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Peach State says: Timing Tuesday!


My trusty-oversized-espresso-cup is filled-to-the-rim with a second-freshly-brewed-portion of my favorite morning libation. Why? Because I can…Because I am mom…Because it’s good…WELL…

All of the above!

It just felt like the thing to do this morning instead of flying stealthily to my cozy-fluffy covers for a shut-eye-session as soon as my hubby backed out of the driveway. Precious Princess seems to be experiencing the same inability to rest as she is presently pacing and scratching at the door…BRB! Footsteps upstairs, belonging to my 20 year old, shock my solitude as my heart drops a bit hoping this is not a reflection of a looming chaotic schedule.

…sipping espresso…

It’s not that our family schedule is crazy and over-packed with activity…it is just TUESDAY! Hubby gets off early on Tuesdays as well as a new TKD schedule to sort through and put into our ever-changing-never-clear-drop-of-a-hat-shoot-from-the-hip everyday routine. That will be the tricky part…so I guess I am thinking out loud in my post today as I am…

Timing Tuesday!

Hubby is scheduled to get off at 5 this evening and the TKD class starts at 6 ending 45 minutes later. Now…typically my hubby will not leave work until closer to 6 and it takes him roughly 50 minutes to get home. If the spin of the earth on it’s axis and the creeks don’t rise my family may actually be home before 7… BUT…I have not control over the spinning of the earth much less on it’s axis and with all the rain we have had…WELL! You know what has to be done!

…sipping espresso…

TKD classes are different for my youngest now that he has been promoted to his next belt. No more 5:15 to 6:00PM classes. The average time is after 7 and who in their right mind wants to be out that late at night. (Note to self…You sound like your mother!) Tuesdays and Thursdays have the earliest times and with the added activity of basketball practices and games starting in August I need to plan ahead as best I can. I only hope the basketball practices are on Mondays before 8 PM…and the games are no problem as they will be on Saturday mornings.

[Before going any further…you must understand the family time is very important to us…and we have always tried to be home when daddy is home. I work very hard not to plan anything after a certain time or on his days off so that we can spend time together as a family!]

There is also the added task of my 20 year old and a workout with Future Soldiers later this afternoon till I don’t know when and I have no clue how he will get home…(translation: we have not talked about that yet!) He will not be with us much longer…I know this! This will help with schedules bit there will be a larger-unfillable-gap when he leaves. (According to the Recruiter my 20 year old should be off to BASIC in about 2-3 weeks) Enough about that…I should just focus on what I can control.

What’s for dinner?

…sipping espresso…

Timing Tuesday!

Dinner should be ready to serve or pretty close to it when I leave this evening for TKD…that way I will not be slaving in the kitchen for hours and hours preparing a wonderful meal for my family when I get back home. “Hours and Hours… Did I doze off?” (insert chuckle!) I am thinking today is a crock-pot type of day! Ooooo….I wonder if the Turkey Breast is thawed yet? I have some sweet taters and string beans. “YEP! Dinner is planned!” Boy, that was hard work…

…sipping espresso…

The organizational side of my personality kicked in yesterday and I want to finish doing a couple of thins in my office/sitting room. Who knows I may actually find my desk! Okay it’s not that bad but I definitely need to work in this room. After all…it is the first thing seen when people walk in the front door.

Sort through leftover schools supplies
Sort through the various craft projects and supplies
and the biggie
Throw stuff away!

I need to check on the Turkey Breast and then get my youngest up…
“He can’t sleep the Summer away…” (Dang it…sounding like my mother again!) Will I ever run out of things to change about myself? NEH! Besides…being like my mom is not a bad thing! Back to task…

…sipping espresso…

Have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: Coaching the Game of Life

Whistle around my neck…Extra coffee ready…Players all ready for the game…
“What play will I call first?”

Today is one of those days that life throws in just to keep you guessing. No use planning your schedule because it could change at the drop of the hat. Seriously!
Okay so my mind is moving way to fast for me today…Coffee Break!…I sat down to relax after my hubby and youngest left this morning and could only run scenarios ,of my day, in my mind. I felt like I was Coaching the Game of Life!


You go to work…run the ball
You go to school…flank right
Okay, your working too…flank left
That one is gone till sometime in the fourth quarter…in the locker room
Oldest son…defend that ball

I watch the play unfold and the quarterback runs the ball…
As long as we don’t fumble we will be fine. I have two cakes to bake…a three-layer and a two-layer
and realized this morning I am 2 eggs short. A store run is added to the day’s errands thanks to the magic of dry erase markers and dry erase board. “Tragedy averted!”
I am drawing from my previous experiences to plan my day. I may have to skip taking my youngest to TKD in order to pick up my 19 year old in the fourth quarter. He is across the state in the final stages of recruitment. Last time he was there for a test he arrived back about 5:45-6:15….that will not do tonight.

