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Peach State says: The Quote!


This is one of my favorite cups…and it is from one of my favorite places…Starbucks. So I will share with you the words of wisdom from my cup…“The “Quote”!”.

Here’s to starting the day together.
To rushing in for five minutes or five hours.
Here’s to conversations over coffee, road trips, and hatching plans.
Gathering with friends, sharing stories, and losing track of time.
Here’s to running a non-errand, to cooling off, warming up, and an afternoon with no agenda.
Here’s to ideas bubbling up.
Your novel getting written in your favorite comfy chair.
Rewarding yourself for the big presentation.
Finding a bit of home on the road.
Here’s to holiday time.
Father-and-Daughter time.
Mother-and-Son time.
Parking the stroller, cycling club, knitting club, ukulele club.
Here’s to being part of something, to sharing books, movies, vacation photos, new songs, and old family recipes.
To always saying what you want, wishing for yourself and for others.
Here’s to you!

These words are quoted from my cup…but they left off a few!

Aroma Therapy, breathing in and hold…yum!
Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name!
Restocking of supplies.
Retail Therapy.
Coffee Break!
OCD Meetings (Obsessive Coffee Disorder).

Did I leave anything off the list? Let me know what you would have included…Have a great day!

Peach State