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Peach State says: Mothers Speak “Kid”

Mothers are instinctively apt when it comes to understanding their children. The words flow from the immature spirit and mothers respond using the language of Dr. Seuss. The saying “The words are written all over your face.” serves as a guideline and insightfully shines on the emotion behind the words. Mothers Speak Kid!

My 19 year old has this desire to be funny and avoid doing what has been asked. He is forever telling different members of the family to “Pound Sand!” I have finally figured out how to respond to this statement. I know what he is sayin…

What does “go pound sand mean”? – Yahoo! Answers

Best Answer: “Get lost” or “go away”…”no way”

Son: Pound Sand!
Mom: There you go again…we are not at the beach!

He stops and does what he is asked. “Well…usually!” My youngest is the worse with the speaking technique that requires us to fill-in-the-blank-with-missing-syllables. “I am really glad I like word puzzles!”

Son: wuh, yeh, w, bu my frien don ha to do hi
translation: what, yes, why, but my friend doesn’t have to do his!

I know part of this is stemming from his learning disability…but the teacher part of me sees laziness.

We have tried the confused response: I am sorry…What did you say?
We have tried the logical response: When you can ask correctly…
We have used same language response: wuh u wan? Sow-ee u Cana unnertand wuh we seh!
And my favorite…Dr. Seuss: Could You, Would You please refrain , This lack of letters is such a pain!

He gets frustrated and I explain how to use the letters in the words…I realize that some of this is very normal and that mothers, all over the world, are shaking their heads. You know what I mean….that typical short-cut slang that each age group transitions through, just to irritate the parents and society as a whole. The funny thing is…Our kids will have to translate what their kids are saying…payback! Sadly…the spoken language is sounding more like texting lingo and there is a possibility that our grandchildren and great grandchildren will only have to think the response not speak. Most of us understand texting shorthand and can read through it with lightning speed. “Maybe that is what my 11 year old speaks!” ( Pause…with a intellectual pondering gaze!) “No…he doesn’t understand text!”

Phrasing and terminology have left behind many masterpieces in decades past…For example:

The scary thing is the fact that as I wrote those words I channeled a surfer dude voice!

We smile when retro-phrases sneak out…instead of thank you it is “peace” and I actually heard “far-out” after I paid for my coffee the other day! “She did have a brightly colored bloom decorating her apron!.

Well…It is time to wake the rest of the house…choir practice at 10 this morning. With my translation skills well rested and my Dr. Seuss mentality I am ready to face the day.

So…off we go,
we won’t be slow,
to tackle what lies ahead.
Ham or spam
with a guy named Sam…
or maybe a nap in bed.

Have a great day!

Peach State