Mom has to be at a quartet practice about 6 pm with an extra Easter Practice at 6:30!

Come on guys…don’t fumble! We need to move the ball…we are almost there! I sure hope I don’t go down in history as the worst coach to ever play the game.

Flag on the play! PERSONAL FOUL!
“Mom…there are three packages upstairs that need to be sealed up and then taken to UPS!”

“Time out!” Back to the dry erase board….leave earlier and combine the UPS store and grocery store together before heading to the doctor’s office. Wiping the sweat from my brow I remind myself to smile…oh and breathe! No time to give up now guys…push through everything thrown at us.

My head is swimming and I need to focus. Next on the list is getting ready to leave. Timing is crucial so I can get back and bake the cakes and still have time for the to cool and decorate before fixing dinner. Oh crud!. Dinner! Sorry to cut this short…I am headed back to the dry erase board. Wish me luck!…I know I am strongest on days like this… Say it with me! I can do this!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Keeping Up with My Day!


These weeks just fly by…except for Monday and today is going to drag!
It is going to take a great deal of creativity and skill to strategically manipulate the varied schedules of my family. “Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Danny I will simply wipe my brow and continue Keeping Up With My Day!

I have decided to carry an abacus to keep a running tally of the different routine chores, routine outings, extra-nonscheduled-have to attends, the run me here and theres…not to mention the balancing of each of my 4 son’s different schedules. The blending of six unique and complex schedules can be Bear…which is why I am Mama Bear…and don’t make me mad! Making me mad will cause me to delete your scheduled events. “That will teach them!”

I sat down with my #2 son a little while ago in hopes our schedules would easily merge. He has work at 11-3 then off to the gym by 4. I have my youngest coming home at 4 and he will eat dinner before heading to TKD Awards Night (hoping for the next belt rank). Sometime between 6:15 and 6:20 I will meet up with #2 son and drop off those with me and head to church for a much needed extra practice for our Easter music. About 7:00 my hubby will call and tell me he is on his way home…but we will not be able to chat on his drive home like usual…I will be at practice. “I did mention the practice to him this morning as he rushed out the door to his 7:30am meeting.” ( A special thanks to my hubby’s boss for setting this special early meeting. We had to get up an hour earlier today!)

Somewhere between recruiters and doctors…school and TKD…work and normal everyday chores…I will Keep Up With My Day! “I will sure try my best!” I should fill up and be prepared for the rest of the day…


Here’s hoping we have a great Monday! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: A Little Bit Of Everything


Clean a little bit
Do a few errands
And then…a special movie time with two of my sons…

Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2

“I can’t wait!”

Then we race home for the school bus…and the official beginning of Thanksgiving Break.
Planning dinner
And…cutting out more leaves for the Tree of Thanksgiving.
“My hubby really liked the idea and wants the boys to participate….I was surprised!”

Yep…Today is going to be a great day filled with A Little Bit Of Everything!

I hope you have your own great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: What Is Wrong With The Clocks?

You know me…I am always up early! BUT…this new not-so-nice-game of waking up three times a night is not working for me. I know it can’t be me…Right? What Is Wrong With The Clocks?

The comings and goings of the various people in my family have changed a great deal recently. The new chime connected to the alarm system is reassuring so I know what door is being opened…but before the (how does my friend say it?) butt-crack-of-dawn the not so gentle door-bell chime yanks me from the last thread of sleep. Why the change?

My 19 year old has started working out with a mentor every morning. He is up about 5:00 and gone before my gentle crickets and beach sounds fade to the shuffled wake up mix from my alarm clock.

School has started…meaning up a little earlier to get hubby and my youngest the breakfast they need before heading out the door 10 minutes apart.

Hubby has to drive an hour to work and now that school is back in session…let’s just say he has to leave a bit earlier. Oh joy!

My 19 year old comes back from morning work out anywhere between 7:30-8:15 and falls back into his coma-producing bed.

My 22 year old has picked up a part-time job working with and maintaining the computer systems for a large auto dealership…on top of his varied schedule with his full-time job. “The truth is I just can’t keep up with his schedule!”

