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Peach State says: Watching the Shadows Dance on my Wall!

The ever-changing shadows played as the reflecting glow moved them across the wall.
The lined pattern, from the blinds, resembled a music staff as the various notes appeared and disappeared on the shadowy sheet of music. The symphonic movement composed for just me, all while Watching the Shadows Dancing on my Wall!

The elegant sway, as the light glistened on the wall, moved like the shimmering beacon from a lighthouse. Steady and direct…lending of itself confidence for the weary. The trees slowly performed a beautifully orchestrated ballet as the shadows stretched longingly across the wall. The fluttering of soft fairy wings moved silently around the shadows as the slight breeze moved freely through the leaves. Quietly, I relaxed, Watching the Shadows Dancing on my Wall!

My eyelids grow heavy…my body stills as it is enveloped by a billowy warmth. Breathing slows it’s pace as the glow flows around the room. The sleepy sounds of crickets and waves accompany the shadows as they dance. Fuzzily I try Watching the Shadows Dancing on my Wall!

My eyes lose the battle and give way to the night. The shadows fade as the reflections cease. The night silents the busy day to allow for the body’s recovery…in expectation of a new ballet. I will awaken to still shadows as I begin my day. I will admire, for a short time, the sun-dial movements of daytime shadows as they stretch slowly over the floor. Memories will pierce into my daily activities and I will long for another night-time symphony. The melodic movements will calm my chaotic world and give me a time to quiet my soul.

What a wonderful way to fall asleep…Watching the Shadows Dancing on my Wall!

Do you enjoy Watching the Shadows Dancing on the Wall? “I do…and I just had to share!” Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Shadows in the Morning Light


I love writing poetry…and today the wind and shadows inspired the following lines.

Shadows in the Morning Light!

There is something hypnotic in the movement of the wind,
Touching the tall Georgia Pines.
The breeze caressing these giants to bend,
In harmonic sway across the morning sky.

The roar of nature applauds like the rush of commute,
Moving in choreographed flow.
The now empty branches will bear fruit,
Drink in the warming sun’s glow.

The dead leaves give way to new buds of life,
The strong trunks twirl in a dance.
The sun spills across the night,
As morning lights glisten in silence.

Playful shadows lend the morning a smile,
Through the sun’s bright beams.
Twinkling like the eyes of a child,
Ever changing light in the leaves.

The dance always constant but never the same,
Fragile whispers in the wind’s might.
Share with you in the new day,
Shadows in the morning light.

Watching these shadows today inspired this momentary reflection. Hope you can find your own “Shadows in the Morning Light” to bring you a smile to your heart. Have a great day!

Peach State