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Peach State says: School’s Out For the Summer!

20120525-174816.jpg Well…we made it…the last day of school is now over and we are all still breathing! My Facebook is filled will “Well Done!” and “Way to go!” and “Finally done!” I think the parents are as excited as the kids. I was up at the school about 10:40 this morning and witness the evacuation of the masses. It seemed as if every child in the three schools was checking out…at the same time! “Mine stayed at school…he did not want to come home early!”

It will be a short summer with school starting back the first week of August! Until then, we will try and full the hours with stimulating activity. Unfortunately, I will be hearing that scary phrase sometime next week…I can guarantee that! You know the one…”I’m Bored!


Maybe we can experiment all Summer…How about some cool homemade Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt,or Slushies…any suggestions?

We are considering buying this cute little machine!

It is time for me to get back to the kitchen and finish dinner…Spicy Citrus Chicken….Yummy!
My youngest asked for it…but sadly is feeling the agony of over-eating ice cream and snacks at the party today! Have a great evening and please leave any great ice cream and frozen yogurt recipes.

Peach State