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Peach State says: I’m Just Saying!

Time again for the thought provoking words from friends this past week…
These are just a few I wanted to share with you! “I’m Just Saying!”

We ask Santa for those things near to our heart…but sometimes do not get what we asked for!


We all see those signs along the side of the road and laugh at the meaning behind the words or the pure stupidity…you know the ones!




We know that gas prices have increased…but I was not aware things were this bad!


I have a often wondered the same thing!


We all have hard days…it is nice to be reminded of the others who have had bad days…


Don’t forget to send me your favorites….I really love to read signs…after all if we can’t read the signs we will not know where we are going… Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: The Christmas Rush is Here

December 1st: The next two weeks are filled with nightly activities, none music, and then one more week of school.  You add in the musical events and I am busy through the New Year.  When do we get the chance to slow down and make memories.

I am feeling way behind and have only bought a few items.  The buying spirit has not fallen upon me and I only have 15 days to shop, wrap and place under the tree before my 11 year old son is out of school.  The older three boys have not really said what they would like for Christmas but my youngest, the 11 year old, has been making his list and checking it and re-checking it.  He was up to 25 items at last count.  The “I Wants” have hit him full force this year.  My 18 year old did mention that I should buy gas cards and get the extra points at the local store for the gas discount.  He does need gas to go towork and visit his sweetheart.  My 21 year old is a techno-geek and loves music.  the only problem with this is the fact that he downloads the music he wants and the techno-geek items he wants I cannot afford.  My oldest need a job and his life is a bit under-managed.  I can’t wrap up a job and put it under the tree.  “Nope!” He needs it now!  My husband is the type of person who I have always had a hard time buying for.  The things he likes are expensive and often bought before Christmas while he is out shopping for me.  “It was on sale and I could not resist” he says as he grins with the childish glint in his eyes.

My youngest is struggling with the reality of Santa and is hearing that Santa is not real.  The concept of believing in Santa is not that he brings all the presents but that he shows us the presence in the Spirit of Christmas.  You know the child like wonder and walking in the crisp snow with someone you love.  Giving to others and recieving the joy when we share.  The lights on the tree and decorations hung with the sound of Christmas songs and carols playing.  Warmth of friends and family just being together and laughing together.  How I long for my family to embrace these sentiments instead of the gift under the tree.  Once they understood all that Christmas really is and why we celebrate it the gifts would only be the nuts on top of the sundae.  The sentimental reasons and the religous reasons entertwin deeply in me but I come across as sappy or corny for feeling this way.Christmas movies, well most of them, are wonderful and I love playing Christmas music.  There is frustration among the male members of my family, everyone but me,  when the shows on TV are all repeats and nothing is on but holidaystuff. They occupy themselves with computer and texting and staying in thier rooms upstairs. Me, well I get teary eyed listening to certain Christmas songs and movies.  Okay…I am sappy!

I am one of those people that enjoy seeing those around me happy and safe.  Hoping they are enjoying what they have and recieved.  I strive for this every year and find that I am left empty knowing they don’t feel the same way.  So here I go again this year…worried about how they will feel.  Maybe this year I should focus on how I feel and make this the best Christmas for me and see if that will rub off on them.  You never know…it just might.

time to wake up the house and put on some Christmas music…oh and make the Venti Skinny Peppermint Mocha with 4 shots of espresso…Just the way I like it.