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Peach State says: It’s Friday and I __________!

20131025-130318.jpg“It’s Friday and I _________!”

Now that is a loaded question! How would you fill in the blank? Me, well I would put in any of the following:
Am tired…
Am dragging…
Am caught up…
Am in pain…

Unfortunately I will have to wait until next week to get any relief. “Oh joy!”

So for now my feet are up and wearing socks. A blanket will be placed upon them soon after I get my comfy clothes on. My 20 year old son just fixed my lunch and brought it to me. “I must be dying or he is a wonderful son…or he wants something!” ( yep…he wants to take my car later this afternoon to play extreme frisbee.).

Time for some meds…and then apply an ice pack.

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Over Did It In Overdrive!


I have reached the end…and finally settle down and have put my feet up…
You would too if you had “Over Did It In Overdrive!

The racing-shuttle-ushered-schedule-driven-minds to their appointed destinations.

Translation….Mom’s Taxi Service was slammed with customers today!

I forgot to eat breakfast and lunch…and managed to buy the few remaining items needed at the grocery store without giving into temptation waiting to check out.

Translation…My stomach is going berserk and I wanted a candy bar soooo bad.

And to make the day more enjoyable I have been in some soul-reaching pain.

Translation….I Really Hurt and Want Some Drugs! Okay…Tylenol!

The good news is that I will not have to cook dinner….until closer to 6:30! What a lucky break!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Rearranging Tuesday!


Dear cuz,
I have chosen to write to you today in hopes that my dear friends will not find out about my activities today. Rearranging Tuesday!

I have been sitting in the same room arrangement for almost 2 years now and I just wanted to scream. My chair has been moved to the point that I sit sideways in it to see the television. “And not very well at that.” Well you know me…and even though I received harsh-finger-shaking and oh-no-you-can’ts from friends, when I was moving a couple of chairs this past Sunday, I took control of the situation and put my foot down. “Not that anyone was listening…they were all gone!”. Wait my 22 year old did move my chair from the middle of the living room floor to a spot by the window…yep he sure did…then he left.

I took my time and was careful…but I am beginning to feel…PAIN! Granted I probably should not have been participating in this refreshing and organized activity with a Herniated Disc and I will pay for it later as well as Now!

Please be a dear and do not speak of this to my dear friends…they will shake their fingers at me and ask me why I did this by myself. I can tell you one thing…if I didn’t do it it would never get done…Can I get an Amen!?

Thanks for listening cuz…I knew you would understand!

Well time for TKD so I gotta go…Have a great day!

Peach State

To bad this guy was not available to help me with Rearranging Tuesday!

Peach State says: Monday’s Call For Coffee!


My day started 30 minutes earlier today thanks to the Boss-ordered-monthly-meeting at hubby’s work. But…as you probably have guessed…”Knowing me the way you do!”… I was already awake due to the dawn-splitting-door-chime as my son left for his routine workout. The typical restlessness throughout the night, due to one thing or another, as the clock moved in it’s steady march of time delayed my springing to action as the alarm clock completed it’s mission. It is going to be a wonderful, exciting day filled with anticipated extras carefully orchestrated into the regular busy routine! [Sorry for the sarcastic tone!]

Yep…there will be a need to hydrating today especially seeings how Monday’s Call For Coffee!

On the schedule we have:
Hubby out the door 45 minutes early.
Youngest doctor appointment at 9 am.
Drop off prescriptions to be filled.
Take youngest to school.
Regroup and contemplate my MRI at 1 pm.
Organize transportation for my 19 year old son’s test at 3 pm
Leave for MRI at 12:15-12:30.
Come home and fix dinner…to be served about 4:15 to youngest.
Pick up prescriptions.
TKD at 5 pm.
Drive to church for Basketball.
Basketball at 7 pm.
Leave for home and off to bed for youngest at 8:30 pm.
Make sure second pot of coffee is made before hubby gets home about 9 pm.

I will need more than two hands today…my hands will be busy hold the two cups of coffee I will crazily be drinking from. BUT…I can do this…it is just a few things thrown into the usual chaotic Monday schedule!

I hope you find time to complete what needs to be done. Have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: Here We Go Again!

I hate to be the one to tell you but…It is Monday…and the weekend is over!
Here We Go Again!

Last night, while fast forwarding through the commercials, my hubby announced he needed to leave earlier for the Monday meeting. “Get me up about 6:00 and I will be able to take my shower about 6:35-6:40.” That is all well and good if he can actually follow the demands of the ticking clock. So far so good! He has roughly 10 minutes to get dressed and out the door! “MEN!”

We all have crazy schedules that drive us rapidly in many directions on Mondays. Everything is a blur as we continue to try and accomplish our preset duties for the day. Life thrusts it’s not-so-humorous interruptions into our day and we press on finally crawling into our safe haven and pulling the covers over our heads. Pain, fear, bickering, pure exhaustion…the interruptions are many but, we remain strong. “We are strong…because we get up the next morning and do it all over again!”

Do what you can to the best of your ability! That is all we can do!

So…put a smile on your face and I will put one on mine…face the new day!
Make it the best day…because you never know what tomorrow may bring.
Oh and by all means…finish that cup of coffee!
Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Topsy-Turvy

Pain, of one fashion or another, has struck those near and dear to me in the past few weeks. The way we deal with the pain has remained constant and true. Laughter and prayers! We offer and accept hugs of support from each other understanding the Topsy-Turvy change of life’s order and the effects it brings. This pain-filled existence limits the continuance of normal activities…for instance!

