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Peach State says: Boom Boom Splash!

The events were all canceled!
No parade…no fireworks…oh and no microwave!

So we ventured out into the heavy rain to return the broken microwave and buy a replacement.

Installing, as we speak, the new frustration-mounting-microwave all while watching the Macy’s Fireworks presentation on TV!

Happy Fourth and have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: Unzipped Skies

The darkening skies suddenly gave way a few minutes ago. Hubby was on his way down the stairs and the larger-than-life drops pelted the house. “Can you say FLASH FLOOD?”
The good news is that hubby’s car is in the garage…the bad is that he has to drive in this driving rain falling from the Unzipped Skies!

I am sitting in my chair as the soft rumblings of distant thunder reaches my ears. My constant companion is by my side awaiting the next sip. Precious Princess is on her “Captain Jack Sparrow” blanket as she begins her deep breathing. “And she’s out!” I am tucked in all nice and comfy cozy in my home…not in Paris, France as pictured above. “One of these days…maybe!”
Until then I will continue to dream and cherish my home filled with family.

My ADHD was in overdrive yesterday…but in a good way! I cleaned and polished the kitchen counters as I rearranged them. (Insert sneaky chuckles…) So much was accomplished and I found some great recipes.

The sound of rushing water down the drain pipe reaches my ears…my eyes are heavy and long to close. Maybe just a few minutes!

I will write later…and share a recipe with you!

Stay dry and Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Gotta Be Monday!

After spending most of my morning on the phone and with online support…it is clear!

It’s Gotta Be Monday!

Short story real short.

My microwave decided, after breakfast was prepared, that it would not turn off. No clearing or unplugging and resetting would work. I contacted the manufacturers phone and online support. And here is the funny thing…”I have not heard of this occurring in our appliances! Are you sure you have the correct information?” My response came after I chuckled. “Uh…yes! The microwave will not power off and your manufacturing information is located inside the microwave.”

What now? Well…I am privileged enough to go out in the yuck-cold-dreary-rainy Monday and price shop.

“Scream…Holler…Yell…! Nope…that didn’t work either!”

I hope your appliances work today…I am off to go shopping! Why am I not thrilled? Well I guess when it rains it pours!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Soggy Day Facebook Funnies

Blog Worthy Award Winner #1

I am not ignoring you…just a little delayed today! Rainy weather just slows my pace but here we go…Soggy Day Facebook Funnies!

Keeping with the Soggy Day tone:



I just had to include this one…it fits the occasion!

My “Precious Princess” found her a warm cuddly place to sleep the day away…my bed!

Time to dry out…here is some music to help!:
Let’s begin with Blog Worthy Award Winner #2:


Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down!

“Sorry honey…making it right now!”


Did someone tell me to go back to bed? I’m so there!

Great…now I am tired! I hope you found something to make you smile! Have a great day!

Peach State