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Peach State says: This Red Tape is Dulling My Scissors!

I wish I had this cup to use while waiting…talking…pressing buttons…waiting…
“Who needs this?” I am not the one that messed this up Royally!

WOW!. This Red Tape is Dulling My Scissors!

Long story short…the benefits we were supposed to receive were sent to the original holder of the funds. They got twice as much! I went to change the name on a document for our adopted son and was told he had benefits that were being held by a certain agency. Information was updated and changed so that our son would get the benefits owed him. “Can you say braces…paid for up front?” We waited…waited…called…waited…called…waited…called ( “It will take several months to change everything over!”)

Sorry, I said long story short! My hubby and I were informed, via income tax information, that we had received the $$$ already. “Uh…nope!” So I have been dealing with the lovely “Red Tape” all morning only to find out that the party I need to speak with are not in the office for another 3 hours.

This mommy is not a Happy Camper this morning.


I wish I could work their hours and get paid $$$ to make mistakes. I am off to rearrange my day.

Have a great day!

Peach State