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Peach State says: I Lost My Silver Lining!


With the events of the past week weighing heavily on my, already sore, shoulders I look like I am bent over using a walker. Of course this is not how I look but boy…do I feel like it! I am trying to find something positive in this burdensome basket of negative. I was taught to Always look for the Silver Lining but… I Lost My Silver Lining!

Here is a sample of this weeks events:
My oldest son came home.
My youngest decided to cut teachers notes about behavior out of his agenda.
The clash between the older boys.
Job hunting for oldest son.
2 1/2 weeks worth of pages fell out of my youngest’s school agenda.
Conduct marks for his negative behavior at school.

I need more coffee!!!

Oh…and on top of all of these wonderful-parent-child-memory-building events I lost my voice because of allergies and my doctor pulled a MRI out of the proverbial What’s Wrong With Peach State Hat…

Did I mention I need more coffee?

Sorry…I seem to be waiting on my cabana boy to serve my coffee to me. Back to reality! I refilled my cup and said goodbye to my hubby…even took my precious princess outside for a second time… I have a few more minutes before the next wave of activity hits the fan and I put on my chauffeur hat. “I just hope I have enough gas in the car without raiding the depleted bank account!”

The dynamics between the three older boys have always been of a 2 against 1mentality. Unfortunately the oldest is the 1 the my 22 and 19 year olds are the tag-team. My oldest has made his share of mistakes and says he wants to get out of the hole he has dug for himself. “Egg-shells, thin ice…just the way things are with him.”

My youngest…Mr. ADHD…has decided to deceive his parents. Well he thinks he is…but is he in for a rude awakening. Basically he thought by taking the pages out that we would not find out about the notes from his teachers.

Everything I need as an adult I learned in Kindergarten!

Page numbers missing…changed dates…altered letters on teacher’s notes…pictures drawn over teacher’s notes…top of pages cut out of book…well, that is just a few of the things he has done this week. I have not mentioned the behavior that prompted the writing of the notes. Yep…I guess I fell off the Turnip Truck! I would scream for help…but I would probably lose what voice I do have.

So…positives from the negatives…
I know all my children are safe and secure.
My youngest was not arrested at school for his behavior…yet!
My oldest is looking for a job!
My other two sons are working.
My voice is coming back…which is a good thing seeings how I am on the trio that is singing Sunday!

My coffee Is wonderful!

Alright…so maybe I just lost sight of My Silver Lining! It is still there…I just needed to look at things from a different angle. You know how that is…don’t you? I am off to prepare for my day…hoping to minimize my talking to allow for healing. Make sure you finish you coffee (or tea) while finding your Silver Lining and Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says:Fuzzy Socks and Oversized Fuzzy Sweater

I love these cooler temperatures! I love wearing my Fuzzy Socks and Oversized Fuzzy Sweater and not being looked at like I am crazy!
Of course…running a fever over 100 could be contributing to the wearing of the fluffy, fuzzy wardrobe accessories. Good thing I have a doctors appointment today and even better that I have plenty of Fuzzy Socks!

Bring on the cooler temperatures…I am ready! Cough, cough!

Hey!…seeings how I am sick with the lost-voice-cough-congested-chills-hurts-to-swallow yuck now maybe I will be spared during the Winter! Hehe! The Weather is supposed to be milder again this Winter…so we will see!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: I Just Have Too!


I took my Benadryl last night to induce my Benadryl Coma and dry up this nasty drainage. The inconsiderate sickness is starting to lose it’s grip slowly…but sadly the pesky cough woke me up from my coma about 2:40 this morning and I was finally able to return to my cozy domain about 4 am. “I had to rise earlier this morning due to my husbands schedule!”. Great way to start out the day and on a Monday too! I was told to take more Benadryl and go back to bed. “I Just Have Too!”

I have not been able to sing a note since Wednesday and was actually able to sing along with some of the songs performed last night on the Grammy’s. The show, for the most part, was not worth watching. “Enough of that soap box topic!” I wanted to see the Country portion and how they remembered Whitney Houston.

With the day starting as it usually does…I am now ready to head to the sick bed…I will get to feeling better! “I Just Have Too!” Lots of rest and fluids! And of course my trusted sidekick BENADRYL! Wish me luck!

Peach State

Peach State says: What Can Go Wrong!


So…What Can Go Wrong?. Everything!

It all started with a sinus cough in my youngest and then my husband got sick. My husband got antibiotics and cough syrup with instructions to take Tylenol for the pain. The house was going to be a sick house. I tried to take the precautions and stay well. What Can Go Wrong?

I got sick! Everyone was starting to feel better and I started with the cough and plugged ears. I lost my voice! I quickly began a regiment of sinus and cough relief meds and started feeling better. Just when I thought it could not get any worse…I worked in a dust filled environment! Epic Fail! The symptoms bombarded my weak existence with the full force of a Category 4 Hurricane. Chills and loss of sleep followed by a non-stop cough! The voice is almost gone. “I wish it was the ringing in my ears that was almost gone!”. What Can Go Wrong?

Just when you think things could not get any worse….the Nurse at the school called and let me know that my son was in her office not feeling good. danger…red flags…warning! You have to know that he does not complain about being sick unless he is really, really sick. “Lucky me!” The doctor’s office will not call anything in for him and will have to see him first. The first opening is next week….What Can Go Wrong?

It is going to be a long weekend. I need to go the meds out and organized on the counter. I have put my sickie hat back in the closet and put on the nurse hat. At least my ears are plugged and the complaining will not be heard all day. So….how are you?

Peach State