Maybe these combined changes have produced this annoying wrench to be thrown into my routine. Go to sleep between midnight and 1:00am and wake up about 5:45-6:00 without interruption…”Not any more!” It has been the most awful wrench to deal with. I can’t fall asleep easily…waking up every morning about 3:10-3:15 by rolling over and focusing on the blue numbers staring boldly at me…rolling back over and finally relaxing enough to doze off again only to find myself being blinded by the same blue color display an hour or so later…then falling into a gentle coma as the revolving door begins to turn. My mind begin to calculate how much time I have left before I must rise and begin my job as short-order cook and espresso barista. “Short-order cook indeed…here’s your cold cereal and bowl of oatmeal!”

“Couldn’t we just go back to the way things used to be?”

I blame the clocks…it is their fault! I know…I know! Clocks are my friend and only want to be there when I need them. My coffee cannot produce the energy I need to face the day so what is the world coming to? “This is not good! I am mentioning coffee in a negative manner!”

Maybe I should do what my hubby suggests…go back to bed when everyone is gone. The clock works against me everyday with the added TKD and Basketball schedules thrown into the mix. The funny thing is I am still asked about dinner menus…as I am walking out the door and driving down the road to TKD. Most nights dinner is cooked and on the table by 7:15 after getting home from TKD…but…there are a couple of nights that dinners served before 4:30 because we don’t get home until 8:20 and that is past someone’s bedtime. “Not mine…my youngest…hehe!”

All of this said and my lovely 6-shot espresso depleted…my eyes are droopy and heavy. I will go lay down for a few. I want to finish decorating my house for fall today as well as doing some general house-keeping.

Has this happened to you? How did you maintain?

Take time to enjoy your coffee and Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Dawn’s Early Light

20120524-065719.jpgThe darkness fades as shades of deep orange and pink pierce the horizon. The gentle beams reach out to brush the moisture from the leaves and bring light to the morning. The morning moves forward as I watch Dawn’s Early Light.

I cannot stop this progressive march of light and have to yield to it’s order. I reach for my coffee and listen to the day come alive. Another day of scheduled activities, silently flash on my hand-held screen, reminding my sleepy brain of the ticking clock. Virtual numbers begin their countdown and I slowly reach for another warming sip from my friendly cup. The broken and bent light has reached beyond the trees and begins to filter through the windows of my life.

Patterns appear across the damp grass as scampering chipmunks dash from sight. Playful sounds of morning fill the air as Spring tickles the leaves with a breeze. All is well in this morning dance by Dawn’s Early Light.

I hope and pray for resolution of several issues that plague my day. Heavy decisions and realizations of dreams hang in the balance as this day unfolds. The rippling effect, of the choices made, could be felt by our family for a long time. Both positive and negative….where is my happy balance?

Sorry…I do not mean to sound like a Weeping Willow. I do not want to stand with my shoulders hung over as moisture sprinkles all around me. I long for the peaceful remnants of normalcy…childhood…where these issues did not invade and tear apart the fibers held together by love and trust.

Dawn’s Early Light is fleeting as the colorful blooms show their true nature in the morning sunlight. The air is pleasant and cool, as it teases with a gentle caress, knowing the warming of the day is on it’s way. I close my eyes and smile…Iced Coffee! It will definitely be a day for an Iced Coffee Escape.

Our morning shuffle will take us into our day…I know this and will put a smile on my face and hold one in my heart. I will reach for my cup and sip…but only until this cup is gone. “Places to go and People to see…it will be a long day filled with life.” I smiled as I wrote that! I do have a life no matter what the situation. “And so do you…Go live your life today and find something that will put a smile on your face and a smile in your heart!”

Have a great day!

Peach State

20120524-080725.jpgIf things get rough I will think of my happy place!

Peach State says: Just a Quick Note to Start My Day!

This list says it all!

I have high hopes for the first Monday of 2012.  I need to make a list which will keep me on track and not allow anything to fall between the cracks.  I know that I will be taking the trash out in a few minutes and that I need to get the turkey bones, from the devoured Christmas bird, out of the fridge out in the garage.  Then I will grab a pad and layout my day.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed “Ringing in the New Year” with friends and family.  Ours was really quiet with my husband being sick.  I was able to watch a bowl game and see my team win.   That was a wonderful surprise!!!!  Another win for the SEC…”Sorry, I love the South Eastern Conference when it come to college football.”

I just said goodbye to my husband, as he dashes along the well worn path of his exit route, and went to take the picked over bones out of the refrigerator.  Guess What?  No bones in the fridge!!!! I am glad the garbage truck comes today.  Because of his coughing I did not fix the usual latte’ for him this morning so I had tea.  That may have been nice and warm but the need was just not met.  Before coming back to write I made a pit-stop at my espresso machine and made myself a wonderful Quad-Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte’.  “Much better!”

