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Peach State says: Solitary Reflections


This week has been a blur of movement and activity. Things have been accomplished and others have been added to the growing stack for this next week. Oh the joys of motherhood! For the first time, in my life as a mother, I find that my schedule does not revolve around the boys! WOW! When did this happen? They come and go as they respond to my well wishes for the day. I smile and proceed with my day…the ever present chores…conversations with friends…planning of dinner.
The head count for dinner seems to float between 3-5 instead of the original 6 mouths to feed. Thinking and reacting on my feet with a “shoot from the hip” mentality! Solitary Reflections!

I have been gone several nights, myself, this week. Of course this is due to our Easter Musical practices. Today is the last practice…what will I do next week? “Trio practices!” One of the trios that I am on has been asked to sing at a type of civic meeting. They meet throughout the month and would like to have music as a part of their meetings. This means the learning of new music and practices to organize. But that is next week and I don’t need to worry about that right now. My life is a consistent symphony, of sorts, with dramatic emotional transitions. I find contentment in my small corner of the world.

My grandmother celebrated another birthday yesterday and some members of the family will gather with her today. I wish I could have been able to attend…I did not know about it in time to try and make arrangements. But I do have practice today! I will miss spending this special day with my grandmother. She is in her mid-nineties and may not even know I am not there. I still miss her! She is one of my greatest inspirations and examples in my life. Her grace and wisdom overflowed into my life and for this I will be eternally thankful. I find myself thinking of her as statements and movements surface through me. The simple pleasures in life…beauty in the garden…love of the beach…walking…picnics… We are really alike in so many ways! I miss our talks and time together!

This next week begins a flurry of review for my youngest. They are getting ready for the series of standardized tests. I put him in a Saturday program to assist in this preparation. The school promptly cancelled one session because of two county-wide required furlough days for teachers. They got Thursday and Friday off and did not want to come back for a 3 hour session on Saturday. Can you really blame them? My son will not be able to attend today’s session because I cannot guarantee the availability of a ride home at the needed time. Sooo…he goes with me!

I was used to taking the boys with me to my extra practices. It was our way of life. It was the way I was raised and what I was used to! I guess I am thankful for the extra practices for the main fact that it gets me out of the house. I find myself a home-body of sorts. Not by choice but by necessity. I have accepted this flaw in my life and even embrace it from time to time. I have been invited to participate in group functions and had to turn them down for several reasons. No one to watch our youngest, economic deficiencies, and the wishes of my husband. I guess I am a unique and complicated person! Everyone else finds a way and seems to do whatever they want to do! They gather at peoples houses and share meals or go out together. I am never invited to those activities. “I resolve to do for my family and be there even when not needed.” Now that is a mouth full!

I have been able to see the change in seasons in dramatic ways this week. If you have watched the news our state reached record high levels in pollen counts this week. With pollen comes new growth…blooms of color and explosions of green fill the landscape. We had some rain which washed some of the yellow haze away…but another burst of spring followed the rain. The fluffy white blossoms have blown away in the breezes, creating a flurry of petals. Green leaves appeared as the trees begin to take on their full refreshed appearance.

It has been a good week all in all. I count myself blessed and look forward to what this next week will bring. You know…grocery shopping, loading and unloading of the groceries, normal daily activities with an assortment of daily challenges to overcome. I am ready! “Are you?”

I look forward to sharing the funny and humorous parts of my life this next week. For now I will close and start getting ready for practice. I will drink in the morning…what I have left of it…as I finish my coffee. I should text a friend of mine to pick up a coffee for me as he goes thought he drive thru at Starbucks. “He owes me!” I will get to see my dearest of friends and spend the good part of the morning with them and most of the day tomorrow. What a way to spend the weekend!

What are your plans for the weekend? Did you have a fulfilling week? Take a moment and consider your Solitary Reflections!

