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Peach State says: No Fiber-Protein Bar Today!

“No Fiber-Protein Bar Today!”
The two Cranberry-Walnut topped baby-sized muffins sit in wait for the main event…A disappearing act!
The caffeinated tower stands prepared to assist in the washing-down-of-the-day-old-muffin-teasers.

“Well that didn’t take long!”

Precious Princess, laying at my feet, feel asleep waiting for a pinch or two. “Oops! My bad!”

I had a visitor this weekend and based on the sounds drifting in from the laundry room I think I know why. “Not to mention the fact that I just removed the load of shirts and pants I put on wrinkle release when I first came down this morning!” My 23 year old arrived, back at the old homestead, about 7:40PM Saturday for a visit. “Between you and me I think he came to pick up the rest of his bedroom supplies.” He has found a job [ insert cheers from a roaring crowd] and will find out his schedule in a couple of days. I have been told he will leave about lunch time today and I will not see him until Thanksgiving! (Stop your laughing…he was being serious and did not see the humor in that statement!) While we are in a humorous frame of mind…I recently spoke with my oldest and reminded him to message me his address. He asked why…”So we can send you a Christmas card!” (Okay…enough laughter!) I understand his limitations and travel is not something he can readily afford. Oh yeah, he is moving to San Diego in about two weeks! I gave the normal morsels of “Motherly Wisdom” in hopes that something would sink into that twenty-something brain of his.

Wow! My stomach is growling already! Note to self…a more filling and nutritious breakfast is best especially is you did not eat dinner the night before! “Don’t ask!” I guess I will have a “Fiber-Protein Bar” a little later this morning! I can hear the pitty-patter of raindrops splattering the scattered leaves on the ground. Now I have a chill… Do I go and cover up and take a rest or find something else to pre-occupy my time and warm up through movement? I guess I could find something else to do! Great, after a little thought I have quite a few things to do this dreary-rain-soaked Monday! What are your plans today? I hope you have more than two tiny muffins to energize you!

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State says: Oh So Soggy Facebook Funnies!

The heavy rain continues to fall…the thunder rolls…hubby keeps adding “things to do” to my list…
Just your typical pre-holiday-rainy-day that falls on a Wednesday. Welcome to an Oh So Soggy Facebook Funnies!

My iPad did not want to charge this morning…yep! You guessed it…the charger was not correctly plugged in…so here I am watching the Flash Flood Coverage as I share this past weeks Funnies…so grab a paddle!

Ah yes…good times!

I can honestly say I don’t do this in my house…I don’t have a cat! Hehe

This weeks Straight Jacket Award goes to:

Reminder to self…clean the evidence…erasers!

Maybe if I keep repeating this over and over someone will believe it!

These are my children…they have survived another day!

No truer statement! When does school start back up?

See what I mean…it is a conspiracy!

And now his full name rolls of my tongue without even thinking…

Animal Parade:


Oh no…this is no longer something just for kids!

(drum roll…)Blog Worthy Award Winner #1:

If “He-Did-It” has a brother his name would be “I Don’t Know”

Or a certain group of friends every time we gather together!

Speaking of that certain group of friends…(drum roll…)Remind You of Anyone Winner:

There I am…Stuck in the middle again!

Wait…it is just Wednesday!

What a sweet “Classic” kitty!

Migraine Kitty!

No a morning person…not an afternoon person…

Solution: Stay in bed!

I could not have said it better!:

Enough said!

(drum roll…)Blog Worthy Award Winner #2:

I bet their husbands are not jealous!

Speaking of hubby…it sounds like he may be waking up from his nap. “It’s ’bout time…it is 6:53PM!”
Time for some family time… Share some humor and…Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Unzipped Skies

The darkening skies suddenly gave way a few minutes ago. Hubby was on his way down the stairs and the larger-than-life drops pelted the house. “Can you say FLASH FLOOD?”
The good news is that hubby’s car is in the garage…the bad is that he has to drive in this driving rain falling from the Unzipped Skies!