I was on Praise Team yesterday, with it being first Sunday, and arrived for sound check and general practice just before 9 AM.  The service started at 10:00 and was filled.  After the service I headed for the store, “Honey can you get me some more Excedrin Back and Body and something for this cough?”, and arrived home by 11:40.  I will miss getting out early on Sundays!  We had a lazy day after lunch!

Regular schedule starts back up tomorrow and my life will be forced back into action.  “Quit laughing!”  I know you are thinking when did she not have a busy schedule.  “Welcome to my life!”  But I have said it before and I will say it again…I enjoy my busy schedule.  I thrive trying to keep ordered chaos flowing in one general direction.  Think about it…even at the beach house I am up early starting the coffee and checking my face book and e-mails.  Following up with replies and all with coffee in hand.  Creature of habit!

So much for a quick note…Off to grab my pad and start the next task at hand.  Have a great day and perhaps I will come back and let you know how I did today.


Peach State says: What time is it? Where am I Supposed to be Now?

BEEP.. BEEP.. Out to cool!

Don’t forget to do this and don’t forget to do that!  This is hard enough on a regular day. “I know you would agree with me on this point!”

We find ourselves running around like a chicken with our head cut off trying to create order out of chaos.  I wish I could tell you that I found the solution but, the truth is there is not one.  The activities, we add to our everyday life, bring reason and relief to an average existence.  We scurry about, complaining at times, with a smile on our face.  Are we just glad that we have something to take up our time?  I venture to say it is more than that!

You have known me all your life and understand the place music holds in my heart.  the activities surrounding music at church do tend to tie up every weekend.  You throw in the seasonal rush with extra practices and functions and cannot seem to find time to breathe.  You have been there too.  The problem with this is when these “seasonal rush” times collide with life.  Life throws us a curve ball and doesn’t allow for anything to play out the way it was scheduled.  Lack of practices….no worries we will add one on this day… Someone won’t be in town…someone else takes their spot…Last minute orders and the comings and goings of family keep us dancing on our toes.  “It is really to bad that I cannot count all the calories burned while dancing on my toes.”

I am very happy to report that I may have just figured out how to survive this “seasonal rush” crisis.  Just say no to everything!  Keep one thing on your plate at a time and give yourself time to breathe.

Sadly, you may be like me, seeing that the important things are only on you plate and cannot be removed.  Obligations made and choices too vital must be balanced with everyday life.  Creatively turning these obligations into a habit will weave them into the fibers of our life.  Steeping away from the computer to start the laundry can turn into a slew of things started at the same time with timers set.  Example:  After I blog, get off the computer, start the laundry, mix up the pie or cake (For the Christmas orders) and place in the oven, Set the timer!, clean up for the preparations, load the dishwasher, wipe down the table, straighten the Family Room, Check on the timer, Make up the bed, bring down more laundry, Check the timer(20 min), answer the phone and multitask on computer, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! Turn off the timer, ETC… You see what I mean.  I guess you could say I travel in a unique circle. HEHE!

I found out two weeks ago that I will be singing with a small group at another Retirement/Nursing Home this Sunday.  I sing at a local Retirement Village every 3rd Sunday and this week, as soon as we are finished, we are scheduled to sing at a second location.  So I decided, that on top of this fun turn in my road, I would pack cookies for each of the people we sing for.  Now before the Wows! and Are You Crazy? statements are made let me say that I only packed the cookies.  They were left over from our church’s Back to Bethlehem event.  See, no halo for sacrificing all that time baking over 100 cookies.  I also took out 12 cookies aside for a party held at my neighbor’s home next week.  I am going to make Melted Snowman Cookies!  I was also asked to write a story that could be acted out by the children.  It seems I am the only writer in the group.  The story is done and has illustrations ready for coloring.  “The Princess Save the Snowman” is the name of the story and it is cute, “if I say so myself.”

I am very happy to report that I may have found another solution to the “Seasonal Rush”.  Planning ahead!!!!!

Most of the pies and cakes, with the exception of the Red Velvet Cakes, are in the freezer.  The cookies are separated and in the freezer.  The story is printed and ready to hand to the organizing neighbor for copying.  Icing for cookies and Decorations for “Melted Snowman Cookies” are in the pantry.  “Yeah….way to go me!”  Sorry, I did not mean to toot my horn so loudly.  I think I enjoy the organizational part of my life too much.  It does keep me occupied and therefore I don’t have time to sit and become “The, The, The GRINCH”.

As usual, I must cut our time short, and research some cookie recipes.  I really am tired of the same old Christmas cookie.  Have a Great Day and good luck with the balancing act in your life.