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Peach State says: Just Another Flaw At My Doctor’s Office

A doctor’s office can be the most aggravating place in the world when you are sick, much less when you are just needing information. The bee-buzzing-method of seeing each patient leaves no room for making a connection. No Personal Touch! I was trying to tell my hubby the time had come to seek out a new doctor about three years ago…did he listen? With this new round of doctor visits he is beginning to see what I have been talking about. I will give you 2 situations that have began to open his eyes. Just Another Flaw At My Doctor’s Office!

Remember when the ER Doctor told me to follow-up with my regular doctor? I did! I called and did not reach a human. I left a message as directed and waited…and waited! Two days later I called again and actually reached an actual person. “Don’t ask me how I managed to talk with a nurse…I guess she drew the short straw.” She got the personal information and asked why I was calling. “Uh…I don’t know! Maybe because I need to see the doctor!” No I did not say that…but I thought it! I told her about going to the ER and that I was to follow-up with my doctor. There was no concern or investigative questions as to why I went to the ER in the first place. The nurse said she would get with the doctor and if…IF?…he wanted to see me they would call and set up an appointment.

Okay…moving beyond that. The appoint that I had with my doctor was after my hubby called a week later and set up the appointment. My doctor set up two appointments, with specialists, for me and I went to the first one this past Friday. The results are back and I got the phone call yesterday about the treatment plan. “I will give the prescriptions to the script nurse and she will call them into your pharmacy” said the voice on the other end of the phone. “Check with your pharmacy later today.” I gave my thanks as the phone sounded a disconnecting click. About three hours later I checked with my pharmacy for the cost of the script…they had not been contacted. The pharmacist said “I hope it is covered by your insurance…it is expensive!” I chuckled…”My doctor would order the most expensive!” I was told to check back later in the day. At 4:50 PM I checked back and the scurrying and shuffling of papers and excuse me’s came through the phone as the pharmacy tech searched throughout the pharmacy for the prescription. Winded she told me there was not prescription. I called the doctor’s office before the closing time of five….guess what?…I got a recording of the hours and location and directions to leave a message.

After relaying this newest story to my hubby he is seeing red! I told him I was scheduled to see my doctor in 8 days…I WILL TELL HIM WHAT HAS HAPPENED! If this is normal…well then we will make the call at that point. If he is unaware of the difficulties…well I will be happy to supply names of the people I spoke with.

I know there are hurdles and many red-taped-mazes in the medical industry today. How sad that a service oriented business is best known for their lack of bed-side-manner. Oh well…I’m just thinking out loud! Has this or something similar happened to you and the medical professionals you deal with? Then you understand…Any suggestions?

Have a nice day!

Peach State