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Peach State says: Ageless Progression


This past Saturday I celebrated my ? birthday. You didn’t think I was going to tell you how old young I turned…did you? I was the recipient of many wonderful texts and Facebook wishes…and old fashioned phone calls. The humorous personality was EPIC… and I wanted to share the cards I received from my little group…Peas in a Pod!

Our Mutual Cat Loving Friend…did you already figure that out…yep NINJA CAT!

I was warned, with the next card from one of the husband and wife tag teams, of loss of hearing and eyesight when I get older…”Good thing I am NOT there yet! (Quit pointing that finger as you laugh!)

(Inside in very, very, did I say very small print…)
…so, what did you think of your musical card?
FYI…it was not a musical card giving the recipient a preview of sorts to vision and hearing problems. I did not have any problems reading the cards and laughing at the joke! Good One!

The next card…well, I may have to pass this card to other members of the “POD”… (You have been warned!) This one came from an avid coffee drinker…decaf!


…and included a pop-up!

Question…Why would the card limit you to just a Double-shot?

The BFF tag team gave me a musical card…

I cautiously opened the card, aware that it was musical, to read “…and You’re Hotter Than Ever…” as “Ring of Fire” played. (Gee Thanks… But just so you will know…911 was not called due to the number of lit candles on my cake!)

I want to mention one more…this sender of wishes is known by all of the “Pod” but chooses to serve in another part of our church… She has often participated in reading and contributing to my blog and is the party responsible for the “Straight-Jacket Award” connected with my “Facebook Funnies”…

See What I Mean!

I don’t want to leave my family out of this…

My loving family gave my an inflatable walker! “Bless Their Hearts!

I was asked to check out a bracelet, for the past week, that had been brought in for repairs…but got the news last night…HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It replaces the one that disappeared about a year ago!

Needless to say I was a bit surprised! Hubby also gave me another present about 3 weeks ago…A Tower of speakers…

It is Bluetooth compatible as well as AM/FM. I hope my hubby learns to like all my music!

All in all it was a very “Happy Birthday”! A big, big thank you to all of my well-wishers!

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Coffee Cup Mentality 2

We have our favorites whether they are plain colored cups or pack a punch and make you smile. We instinctively cling to this cup and sip our coffee or tea! They give insight to our mood, our wants and dreams and reveal who we are! Welcome back to Coffee Cup Mentality 2! I asked my friends and family to take a picture of their favorite coffee cup or mug and posted several of them last week. I received more pics and inquiries so….I will give you a peek into the psyche of my friends and family. Hold on…because here we go!

I guess she is sharing a little Farm Humor!

There is nothing like a smiling face to start your morning. Where is that Puddy cat?

This friend…well…she loves her cats!

The next couple of pictures are of a cup I gave my mother during her Country Duck decorating phase. She has admitted this is one of her favorites. I wish there had been another one…I would have bought one for myself!


There are four siblings in my family…aren’t we cute? Do you see me? Yep…that’s me on the right!

The next picture is not a mug…but is a definite favorite among my little Peas in a Pod!.

You guessed it! That is me holding one of my favorites! Don’t worry…it is a Skinny Mocha Frapp!

The next one was given to me by a dear friend almost 24 years ago! Hmmm! I don’t have mood swings…Do I?

I do love this cup!

Do you show off your personality or your favorite cartoon character? Do you have memories of places you have traveled or concerts you have attended? What do others learn about you when they see your Coffee Cup Mentality?
Send me those pics! Time for a refill…Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: My Morning Coffee!


I have said it before and I will say it again…I love my coffee! It is there for me when I wake up each morning and just before I close my eyes each night. A steady companion that fills my small corner of the world with warmth and flavorful aroma. I am sitting in my chair with a blanket over my chilled toes drinking in My Morning Coffee!

Things shared with My Morning Coffee!
The first bird song of the day.
The setting of the moon.
The rising of the sun.
Quiet house.
Snoring dog.
Checking of E-mail.
Checking in with Swagbucks.
Messages with friends on Facebook.
Intermittent texts from friends starting their days.
Phone calls with friends having their morning coffee.
The preparation of family leaving for work and school.
The settled and empty house.
The dog still snoring!
The sounds from the washer and drying as they chime off.


We each have a routine we perform each morning. For most of us it starts with a cup of coffee! We relish the first sip and wait…for the eye opening flavor to reveal the day. The warmth begins to spread and we take another sip of our jolt of java.

I begin with a large mug of black coffee every morning…followed by a 20 ounce homemade latte’ about 20 minutes later. I prepare one for my husband to enjoy with his usual oatmeal and one for myself. I fill a large commuter cup with hot, black coffee and place it in my husband’s car. “He has about an hour to enjoy it as he drives to work.”