Peach State

Peach State says: Weekend Reflection


It has been a long night filled with restless sleep. Trying to sleep while listening for the weather radio alarm or the Tornado Sirens to sound does not provide the rest needed to face the next day. The flashing of lightening, through the blinds, cut the darkness viciously. I rolled over and finally got comfortable again…”Did you see that?” brought me back from peaceful pre-dream state with that sudden numbing sensations coursing through my body. “The lightening strike!” I touched my husband’s arm and said…”No, I was not facing the window…I was also asleep..” I rolled over to face the window as he apologized. I love thunderstorms at night…but not when accompanied by Tornados. With a semi-fuzzy head I want to take a look at this past week…“A Weekend Reflection”.

Up before dawn again with my favorite companion next to me…I hear the faint bird songs beginning to wake up the day. I know the day will unfold as usual and am grateful for that as I prepare coffee and breakfast for my husband in a daze. No graceful dance as I sweep around the kitchen fixing three different things at the same time. “Just second-nature actions anxiously waiting for that first sip of coffee!”. This has been a long week….hear goes…!

Sunday was an active day filled with fellowship and practices.
Monday was an active day with normal activities and Jazzersize and an Easter musical practice.
Tuesday was an active day with normal activities and pain…pain…pain…”Feel the burn!” and “Feel the loss!”
Wednesday was my husband’s day off….and choir practice and praise team practice…and some confusion…but that’s all water under the proverbial bridge.
Thursday was an active day filled with presidential campaign rallies and grocery shopping…”Feel the burn”. Standing for hours in heels on pavement when my body had not recovered from Monday was not the best thing to do…but it was exciting!
Friday was an upside down and backwards day!

The day started early, as usual, and in routine fashion the coffee was made and enjoyed. Once my youngest son and husband departed I timed out the rest of the morning. Everything centered around the funeral of a dear sweet spirit. She was on our hearts and in our prayers before Monday but had complications Monday evening. Tuesday morning, about 5:15, she passed away. I was making a dish to take to the family and coordinating the delivery of others dropping food at the church. I had received several emails and phone calls asking me where to put the food and when to leave them. I needed to arrive for a short run-through of a song for the funeral service so I arrived 30 minutes prior to the practice time to clear a space for the incoming dishes. After the wiping of tears and the departure of the family the dishes were gathered and taken to the house. We straightened the kitchen and wiped off the table. Combined desserts and placed them together on the counter to leave room for the main dishes set on the table. A small arrangement of spring-like blooms were placed in the center of the table. We moved chairs away from the table and placed them around the living room. The family arrived, back from the final farewell at the cemetery, and were met with hugs and misty eyed responses and even laughter. I made my way home secure in how the rest of the day would play-out. “Oops! I forgot to consider the next couple of phone calls!” plans have changed…I am going over to my girlfriend’s house earlier!…movie night at the church and there is dinner before the movie. The dinner already planned was too much for just three of us so in came Plan B.

Long story short…my youngest and I ate and watched a Hallmark movie while waiting for my husband to get home. The low rumbles of thunder started about 7:30 and the weather gurus had warned us of the long night ahead. Settled in our chairs, with our youngest nestled away in bed, we began watching a TiVo show. The weather radio alarm broke the calm as the Tornado siren began to sound. I raced up the stairs to get my son and my husband’s wallet. “Grab your pillow and shoes…don’t forget your blanket!” we raced down the stairs and he continued to follow my husband to the basement. I grabbed the leash and my purse and my phone and headed to the basement door. I hooked the leash on my little princess-dog, who waited anxiously for me, and preceded downstairs. I began texting my sons to let them know to take cover. They were safe! We knew from the news that a tornado was on the ground and headed in our direction. The coverage continued forever…”You know how that goes…the stats and informational jargon…this map…that map.” The boys made it home and the warnings expired. The system behind this initial storm reached back through two states. It was going to be a long night!

