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Forever Thirty Something



The strange things we yearn to believe, as we age, is that we will never be OLD!

But…the sad truth is there is no stopping the speedinglocomotiveofachesandpains with the added joy of wrinklesandmoreachesandpains.


To be honest…I enjoy looking in the mirror at the “crazy lady”.  She makes the day a bit more interesting and fun, when she is awake!

“May your cup runneth over with love, laughter and really fabulous coffee!”


Peach State




Peach State says: I Just Don’t Know About This!

It’s a beautiful weekend here and the neighbors all working hard on their yards. Later today the outdoor cooks will step into the fire-pit arena filling the air with hickory and mesquite scent. The scent alone with stir the growling stomachs of surrounding neighbors. Here is some of the various grills in the area. I Just Don’t Know About This!




I guess a couple of my neighbors could not wait to get home and just grilled right there. Our grill looks so boring and plain compared to these creative contraptions.
If you are going to cook out…enjoy your time and meal!

Peach State