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Peach State says: Coffee Cup Mentality 2

We have our favorites whether they are plain colored cups or pack a punch and make you smile. We instinctively cling to this cup and sip our coffee or tea! They give insight to our mood, our wants and dreams and reveal who we are! Welcome back to Coffee Cup Mentality 2! I asked my friends and family to take a picture of their favorite coffee cup or mug and posted several of them last week. I received more pics and inquiries so….I will give you a peek into the psyche of my friends and family. Hold on…because here we go!

I guess she is sharing a little Farm Humor!

There is nothing like a smiling face to start your morning. Where is that Puddy cat?

This friend…well…she loves her cats!

The next couple of pictures are of a cup I gave my mother during her Country Duck decorating phase. She has admitted this is one of her favorites. I wish there had been another one…I would have bought one for myself!


There are four siblings in my family…aren’t we cute? Do you see me? Yep…that’s me on the right!

The next picture is not a mug…but is a definite favorite among my little Peas in a Pod!.

You guessed it! That is me holding one of my favorites! Don’t worry…it is a Skinny Mocha Frapp!

The next one was given to me by a dear friend almost 24 years ago! Hmmm! I don’t have mood swings…Do I?

I do love this cup!

Do you show off your personality or your favorite cartoon character? Do you have memories of places you have traveled or concerts you have attended? What do others learn about you when they see your Coffee Cup Mentality?
Send me those pics! Time for a refill…Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Coffee Cup Mentality!

Is it the coffee that is “producing happiness” or me? This cup was a gift from my Heart of Dixie Cousin!

I recently posted a plea for personality coffee cup pics as my status on Facebook. The first response was small with more comments than photos. I thought it would be interesting to see the personality and mentality of my friends through their coffee/tea cups and mugs. “Maybe they were afraid to show me their true nature!”

Here are the pics of “Coffee Cup Mentality” I have received to date!

We all have our Team mugs:



The Been There…Done That mugs:



The Motivational and Inspirational mugs:





I may have to borrow this cup and forget to return it…I love this song!

Last but not least…The Personality mugs:



We have our favorites…”Don’t we?” I will be receiving more soon…”I will personally invite then to send me pics tomorrow at church!” Our cups and mugs remind us of where we have been and what we have seen. They become a representation of who we are! The sleepy smiling face or the dancing frog…it depends on the mood of the day.

What is your favorite mug or cup? Do you find yourself using it day after day? “I know I do!”
Have a great day…and enjoy starting your day with a little “Coffee Cup Mentality”!

Peach State