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Peach State says: Is It Nap Time Yet?


The weekend is finally here…a time where normal schedules include sleeping in. (Extra sleep is often needed after dancing “the dance of joy”!) Is It Nap Time Yet? For some…it is late to bed and early to rise! Some have no opportunity to soak in the comfy covers, like a snuggling baby, with no fear of the musical interruption coming from clock-radio on the bedside table. But…as one of the group unable to rest peacefully I will enjoy my brief quiet time before the chaos of the morning begins. The children are sleeping snug in their beds…at least for the moment. (Insert evil laughter…)
I will have to disturb their morning and gather the troops so I can attend an early practice. (Yep…they are going to be thrilled!)

I will manipulate the schedule to allow the errands to be completed quickly after the completion of practice. Thus…we will be home and possibly get the chance for a (dare I say it out loud?)…cat-nap! Maybe!

This time next week the packing will be almost completed. The car will be packed and my youngest will be preparing for his first extended-week-long-out-of-state-trip-without-mom-and-dad. I can honestly say that I will probably pack a few times during the week. Practice packing… ( Yep, not excited in the least!)

Well I am off to disturb some sleepy heads. Wish me luck!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Saturday Fun…

Bummed…there is no snow on the ground. It’s March so we should have snow! “Just a little would have nice!” We we have all month…Keep Calm and do the Snoopy Dance!
Okay…So instead of playing outside in the snow we will stay warm and dry inside out of the nose-blowing-sniffle-creating dreary day. What to do to have some Saturday Fun…!

I started the chili beans soaking and cooking this morning. HOMEMADE CHILI…Yummy!
With that done I can do a couple of errands out and about then settle in with movies for the rest of the days. “What? I can fold clothes and sort the ridiculous stack of leftover mail while watching a movie.” I have already gone over my music for tomorrow and will probably go over it again. Whatever I do will be relaxing and not strenuous. (Doctor’s and hubby’s orders)

What would you do on a day like today? Me…it is a Fuzzy Sock Day!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Time To Breathe!


A cloudy-overcast day helps to set the tone for the day….rest, relax, and more important
Time To Breathe!

A slight return to normal with the vacation mentality safely put away until April. I will bake a cake today for my oldest, who is turning 24, and hope that I have all of the ingredients for his favorite home-cooked dinner. “I hate this time of the month…no money!”

My number 2 son is running between 3 jobs and working out…“I told him to complain when he was responsibly keeping up with and managing schedules much less doing as much as I do a day!”

My number three son will head off to the final step of enlistment Monday morning…“I think I am ready!”

AND… The youngest…will he will be back at school Monday! “Can I get an AMEN!”

The starving masses are gathering. So until Monday…Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: And So It Begins…

And So It Begins…
With coffee in hand I will start this cloudy day. It is a busy morning that will be moving faster than the speed of sound in the next hour. Planning and practices have led up to this day with two major items on the schedule from 9-11 this morning. It starts with a planning meeting for a major Simulcast next weekend that will be held at my church. I can’t wait for this event! I will share with you next week about this! At 10 my youngest takes the court with his basketball team in their first game of the season. We will come home and have lunch and do a few chores before the college football games, scheduled for today, invade our living room. Don’t get me wrong…I live for days like this one….sports, family, weekend cleaningbut who wouldn’t want to be somewhere else…with fewer interruptions?



Alas…the proverbial chips did not fall in my favor!
I will splurge a bit and stop by my favorite watering hole, on the way to church, and pick up some energy in a cup! (Starbucks…yep, yep yep!) I will have a smile on my face and be lucky enough to spend time with friends that I typically do not see except for Sundays. I will also be able to spend a little one on one time with a dear, sweet, peas in a pod friend whose son is also playing basketball at the same time as mine. “I wonder if we will be watching the game!”

It’s the weekend…and I do love a good…sports filled weekend! “I hope I feel this way in 8 weeks!”
What do you enjoy doing on your weekends? I will be quiet now…get some rest and relaxation…we all deserve that! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Football…You Bet!

Anticipation mounts and snacks are prepared. My hubby was notified last night that the control of the family TV has been turned over to me and my 19 year old. “He moaned and agreed knowing he could lean his chair back and nap…well in between the cheers and jeers!” That time of year has finally arrived…Football…You Bet! I am in are you?

I love my SEC Football and have a connection with several teams. Of course the Sunday following game day can be hard to maneuver but, I have learned how to navigate the stormy waters of wins and losses. I am a Die-hard fan and love my team…even on those not so nice game days. Whether you watch or not there is someone you know who is a sports enthusiast.


“I am so ready for some football!” I hope your team of choice wins unless you play my team…then again if we are cheering for the same team…I hope your team wins! I will put on my special team outfit and wear my colors proudly.

Now if only the weather would cooperate and become a beautiful, crisp day it would make my day complete. But we can’t have everything so knowing the weather forecast for today is hot and muggy I will hold to the dream of a great football day inside with a ceiling fan to keep me calm, cool, and somewhat collected.

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Saturday!