I am sitting in my chair as the soft rumblings of distant thunder reaches my ears. My constant companion is by my side awaiting the next sip. Precious Princess is on her “Captain Jack Sparrow” blanket as she begins her deep breathing. “And she’s out!” I am tucked in all nice and comfy cozy in my home…not in Paris, France as pictured above. “One of these days…maybe!”
Until then I will continue to dream and cherish my home filled with family.

My ADHD was in overdrive yesterday…but in a good way! I cleaned and polished the kitchen counters as I rearranged them. (Insert sneaky chuckles…) So much was accomplished and I found some great recipes.

The sound of rushing water down the drain pipe reaches my ears…my eyes are heavy and long to close. Maybe just a few minutes!

I will write later…and share a recipe with you!

Stay dry and Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: It Must Be Saturday!


The alarm sounded…sharply crushing any pleasant dreams I may have been dreaming. The overcast sky has not given way to the gentle sunbeams, instead the rain threatening clouds teasingly whisper “Want to go back to sleep?” Yep…

“It Must Be A Saturday!”

I must confess that I felt a bit of track this morning! No usual rush to drink down my Heavenly Brew before hitting the showers. VBS successfully ended yesterday and with it the week-long-smile-glued-on-my-face-way-too-early-no-pajamas-allowed-shoes-must-worn-at-all-times-lack-of-hot-coffee-when-needed-event finally came to a close.

“Hold on…sipping my latte’!”

All in all it was a wonderful week…my class (with only a couple of minor interruptions) was great!
The Motherly Teacher/Administrator did surface on Friday. There were some teen-helpers who saw their duties as not part of their daily schedule. Rolling of the eyes and smart mouthing other peer-volunteers as well as adults had finally reached exploding pressure cooker intensity. The lead staff mentioned concerns and wishes these teens would go home…NOW! I stepped in to smooth things over and long story short….one of the mothers came to me and was not very happy with me. I simply shared that her wonderful-can-do-nothing-wrong-son ( NO I DID NOT REFER TO HER SON THIS WAY…)had disrespected several leadership personnel and a peer volunteer in front of small children and non-church members. One of the main VBS Leaders thanked, me after this confrontation…conversation, for handling it so nicely…sweetly…quietly. UNFORTUNATELY…I guess the mother was not convinced or settled about the matter and rushed off complaining, to anyone who would listen, and even managed to confide in our pastor. “So much for my working in any capacity with the youth/children at our church. I guess I will not be be connected with VBS next year either.”

MY HUBBY WILL LIKE THAT!. Of course now that this stuff may hit the proverbial fan my hubby will have added incentive not to further consider becoming active in his attendance.

I keep forgetting that my sons are the only non-angels away from home” (insert chuckle). “Of course they are not always angels here at home either…”

Funny thing is…by the time all my kiddies (16 active and wonderful upcoming 6-7 graders) left I had been hugged by parents telling me how much their kids loved having me as their teacher this year.

“Great…I Am So Confused!” Am I a wonderful teacher or a spawn of satan that has no business being around kids?

Only my hairdresser knows…no that’s not it…
Let’s find out…1-2-3…3…that’s not it either…
“oh yea…” The jury is still out! ”

I guess I will find out tomorrow. Until then I will continue to finish my wonderful latte’ as I enjoy the peaceful silence. (For the next 30 minutes) I will traveling down to meet my parents for lunch with two of my four sons in about an hour and a half and then back home for…”great!”…some cleaning. I need to play catch up after being gone from my usual routines for two weeks.

Speaking of coffee…(HEHE!) Look what I found and brought home with me from Charleston:


Several of my friends are either returning from vacation or leaving for vacation. The ins and outs of schedules and routines put on hold for a week here and there has begun. Thank goodness for Facebook. It will keep me connected while they are gone!

What are your plans for the next couple of months? May I suggest that you avoid talking to any teenagers? Lol…sorry, it just slipped out! Whatever your plans I only ask one thing…send pics and…

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Wish I Were Here!