The latte is foam less and rich with espresso and a hint of vanilla syrup. We get the beans ground at our local Starbucks along with the syrups. One regular vanilla and mine is sugar-free vanilla. Our milk types are different with 2% for him and non-fat for me. He will occasionally splurge and get a breve’ ,when we are out, that is made with half&half. “The lighter the better for me…”

My coffee is in need of refill as I replace it back on the table next to my chair. I will refill it soon…just before taking my youngest to a study session, at his school, for an upcoming state-wide test. There may be a line of traffic on this bright and chilly Saturday morning….”I will want to enjoy my trusted companion as I maneuver this stop and go thrill ride.

I have often been ridiculed, by people, about the amount of coffee I drink. It has become a mainstay, in my life, for other reasons too! I suffer with Asthma and Migraines! The caffeine works to relax the blood vessels letting the blood surge along the intricate pathways of my lungs and brain. I know this java jolt helps…the doctors have given me caffeine laden medications in the ER… Of course, I am usually bouncing of the walls after the meds they inject into my body.

I celebrate the love of this caffeinated elixir with a wonderful group of friends. Several of us are never without a cup in hand. “Peas in a Pod!” That’s us in a nutshell! We gather together every third Sunday, after singing for the local retirement complex, at the closest Starbucks. The time shared is short but filled with laughter and fellowship. We then get in our cars and head to our church for the remainder of choir practice. We have our ways of counting down to our next gathering…via Facebook and group texts. Some of us have gotten in hot water with these group messages…and the time of day they are used! ” I chuckle thinking about those who read my blog that were involved in this late night or early morning messaging.” In my defense may I say…it was really funny!

My Morning Coffee is gone and it is time to get ready to leave. Enjoy your coffee and think of me…and My Morning Coffee! Have a great day!

Peace State

Peach State says: Just Peas in a Pod!


We are always together in small giggling groups. We act as if we have been friends since childhood. We share a friendship that will last forever…that’s us…“Just Peas in a Pod!”

The kindred spirits, anchored together in faith, clustered together because of talents and similarities. The fun has just begun as we sit and visit. The laughter bounces off the surrounding walls and fixtures uncontrollably. “We are going to be banned from Starbucks if we do not calm down!”. Whispers rise from one of the peas and we snicker and huddle closer together. The non-verbal communications begin with simple looks and sparkles in the eyes of those around the table. We miss those who are not with us…of course we will be with them soon enough in choir practice.

We flutter around, in large crowds, visiting and laughing with many. Hugs abound and conversations are varied as we move in a harmonic dance. There are pods on this plant…each pod shares similar views making us alike in so many ways. The stages of life may separate us a little but the humor is a bungee cord yanking us together with a vicious snap. We know when one is not feeling up to par by the squint of the eyes or lack of volume in the laughter. The twinkle does not seem as bight and the peas will lend their strength and well wishes in hopes of quick recovery. “Just Peas in a Pod!”

Our pod is either very large or perhaps we pod-hop! We fit snugly together in many different combinations and pods. We nudge each other in passing as we go about our day. Actively popping in and out of the pods and developing lasting relationships with those we meet.

We share many parts of our life…but never share the coffee…”I chuckle softly at that thought!” We do share the time together with our individual cups of the “heavenly brew” warming our hands. The types of liquid based fixes are as different as the individuals drinking from the cups. There are a few of us peas that indulge the cold-bottled liquid, Diet Coke and Mr. Pibb being the standard, due to not liking coffee. We need to pray for them!

I know you are probably thinking how weird I am for writing about this group of people. I have been fortunate most of my adult life to have this “pod-like” friendship. I don’t think I could function without them. We may not share the deepest parts of us with everyone in the pod but, there are those in the pod who hold our secrets. Sadly, as with any pod, peas will be separated. Some move to another city or state and some across the country. The gathering ceases and the laughter is decreased. A “new pod” replaces the “old pod” and the cycle begins again. Memories are made and built in hopes of surviving the next separation. “Just Peas in a Pod!”

I know, if you just take a moment to evaluate those you hold dear, you will see you are part of a “pod” too. What brought you together? Demographics, school, clubs, work, travel…the lists just goes on. It is not about looks or wealth! “I am so glad about this!” Our bond was created just for us…and will increase in strength and love. I miss the other peas and cannot wait to see them. They become extended family…important to our basic survival. The peas get sick together and help each other through the hard times. We may not know, at the time, how much we help each other but that is not important. “I only have one regret! That my husband is not a functioning member of the “pod”!” His schedule and mind-set keep him uninvolved.

Speaking of the daily nudges from the peas…I just received a text…Hehe! My day has started and I must begin the tasks ahead in hopes of completing the list. I hope you have a great day! Don’t forget to touch base, or nudge, the “peas in your pod” and brighten their day as well as your own.

Peach State