a banquet this evening but had to back out because of this scheduling travesty…Okay…maybe I am going a little over board. “Just A Thought!” I should put my best foot forward and enjoy the day I have been given. The good news is the fact that several household chores are complete in preparation for the workmen…

Hmmm…What to do now? All that is left is to irritate my children! Hehe! This will be fun!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: “You’ve Got To Be Kidding!”

What?…No Way!…“You’ve Got To Be Kidding!” I am going to start ignoring American Idol.. This season only had, in my opinion, three good singers make the cuts from Hollywood Week. I have been voting for two the last couple of weeks. The so-called “tremendous talent” I just don’t see it. I see growlers and screamers…jazzy mumbles all who can sing…but tremendous talent…No Way! Last nights elimination of Colton Dixon, one of my favorites, was not a surprise. The Judges have their favorites…the gushing sentiments and standing ovations for these performers leave me shaking my head. “Did they hear the same performance I did?” “You’ve Got To Be Kidding!”

For those of you who may be shaking your heads at my ignorance…let me explain my background.
I was raised in a musical home. We all sing…and lead in our music ministries. My father was trained and performed in many venues just like my youngest sister and myself. My brother is an incredibly talented singer and instrumentalist. My other sister is involved with the music program at her church. My family have never been just choir singers, not that there is anything wrong with being a singer in a choir, we are used in other ways musically. I know there is more to this American Idol business than singing…but these judges did not pick the best and brightest this season at all, with the exception of three of them, out of the original singers that made it to Hollywood.

Maybe I have gotten old…”No..that can’t be…based on the type of music I listen to!” I was raised with a love for good music…no matter the type. I enjoy many different types of music…even instrumental classical. I feel sorry for the American Idol show and realize that this will probably be the last year, or season, that I will watch. My husband gets a kick out of me every week! I hold my phone in my hand with finger ready to dial and vote, like a mad dog, for my favorites. I have chosen the winner, early on, every season! One of my favorites is still in the mix…I will not mention her name…but, she has a spunky personality and incredibly big voice.

My husband, who does not have a musical bone in his body but thinks he does, cannot understand the judges either. My husband will spin and look at me, with that eyebrow raised, and say…”Eeww did you hear that?” “What did you think about that performance?” If my husband hears bad notes and questions the judges favorites there’s a problem. Maybe the melodious dragging of fingernails on a chalkboard is responsible for the “goosies” the judges experience. Most of the hopeful’s performances leave my eyes glazed over like a “deer in the headlights” with my mouth open wide as I think “You’ve Got To Be Kidding!”

Sorry for the rambling on…back to Colton! Kudos on the graceful exit! Colton has touched many with his belief based performances. Last night’s performance was an uplifting experience as he fell to his knees and sang from his heart. He knew! He was at peace! I cried as I watched this young man, full of spirit, sing the last note. “I will buy his CD!” My son, who does the audio/visual for a band, agreed! He could not believe Colton Dixon was eliminated. We will miss this young man and his creative versatility. The music business is not finished with him!

I know I may sound a bit picky…but we all have our likes and dislikes. I like melody…not note seeking growls. What do you like? Let me know! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Sunrise Reflections


No light is shinning from behind the trees this morning. The birds are silent and still. The fragrance of rain fills the air as the scattered droplets touch the varied surfaces. It is Saturday morning and I wish I was still in bed…but the day will march forward carrying me in it’s flow. I will sip from my tall pink cup and close my eyes. Thoughts of this past week have been knocking around in my dreams, bringing to life these events already lived. They were not spectacular in nature and tedious to most. But this is my life…and this is my Sunrise Reflections!

Singing and music was a large part of this weeks activities. Everyday the songs flow through my head, repeating the tune and lyrics. “This always happens when I am memorizing the music.”
I was at the church on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Thursday and Friday did not revolve around singing, except for the special that three of us went over Thursday while working on the choir room. We successfully cleaned the choir room and rearranged the furniture too! “I can’t wait to hear and see the reaction tomorrow!” This has been a long week but this coming week will be longer…we have the final practices leading up to the dress rehearsal and performance next weekend.