If your first thought about me, after reading my title, was the fact I feel invisible or was going to whine and have a pity party you could not be farther from the truth. I want my pillow…which is on my bed! I Wish I Were Here!

The dreary day amplifies the desire…BUT!…not today.

Important visitors are coming tomorrow and every nook and cranny needs to be cleaned. The good news is the fact that I am having a party Saturday morning and will not have to kill myself for my guests. “Always thinking positive…yep!”

I have a couple more corners to tackle and then the basic dust, sweep and mop. All in all it could be worse…I could have fallen last night and be hurting and out of pain pills! “Good thing I have pain pills!” So if I can tackle those corners and successfully hide (I mean) put away those items stuffed into the corner by my loving sons I might be able to cuddle up with my pillow.

“You should never waste a rainy day…especially when it is a Monday!” Amen?

Well…tackle-time…I hope you accomplish all you need to accomplish. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Need…More…Coffee!

Who, in their right mind, plans an meeting for butt-crack-of-dawn-o’clock? That would be my hubby’s boss! He has no life and goes to bed early every night and wakes up earlier than I do every day. “That is just plain wrong!” And if that’s not bad enough…add the wake-up call of the front door alarm chime sounding at 5:10 AM as my 19 year old left to work out with his mentor. “Hey…mom is trying to sleep!”

I had taken my Melatonin last night in the hopes of a longer sleep time…nope, not going to happen…

Pain meds taken gave no relief…

Even the sound of the falling rain offered no solace…


Wait a second…it will get better…it has to! I have a meeting with my youngest son’s teachers this morning and will have my “Wonderful Heavenly Brew” with me as I drop off my 19 year old at a job site before heading to the school. The good news is that my son will be working this week, and my meeting will only be about 45 minutes. The house will be quiet, the rain will still be falling, and I will be able to do what ever I want to do until my youngest gets home from school.

I could make a fresh pot of COFFEE to sip on as I go about the normal activities that fill my day. I might be able to take a little time and sort my coupons and grocery list for items not previously purchased, now that I have $$$ in my account again.

“I would love to work on my book!” It has been a while since I wrote anything and so much has happened! Then another cup of “Heavenly Brew” to enjoy as my youngest does his homework and then one for the evening filled with TKD and Basketball practice.

Yep…this is a perfect day…everything will fall into place on this dark-overcast-rainy-busy-Monday!

Need…More…Coffee! “But then again, Who wouldn’t?” I will have a fresh pot made if you want to stop by…

Happy Monday…and…Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Rainy Day=Family Movie Day!

I could let the dark and rainy day influence my mood…but not today! My 22 year old greeted me this morning with one of my favorite movies and plugged it in. We enjoyed watching it together before my other two sons woke up. We then began the ever present chore list and are preparing to watch another movie together. Rainy Day=Family Movie Day!

What would you do and can you really blame me? So I will not stay here today and chat…I will spend a little time laughing and giggling, as we repeat the memorable movie quotes, with my boys!



Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Downtime Day

Boy did I need a day like this…well at least a morning like this. I opened the door this morning to let “Precious Princess”, aka…my dog and shadow, out for her morning duties. The air was heavy and, as my eyes began to focus, I could see a blanket of moisture on the various surfaces.
I looked toward the streetlight to see gentle drops of rain falling as a slight breeze swept through the falling leaves. Just what the doctor ordered…a Downtime Day!

Well at least part of the day! I will busy myself with cleaning and planning the menus for today and tomorrow due to extra activities on the schedule.

Today I will attend the funeral of a sweet spirit and musician at 4 PM
Tomorrow I have an all day Beth Moore Simulcast event!

I will take care of my daily challenges and chores with routine diligence and refill my coffee as needed. “I am still playing catch-up on the lattes!” I will take it slow…due to doctors orders and the view outside my window with definitely help with this. Today would be a great fuzzy-sock-curl-up-with-a-book kinda day but…the duvet cover needs to be changed out and I need to organize a few things…like the pantry, office, dinning room. “The boys have been generously helping in the house-hold maintenance and I can barely get into the pantry much less the folded laundry that belongs to the boys on the dinning room table.” I guess there are things to still be learned about how to put things away.