So here I am…in definite need of more coffee! My husband already on his way to work and one son is off to help his girlfriend’s dad. The day is gray as the cloudy overcast sky begins to chase the night. The droplets of the leftover drenching fall from the trees and gutters in the cooled morning air. I am expecting a phone call any moment from my husband about the damage in the city he works in. They supposedly got hit hard last night. Today is another Easter Musical practice and then the ladies trio will go over the song for tomorrow. I need to get my nails done…I wonder if I will have time…

I laughed quitely, just now, looking back over this page of “normal”! The comings and goings of an average family may not be exciting. The intellectual mind may have fallen asleep during the second paragraph. But I take comfort in the expected normalcy. The fact that I can appreciate this way of life, with it’s insecurities, gives me a reason to wake up in the morning. We all have those pesky invaders that barge into our “normal” life. We will get knocked down…that is a given…but we must get up and stand. If we don’t the complications will get the better of us and our way of life. I just know we are stronger than those situations. This past week was filled with pesky invaders…I chose to deal with and get past the situations. Make a negative a positive and continue. I will not allow the negative to be dwelled upon ruining my life or the lives of my family. I am normal! And darn proud of that…

How will you handle life’s pesky invaders? Can you look back at a hard week and make it normal?
Take a moment right now and have a positive “Weekend Reflection!”

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Pre-Spring Cleaning Time!


It is just after Valentines and I have already got the cleaning bug. “That is just plain scary!”. What is wrong with me? Do I have too much time on my hands? “What spare time?” This is the beginning of one of my husband’s least favorite times of the year. “Check lists time!” The list of additional things to do are added to my daily need to do chores and slowly but surely the house is ready for the next part of the year. It’s Pre-Spring Cleaning Time!”

The reason for this could be out of the necessity for organization.. We have recently started shopping at a Warehouse and have bulk items packed into the pantry. It is a larger than normal sized pantry and the floor is beginning to disappear. I will need to sort and re-stack these bulk items and incorporate them into the pantry. Out with the old and in with the new…it means less time spent looking for the item I need. I will not find myself spot cleaning every time I go looking for one particular item. “Black garbage bags are my best friend!”

The rush is on for getting this done…as extra practices for the Easter Musical at church will commence tonight. We will have 6-7 extra practices, on top of the two weekly practices we already have, to memorize and prepare. Earlier dinner times mean less cleaning time…I need to get a handle on this process now! Springtime is blooming outside with the arrival of vivid colored flowers and trees. The freshness of spring needs to move into the house. Clean fresh smell and bright cheerful floral arrangements. “Speaking of arrangements!” Time to move some furniture!

Open flow to allow the room to breathe…not closed and cozy for the Fall and Winter Seasons. Time to rotate the heavier blankets for brightly colored throws for a splash of springtime. I need to make some lightly designed pillows to replace the muted green and brown pillows we have. The furniture is dark brown with a square and bulky design. “My husband and brother picked it out many years ago…without my help!” Accessories are definitely a girls best friend. Just looking around the room and noticing I really have my work cut out for me…“It’s Pre-Spring Cleaning Time!”

My son was putting the griddle away the other night and put it in the wrong cabinet…I asked him why he put it in the wrong place. “There was no room!” he said. Time to reorganize the cabinets again. Fortunately I did it just before Thanksgiving so it will not take that long. “Except for the one under the kitchen sink…” Oh yea…”black garbage bags are my best friend!” I should just grab the shovel from the garage and quickly scoop the old and useless remainders of past cleaning supplies into the trusted black bag. This will make room for the new cleaner we bought and a few things I have stored in the pantry. Inspiration=Motivation! More room in one place gives me more room in another…”I am getting excited to start!” “It’s Pre-Spring Cleaning Time!”

I feel like Willy Wonka at the beginning of the factory tour…”Too much time and not a lot to do…stop…reverse that!” The ground work has been laid…as Christmas decorations are stored and colors changed out. It will be the cleaning that will be the most time consuming…then the decorating will begin. Where to start…I think I will start with the base boards and clean those today…if there is time I may strip the wood floors and prepare them to be waxed tomorrow. “Best to do this before the school break next week!” I will keep you posted on the progress and close for now…off to find the cleaner and scrub brush for the base boards.

Hi Ho Hi Ho…it’s off to work I go…

Peach State