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Peach State says: Aging Gracefully…I Hope!

We hate to be reminded of our age…

Actors on TV we grew up watching are old and gray
Political figures, no longer in office, are seen in wheelchairs or using canes
Children we knew when we were in our teens are…complaining of their age
Personalities, such as politicians and news anchors are looking younger
Senior Citizens discounts are applied at the grocery store without asking for ID

Sadly, I have finally reached an age I hate. “I am not a Senior Citizen…yet!” I have my Grandmother’s genes and I am Aging Gracefully…I Hope! “I know I don’t look my age…well I don’t act it either!” I am careful with how I look…and try to look natural with my layers of age-defying make-up on. Okay…I don’t look like a clown but, I have two types of moisturizer and then a foundation…the colors are a coordinating ensemble matching my mood and clothing.

This renewed fear desire to look younger came about the other day when a young mother, I used to babysit, was complaining about her age (38). My poor hubby about fell out of his chair. “She can’t be that old…That makes me…Old!” I must admit…I laughed!
Then…this morning, as my hubby and I were watching the news during breakfast, a familiar face came on the screen. This gentleman played a doctor on the TV show MASH…and seeing him now blew our minds. He had a shake as he walked…and elderly shake usually seen in people in their 80’s with health issues.

Sometimes we laugh at the way we see the world and relate to the world. “Oh…we must be getting older!” 2012…2013…Good grief, we never thought about this time…it was too far off! My 19 year old son recently ran into a child who actually seemed surprised to find out that he was born in the 90’s. (The child was 10 years old.) I hope he doesn’t find out that his parents were born in the 70’s!

I have also come to the realization that if the grocery store cashier wants to give me the Senior Citizen Discount I will not argue. The first time it happened I was destroyed and told the cashier I was not in that age bracket. Now…I save money where I can! (insert major laughter and smirk) It has only happened about five times and no one asked for my ID. Three of the five times I was not even aware until looking over the register receipt. Does this make me a bad person for not taking this matter to a manager? “Well I hate to bother the poor manager…he seemed really, really busy.”

But!…I do feel a little bit better about going to my youngest’s school. I went for orientation and there were mothers who looked older than me. Two of them were awkwardly insulted when the teacher confused them as the students grandmother. “I can understand making that mistake once…but twice within two hours…not good!” I have since learned that only one of them is older than I am and the other mother is…to be polite…not aging gracefully. . I have a warm, fuzzy feeling when I visit the school.

What makes you feel old…”ER”? I would love to hear! I must run and get a few things done before the day gets away from me. Have a great day!

Peach State