Today is just what I needed…Downtime Day …we all need time to catch-up. Don’t you agree?

Have another cup and think about it…and…Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: My Puddle Memories?


I woke up this morning to hear it…the rain clicking up against the window and the soft rush of water in the gutters told me everything I needed to know. Puddles! A good rain was needed after I pulled weeds from the colorless gray grass in our yard yesterday. The bright green weeds stood out drawing attention to themselves. Glad I pulled most of them when I did! The uneven and aging planks of wood stretch across the deck. The falling drops ripple in the small forming puddles.
All I can think about is the wet paw prints that will track from my back door across the white carpet and into the kitchen. My Puddle Memories!

My precious dog hates the rain…she tiptoes through the rain soaked surface. “It is really a funny sight to see.” The cleaning spray and cloth will be set by the back door today ready to apply to the wet paw prints. “Those cute little paw prints have Georgia Red Clay mixed with water.” Georgia Red Clay and white carpets…”What were the original owners of the house thinking?”

I love the rain! “When I can stay indoors…under a blanket…with a good book or movie…”
Today’s daily chore list has grown like those pesky weeds in the yard. I will have to venture out today, in the rain, for a little while. I need to buy a couple of ingredients for dinner, pay a bill, and get a haircut. “Quit shaking your head…you must realize that I had wanted to go walking today.” Hopefully the system will clear by lunch-time and I can squeeze in 2-3 miles!

I will change the sheets on the bed and start the laundry routine then I will load the dishwasher. Once all of this is accomplished I will watch the movie I got from the “Redbox” so I can return it today. I received a free rental code that was only for yesterday and I was busy yesterday and unable to watch the movie. I will gather the list for the grocery store and the bill before heading out for my haircut. I will have to choose my shoes well today…My Puddle Memories!

As children we lived for the opportunity to stomp and splash in every available puddle! With or without the appropriate rain gear. I can remember performing my own version of the song “Singing in the Rain” complete with twirling umbrella and stomping through the rushing water along the curb. I would arrive home, soaked to the bone, and see my mother shaking her head with a towel in hand. She knew and was always prepared! As an adult with children of my own…I experience the same puddle jumping through them. My youngest loves to stand, with his mouth open, facing up to the falling rain. “He doesn’t seem to mind the change in his appearance as he hops onto the school bus.”

We change our routines in subtle ways when it rains. We drive differently, leave a little earlier and know the traffic will resemble a long string of pearls with flashing brake lights. The vehicles in front of you will show you the deeper puddles you may be able to avoid. “No need to attempt the hydroplane maneuvers today!” We dress differently trying to stay clean and presentable in our work place and hope our hair doesn’t frizz. We try to keep the bottom of our shoes dry so we won’t slip and fall…”That would hurt..more than our pride!” The child in us may long to splash about but the grown-up doesn’t have time. Do we?

Maybe we should make time to splash…watching the rippled waves through the puddle formed by the sudden pat of our foot. Who would get hurt? The simple joys we experienced as children have long been replaced by responsibility. Time does not allow frivolous childlike behavior as it dictates our schedules. We rush around like ants on a mission…always working! We may catch ourselves gazing out the window…watching the falling droplets as they splash against the earth. The water rolls down the window and meets with another creating a new path down along the flat surface.
In the distance your phone may ring or computer may signal your reality call and your day continues.

The rain has reached a calm now. The slight sprinkling with occasional reflections in the puddles. My sleeping princess has curled up in the chair with me and is snoring peacefully. The large coffee cup sitting on the table next to me is empty and in need of a refill. My daily chores are once again in the forefront as the reminder chimes escape from my phone. I don’t have much time this morning…gotta pick up the pace. Places to go and people to see! “You know, I really think that saying should have something about coffee to drink!”

The next time it rains try and take time to splash a little….watch the rain for just a few moments…take a moment to remember your Puddle Memories! “I did!”

What memories do have about the rain? Did you love to splash or look up at the sky?

Peach State