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Peach State says: I Will Keep RemindingYou…So You Will Notice!


“Do you want me to sent you a picture or just surprise you when you get home?”
I asked my hubby as he was leaving this morning. He paused and said “Surprise me!” and then he turned and said…”Picture of what?”. I had to laugh and reminded my hubby of my FREE haircut/color/ style appointment today. “Oh yeah! I knew that…” he said.
I chuckled and said…”I Will Keep Reminding You…So You Will Notice!

It’s a guy thing…RIGHT? With my schedule full of exciting things today I will be short. “Wait..I am already short!”. ( Those of you who know me…quit laughing.)


My day out and about starts early this morning with a trip to the bank and dropping off of a son then running to get gas…COFFEE…then to the salon. I will then head to the grocery store for the needed non-turkey-and-all-the-trimmings food.

I will let you know how things go today…BTW…my house is almost complete as I have spent the past Friday and Saturday decorating for Christmas. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Back to Normal!

The buzzers and bells were silenced before they could go off this morning. I had been watching the clock for far to long as I calculated, sleepily, the time remaining before the alarm would go off. “I really despise waking up to clock watching instead of the normal…melodic jolt.” Who knows…since this is a Monday…maybe my internal clock was just getting Back to Normal!

We all experience the whack of reality after a vacation. We struggle against it…”It doesn’t do any good!” The robot-like functions of getting up and drinking coffee are a constant, reassuring action, allowing our mind to catch up with our body. “What is on our list for today?” Our mind searches as our fingers type away through the reminders and calendars of our modern conveniences. “More Coffee!” The typical morning shuffle of breakfast and conversation leading to the packing of the lunchbox. I apologize for not putting the drink packet in the freezer this morning…as my youngest cleans up behind his sandwich preparation…”No problem!” he says! This morning is peaceful and quite out of the norm…”I relish this behavior becoming part of a normal morning routine!”

The treats are packed into my youngest lunch as he smiled broadly at the choices today. “Do you want a little bag of Skittles or the ears from your chocolate bunny?” He chose the ears from the bunny. He usually gets gummies for his snack at school…but who wants all this candy laying on the kitchen table…best send it to school…”I hope I don’t have to apologize to the teachers!” He then said…”Some kids said we can’t have candy for snack…” I just chuckled as he tried to decide how he would tell me this juicy tidbit of information. He was probably afraid that I was going to tell him he could not take the candy to school. “No problem…take your animal crackers out of your lunch and eat those for snack…have the chocolate bunny ears for lunch…okay?” He grinned even bigger than before and said “Thank you for thinking of that!”. Problem solving done…out the door to the bus stop…the day is Back to Normal!

Another couple of gulps of my morning companion…my latte’…and I am off to fill my hubby’s
commuter cup for his trip to work. “Efficiency is the name of the game this morning!” My precious princess (12 year old English Cocker Spaniel) decided that she would return to the comforts of her bed after her morning routine today. “I guess she is not ready to get Back to Normal!” She will come downstairs when my hubby leaves for work…and up into my chair for another nap. “She does have such a hard life…” She guards the house and keeps the garbage trucks at bay…walkers are told to keep to the sidewalk as they move quickly past the house…she must hold down the stairs and keep the furniture fluffed and warmed…and the cleaning of the floors…”Well who likes to keep the floors clean?”

Expectations, laid out in reminders and calendars, give us directions as we head out the door. We will strive to complete the lists and make it through the day without any carry over. “How nice would that be?” The daily hustle may be stalled due to the hurry up and wait mentality of the traffic flow. The flashing of turn signals and brake lights are torturous when you are trying to sip on your coffee… The traffic is heavier today…then you are reminded…everyone is back from vacation…everything is Back to Normal!

I am thrilled that I no longer have to be concerned with morning commutes! There is a science involved in the flow of traffic! The bad news is that this is a week filled with major, life changing events for one of my sons. These decisions have been added to my proverbial “plate” that is very soggy and overflowing! Some of the items on the plate are minor time consuming activities…putting clothes away and cleaning out the refrigerator. This plate however…belongs to a “Mom” and moms normally have full plates thanks to the members of our family. We know the schedules of everyone in the family and coordinate the daily activities and appointments accordingly. There is a section on our plate for every member and “Mom’s” sections becomes over-run….”I don’t think I would have any other way!” I just have to remember to reach for another plate to reinforce the one in my hand…and continue! After all…everything is just getting Back to Normal!