Just a few things to do…nothing major at all. Catch-up with putting clothes away and enjoy my coffee as it gently rains. Strong possibility of storms today and I am ready. Movies recorded and ready for a day on in-door activities and rest. All I know for sure is as soon as hubby leaves for work I am heading back to bed! The down side to this wonderful rainy day is the pounding of hammers on my head. Don’t you just love weather and the way atmospheric pressure effects your body? “Me not so much!”

At least my plants are getting water…but then again they were lucky yesterday with the several downpours in the late afternoon. My 19 year old is probably thrilled at the possibility of a rainy day due to his To-Do List being comprised of yard work.

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Not a Typical Saturday!


As I sit here, in the dimly lit room, gentle reminders of my day invade like shadows flowing over the grassy meadow. This day is way outside the box in the realm of our normal Saturday activities. There will be no yard work today! There will be no major cleaning! We are all going in different directions…except for my youngest…he will be with me! It’s Not a Typical Saturday!

Everything started normally with morning coffee and visiting of Facebook and emails. “Yes I checked my blog stats too!” I prepared my husbands breakfast and latte and took it to his office. This is when my day changed…my 18 year old, who is typically up around 8:45am on Saturdays, was up and getting ready for his day. “Oh yeah! He has the walk today!” He is helping his girlfriend with her Senior Project…a fundraiser for a Wounded Soldier! I am very proud of my son and his girlfriend for taking this on! Anything for our service men and women!
When he finishes with the fundraiser he will be going to a community function and volunteering there. It is an Easter Egg Hunt and usually has over 200 children attend…not to mention parents.

My oldest is moving today…He is relocating to another apartment on the other side of the state. He seems very excited at the direction his life is going. I can only give him advice and pray for him!

My 21 year old and my husband are off to their jobs…Me on the other hand am headed out of town today! It’s Not a Typical Saturday!

I mentioned earlier this week about the conflicting schedule commitments…Well arrangements made were changed and I am headed about two hours south…for the funeral of a dear family friend.
He and his family have been part of my family since I was 17 years old. The recent struggles, of this sweet spirit, were numerous as the doctors tried to fix one problem only to find others lurking below the surface. His health diminished quickly and the family began to prepare for the worse.
This will be a “home going” funeral. We have all been touched and will miss him. This will be a bittersweet reunion of family and friends.

This man and his family have been involved in most of our family celebrations. My baby sister and the daughter of this man resemble Siamese twins separated at birth. I have fond memories of this large, teddy bear like man meeting me at the door of my old church. His arms were open wide…not to hug me but to take the precious cargo I had in my arms. I had moved to Washington State and not been home in quite a few years. I had come home and had my first born with me. “He is mine…give him over…don’t worry he won’t be passed around…he will stay with me!” I just smiled knowing this gentle giant wanted to be the first to hold him and would not share! He was this way with each of my sons…meeting me at the door in silly anticipation. As the boys have grown…they have still maintained a relationship of sorts with this sweet man and his family. When I told the boys of his passing…a quietness settled and voices quivered. Disbelief and the typical questions for those affected followed. My boys have not experienced death this close except twice. They have been aware of other losses but not influenced directly. It’s Not a Typical Saturday!

I must go get started…a lot to do in and hour and a half! I will head out and arrive early at the little church. The family will be gathering before the service. There will be many familiar faces quick to give a hug with tear filled Kleenex in hand. This is the third funeral (Home Going’) I have been to this month.

Take care of those important people in your life…and have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Saturday; Good Morning!


I am sitting in my chair, with my feet up, as words rush through my head. The sun has not yet started it’s daily trek and the birds are silent. The forecast calls for rain and possible thunderstorms today…maybe that is why it is still so dark. “It’s Saturday; Good Morning!”

Coffee has been made and delivered to my husband’s office along with his standard bowl of oatmeal. I sip on my cup, my trusted morning companion, and enjoy the warmth as I set my cup back down. Today will be a lazy day…we need those days from time to time. The laundry is done except for two loads and the house is presentable in standards.

This has been a difficult week and this next week my youngest has Winter Break from school. I long for something different…nope…just the same old thing. Daily chores are my life! I do
have the occasional break with church activities and that is needed. “I would hate to get lost in the fog of the same old thing! “It’s Saturday; Good Morning!”

I guess I should be dancing around like Snoopy. “I get to stay home…I have nothing to do!” I know I should… I have come to realize that I am sort of trapped. I have transportation to church…and that is it! I have no car to just jump into and go! I can’t go walking because my youngest can’t keep up. I would not even make it to the stop sign before he complained about being tired or asking how long we would be walking. My friends all go places with family and friends and I am here. I miss the days when I could drive to Birmingham for the weekend or just go shopping. I know some of this is financial…and the fact that I do not have a car anymore…right financial. 3 cars in the family and not one available for me except on Sunday’s. Sometimes I really do just want to scream! But I will sip on my coffee. “I do not want to wake up my youngest!”

A pinkish burnt-orange glow is coming through the trees…the birds are beginning to sing. I will resume my day with a smile on my face. Content and safe in my little corner of the world. After all I have my coffee and “It’s Saturday; Good Morning!” Come by if you want…I can make more coffee!

Peach State