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Peach State says . . . A New Way to Look at the Concept of Being “High Maintenance”

What do we typically think of when we think of the phrase “High Maintenance”?

The best of everything that money can buy; expensive haircuts and color with a VIP stylist, designer purses, fashions produced by the elite in the business.  The “Red Carpet lifestyle of the Rich and Famous” gives the concept of what to look like and wear to be deemed worthy.  Wow…I am not “High Maintenance” based on these criteria.

The scary thing is I have recently come to the conclusion that I am “High Maintenance”!  Let me explain!

I know you probably laughed a soft laugh thinking “How can my cuz consider herself as a “High Maintenance” woman?” It is not me as a lifestyle but my body that I am considering “High Maintenance”.  You have seen me in action many times in the past several years.  Consider the steps we go through to keep up a house or a car.  The paint chips and we repair or repaint, the engine knocks and we get a tune-up.  With this in mind I state, without a shadow of doubt, that I am “High Maintenance”.  I have to color my hair to keep the color vibrant and the amount of styling products, not usually name brands, ranges from 3-5 a day.  Then, there is the irritating factor of fine lines and wrinkles that I try and decrease and cover with my facial products in the morning and at night.  The sagging of skin on the throat and jawline frustrate many in this stage of life.  Yuck!  Did I just write that out loud?  I feel like the owner of a car that has been totaled and the insurance adjuster says it will cost to much to repair…  The never ending battle does not stop there…nope.  The arms and, insert chuckle, the rest of the body is one we look at a go running from the mirror amazed the mirror did not fall from the wall.  Okay, I know what you are thinking cuz!  I do feel better due to losing all the weight but with other age and stage related occurrences working against me I feel like I will never be a semi-societal size.  That is to say a size 12…..HEHE!  That is all I really wanted and for the life of me I cannot seem to stay in the zone.  I have lotion for dry itching skin and lotion to moisturize overnight.  Two different types of abrasive additives for my facial cleanser that I use every other day.  A cleanser for the morning and one for the evening.  A summer lotion and a winter lotion always in my purse.  It is really amazing that I can stand up and not fall under the weight of all the products I use.  There are days, recently, that I have done nothing to try and overhaul this old “rust-bucket”.  Looking at myself in the mirror and shrugging my shoulders, “Yep, that is as good as it will get”.  This fight that continues daily is my mindset and know this.  The inability to face facts in the race of aging and feeling young. I do not want to be this way but, in reality, I struggle with this daily.  The reassuring thing is the fact that I know I am not alone in this struggle.

However, in my defense, I can honestly state that the products and methods I use are not those that cost a lot of money.  Quite the opposite! If the money is not available then the product is not bought.  Substitutions are made to fit the need both physically and financially.  In this regard I am not “High Maintenance”.  Well that is good news!  Being creative and frugal are not only essential requirements in the world today but was part of my up-bringing.  Do you remember Mema’s regiment every night and every morning.  She always said “Our family is privileged to have young looking skin so take care of it and it will last longer”. “Up and out with the moisturizer everyday and keep it clean”.  I truly hope I do not look my age and hope that I age as gracefully as Mema has.  Trying to always look good to feel good is an ongoing battle and you and I have talked about this in length.  Making the effort, without seeking professional help or the use of heavy equipment like a sandblaster, is a habit I will continue to perform.

I will not retreat and will treat myself to this type of maintenance to help, any way I can, to keep this body in working condition and strive to put my best face forward.