There is a comfort to be found in this concept of “Normal”! We find ourselves “creatures of habit” in life’s daily routines. But…we grow and change…everyday! This so-called “normal” evolves as we mature. A thread of creative and entertaining thoughts weaves itself into our lives allowing for humorous banter and dreaming. “My husband and I find this part of our relationship exciting as we head into the Pre- empty nest stage of our life!”
Until that day…when the boys are all gone…we will continue on…everything revolving in a daily routine…everything is Back to Normal!

Do you see the normal in your life? Do you try and change it or just go about your day in a glazed over state? What would you change or add to your routine? Let me know…Until then, remember it is Monday and it is time to get Back to Normal! Have a great day!

Peach State
Don’t forget the Chocolate Bunnies:


Peach State says: Me Focused; You Must Be Kidding!

Remain calm, breathe, breathe again....I love lists!

I asked a dear friend what I should write about this morning and her response was this: “I have so many things going through my mind everyday that I’d never be able to focus on one…must be nice to be able to FOCUS!”  I responded with “Where is the fun in that?…“Me Focused… you must be kidding?” She responded “You seem to be…that should tell you how bad off I am…”  Thank you, my dear friend, for my topic today!

I gain points, with those around me, everyday when it comes to multitasking.  I have an incredible ability to do many things at once, while scheduling others and running around with my head cut off, with grace and focus.  I may function as the Ringmaster in a 3-ring Circus but sometimes feel like the ridiculous group of clowns.  All of the clowns are going in different directions and never seem stop the action they find themselves involved in.  One is trying to get another dressed and another is washing dishes with a hose pipe and sprays everything in its path.  Another is trying to drive a car while others can’t decide if they are getting in or out of the car.  MASS CHAOS!

“Me Focused…you must be kidding?”  I do love ordered chaos and thrive in it…I have spoken about that before.  To be seen as successful and focused means that I may have actually been able to pull the proverbial wool over someone else’s  eyes.  Enough of the flag waving and banner raising.  I only do what I can daily with a unique prospective.  I clean, and do the laundry, plan and prepare dinner, coordinate schedules and transportation requirements, while nurturing the family I love.  “See that is not that much!”  I also find myself in the unpaid assistant role for a friend of mine to keep him focused.  [Those of you reading this that know who I am referring to can stop laughing now!] I am one of the Music Librarians for our music program at church and on the Music Leadership Committee.  I am the Alto alternate for Praise Teams which means I am singing 3 out  four weeks a month with the practices thrown in to the schedule.  Thank goodness I love to make lists.

“Me Focused…you must be kidding?”  I make list everyday and am fortunate to have “The Cloud” which copies a list on one of my devices to the others as well.  I can make a list on my iPhone and it will show up on my iPad.  “I love technology.”  Reminders are set to remind me and the dings and various chimes go off all day long.  Print words…find this song….this is for dinner…thaw the meat….bake the bread…move the laundry…pick up the dry cleaning… All day long!!!  I love being busy…REALLY!  It makes me feel like I am actually a part of something and needed…”Did I say that out loud?”  Yes that is my weakness…I need to be needed and I can be very insecure.  The unsaid appreciation and the quiet moan during dinner are my thanks.  The fact that I know where things are located before someone needs them and receive a verbal thanks is high praise.  This is the way I survive…quietly buzzing like a hive of worker bees…weaving in and out through my mundane, love filled existence.  “I am needed and wanted!”  I am SECURE!!!

“Me Focused…you must be kidding?” So, to my friend,  I say thank you for saying that I am focused.  I appreciate all you do and the time you spend with me during my scheduled filled days.  This gives me a chance to visit and plan at the same time.  “I do love my iPhone.”  Texting and messaging in two different locations while checking my e-mails and planning my day; all while talking with a friend.  “Who would not want to do this?”  I really enjoy my fast, activity filled, frantic, schedule driven, life!!!!  I will take this compliment and smile as I complete another task on the reminder list.  What is next…make another coffee!  “I had to sneak that in!”  See you the next time!