Another warming sip of my latte’ as a smile creeps across my face…my youngest has been out of school due to the county wide 2-day break. Economic cutbacks! He was with me at the church on Thursday and Friday…he was a real big help! Someone watched as he took the boxes and boxes of choir robes and miscellaneous music from the choir room to the music library. He was so excited when he was able to use a Dollie to move more than one at a time and use the elevator. Yesterday he received am iTunes card from the person who had watched him working. She said it was so good to see a young man work so hard…she wanted to give him something to tell him “Way to go!”
I was thankful and proud…”He spent the rest of the day writing a list of songs to download.”
At least he was busy…and out of other people’s way.

Spending time with friends is a wonderful activity. This past week gave me the chance to do just that. Thursday and Friday from about 8:45-2:30 (a guesstimate on the ending time) I was fortunate enough to spend time with a dear friend. We sing together and share the love of Starbucks and our daily coffee and poke fun at each other on Facebook. The similarities are numerous and have created strong ties between us. We found that our previous skills in the workplace prepared us for a challenge set before us yesterday. The making of copies for the sound personnel and the worship leader and a smaller notebook for the praise team…of the Easter Music…so that these people would be able to lay the book flat and not have to struggle and fight the pages. The copier was not our friend…in the beginning! We came to an understanding…it would make copies and I would not blow it up. I thought that was fair! One of the songs in our Easter Music is called “O Great Redeemer!” I was singing it in my head and got to the chorus and out came a loud “O Great..” before I could finish my friend turned around in fear…”What happened?” “everything is fine…why?” She thought I was saying Oh great…like something is wrong…with the copies. We both laughed and began singing song snip-its to fit the situation. She joked that this would end up on my blog…and she was right! Time passed quickly and so did the work!

I was able, for the most part, to keep up with the laundry at home as well as the other tasks. “I did good!” It will be a typical Saturday for me and I am looking forward to a slow day. Pausing to drink some more of my latte’ and listen to the squeaking floor as my husband walks across the bathroom floor upstairs. The birds are awake now as the thick cloud cover hides the suns warm glow. My shadow and constant companion, a black English Cocker, is curled up in the chair next to mine. She is 13 years old today! She will be spoiled…but then again she is spoiled everyday. The house is quiet but that will change as my two older sons get ready to go to work. It will be a quiet day…hopefully!

This is Brittany…timing is everything…it looks like she is smiling but she had just sneezed. “I like to think it is a smile.” Enjoy the day you have ahead of you. You will only have this day to live once and then it will fade as the morning fog in your Sunrise Reflections!

Peach State

Peach State says: Oops! I did it again!

When do we leave?

There is was right there in front of me…taunting me with desire.  I pressed the button and….this has been added to items to record.

Oops! I did it again!

I had recorded a movie that I already own but who cares…it was Mama Mia!  So this morning, after my youngest left for school, I settled in with all the needed supplies.  My coffee, of course, was by my side and the remote in hand.  Power on and list displayed…there you are.  PLAY!  I sat back with memories flooding my mind of the last time I watched this movie.  Do you remember?  I know you do!  We were so excited to be together for the weekend and this movie was the icing on the cake.  We sang along, as if we were part of the cast, every lyric and rhyme.  We even danced, hopping and spinning in my living room.  My youngest son was in the room with us and was unprepared for this experience.  What were we to do?  Sit there quietly and tap a foot!! “Nope”  That would have been impossible for us…I don’t know of anyone who could sit still during this movie.

So…with the movie starting…I anticipated the first song.  I have seen this movie many times and am drawn into it every time.  I confess!  I want to be on a Greek Island living in a villa.  I would like to see a group of men dancing and Cabana boys singing.  The sun shining down on the beautiful beaches….Reality sinks in and I remember where I am.  At least the mother and daughter have conflicts and there are money issues.  The villa is in need of repair and everything is falling apart…Now this sounds like my house!  I can face most anything…just hand me the roll of Duct Tape and I am ready.  I am the mother of four boys and have been married for 25+ years.  Needless to say this type of movie is not viewed by the family.  It is my alone time…time just for me…my Spa time!  “It is a good thing I like a wide variety of movies and actors.  I would not get to spend time with my family if I didn’t”

The movie ends and I have turned off the TV.  It is almost time to wake up the rest of the house.  One son is job hunting today and my husband is off.  I will have to make this quick.  I do miss our time together and the next time we see each other you can bet this movie will be part of the schedule.  Till that day comes; I will treasure the memories I have and gracefully open my beautiful wrap, from around my shoulders, and dance into the kitchen to make coffee.  Oh wait, I better not do that…I might knock something over or hurt myself.  ” I don’t want that to happen again!” But that was not me…was it?

Have a great day!