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Peach State says: Dark Sky…No Rain!

There it was…This is a pic of the dark and ominous view as I crested the hill Tuesday morning. I was taking my 19 year old to his painting job and saw the incredible sight. I was so excited as the possibilities flooded my weary brain. Music playing throughout the house, a few lamps turned on to provide cozy light and warmth…but alas…

Dark Sky…No Rain!

This one was taken to show the visible wave-like movement in the body of this massive front.
It was dark most of the day…

Just thought I would share…
I have completed my minor chores already today and have plans to sweep along with, as someone close to me would say, some down-on-your-knees-nitty-gritty-corner-scraping-base-board cleaning. Until that part of the day…Coffee comes first and, of course, waiting for my 19 year old to get ready so I can drop him off for work today. “A mom’s work _______!” HeHe…you understand! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Humor Time!

We love to laugh and share our dreams with those on our wall…
What can I share this week?

The dreams we have to succeed and find love are often not as important to some…

The dream car…How about a car that is reliable and doesn’t drink gas?

Inspiration: the quotes and pictures that need to be shared…
I have found some that strike right to the core!

There is not a need for this on the wall!!

For the person who is struggling…and needs a gentle, childlike nudge!

I just love the examples we learn from as children!
This one was one of my favorites…I do not know why it was sent to me…HeHe!


We have the cat and dog pics that speak our mind…well…you judge for yourself!



Last but not least…this one made quite an impact and I personally appreciate the humor in it…What do you think?

Someone who is able to admit their situation and solve it without causing harm to others should be applauded!
I know you have similar inspiring pics that you receive. Send me your favorites! I love sharing wisdom! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: I Love Sharing Humor on FaceBook!

Saw this and had to post it…This reminds me of you…What was I thinking?
Those little thoughts that accompany the unique peek into our deepest essence of humor….We have seen them on our Status Updates and have put them on our own Update…

True statements that make us smile as we go through our day are just a part of this culture. My page is filled with inspirational thoughts and quotes from friends along with coffee pics and favorite song videos. Family gatherings recently attended and bragging sessions keep us connected no matter the distance.

The virtual scrapbook of our lives, complete with cartoon characters and journal entries, deepens the understanding of our individuality. These personal tidbits allow those with similar personalities to be drawn into a closer knitted group. This is, at times, a scary scenario!

“Confession!”. I try to be positive everyday when updating my Status.” I would rather cause a smile and have someone LOL than reply “What’s wrong?”. My friends and family deserve to start their day with a smile…”Don’t you agree?”

I have thought provoking and Kleenex grabbing Status Updates on my wall too! We, as a group, have recently lost a little saint to cancer. His life, through this devastating disease, was journaled on FaceBook.

Remember the movie “You’ve Got Mail”? “Those three little words changed our lives forever….at least until the iPhone. Every time someone updates their FaceBook or replies to one of your comments notifications chime their way into your day. Annoying and inconvenient at times but a wonderful source of positive communication. The assortment of notification tones are as humorous as the personalities posting on my wall. “It is a good thing we, for the most part, turn off the sound during practices and church.”. (Mahna Mahna).

Search for a cartoon or picture that speaks to you and makes you smile…post it…and share the ROFLOL with those close to you.

Peach State