I actually left choir practice early Wednesday night. It was just to uncomfortable to sit there and participate in an activity I love, with all my heart, and be anywhere near normal.

I could not take my heating pad with me and not draw attention to myself. I could also not take my pain medication and function at full capacity much less drive after about 45 minutes. “The numbing buzz is not the best thing to experience behind the wheel!”
I have a friend whose husband recently had surgery and the pain he is experiencing during this recovery is not normal. She is worried about the intensity…as she should be! Her husband is a strong and athletic man who is accustomed to normal pain tolerance. The changes in our normal routines have changed dramatically….except for one thing! We are still there for each other…offering support and help…praying for each other and laughing with each other. “Oh and meeting each other for coffee!” Yes we did…right before choir this past Wednesday! It was a wonderful time and just what the doctor ordered!


As for my test results…I will find out next week sometime. Until then I am to relax and take it easy. No lifting or exercising and no strenuous activity. Hummm! That could be fun if I was not a mom and wife who loves to have a clean house and fix home-cooked meals. Yep! My life is a bit Topsy-Turvy…Wouldn’t your life? I will finish my coffee (IV) and float away on my pain-med-induced-numb.

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: You Want Me To Drink What!

Today is a day of new experiences…oh goody!

Fasting since midnight…”Which means No COFFEE!”…Check
Mid-morning appointment…Check
You Want Me To Drink What!…
I will post back and tell you how that went!

Wish me luck and Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Wheelchair Service

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk into an Emergency Room, with people waiting, and be treated like royalty? I guess everyone could say they would like this experience. Wednesday night I was told, by my on-call doctor, to report to the Emergency Room. I was dropped off close to the door and walked in. My Drivers License and Insurance cards in hand I walked to the counter. The young nurse turned and greeted me…”How can I help you tonight?” “Would you like my insurance and ID now…before beginning?” I asked. She replied no and asked what had brought me in. “I have sharp pains in my back and about 2 hours ago my chest, (at this point she reached under the counter and pressed a button.), well my chest seemed to fold up and cramp. I was not painful but tight.” She told me they would be with me shortly and I walked over to a quiet corner and waited for my son. He had no sooner walked in the door and my name was called. Surprised I rose and walked over to the nurse. And there it was…”Please have a seat.” she said pointing to the wheelchair. I looked at my son and sat in the wheelchair. This was new…for me…a visit to the ER complete with Wheelchair Service!

It started like any other overcast, rainy day. The dull achy feeling had been with me all day with the exception of the stiff and painful neck and shoulders. By dinner time a headache made it presence know in the region right above my eyes. Typically I would have stayed home and popped a couple of pills and climbed in my chair BUT… it was Wednesday and I had several important tasks on my agenda. We have a important service on Sunday and my favorite song has been chosen as the choir special…I have the solo with the choir on this song. Because of the failing health of a family member part of the normal praise team would not be able to be there Sunday so Praise Team 1 was put into service again and was scheduled to sing the main special. It is a new song we were going to learn on Wednesday night after choir practice.

Just for clarification purposes: There are about 7 people who can literally go over a song two or three times and learn it. This group of singers have sung professionally and semi-professionally as well as musically educated. We have an uncanny ability to pick up a song quickly. Several of us can literally run over a song once and sing it an hour later in church.

Sooo…off I went to church! I bought my bottled water before heading into the choir room and put on my Baptist Smile. “That is the smile I wear when people ask how you are and no matter how things are you reply “Great…and you?”.” I sat in my chair that borders the soprano and alto sections and chatted with those around me trying to ignore the pesky pain that had increased. The stabbing sharp pain was isolated to my back rib cage area but was not a result of movement or breathing. I am quite familiar with those types of pain! Just before practice started I bent over to grab my bottled water and the center of my chest folded in on itself. A slight twinge of pain mixed with a tightness took a few minutes to recover from. I guess I lost my Baptist Smile because and dear friend sitting a few chairs over was looking at me with a concerned look on her face. “Oh it’s okay…just a cramp!” I mouthed. She shook her head and the music started. By the end of practice the hot pokers in my back could not be ignored. I texted my hubby and he suggested (firmly) that I call the doctor or go to the ER.

My dear friend and Minister of Music walked by and saw ER on my phone and asked me about it. ” Does someone at your home need to go to the ER?” I smiled and said “No I Do!” He repeated the question as if I did not understand him the first time and I simply stopped and held his gaze and said..”I need to go to the ER.” The concern swept me off my feet as he asked why and then hastily shook his head in disbelief that I had come to church in the first place. I was then ordered to go. I got the number to the church doctor, I believe she is a PA or NP, and told her what was going on. She advised me to call my doctor and go home and take a Bayer Aspirin just in case. Long story somewhat shorter…my doctor recommended I go to the ER ASAP!

Now back to the Wheelchair I floated through doors quickly and placed in a room where the EKG monitors were placed on my chest and vitals taken. My blood pressure, which is always normal, was high. “I wonder why?” My son had my phone and I warned him to turn off the volume. It was a good thing because the onslaught of buzzing concern began rushing in like water rushing from a broken dam. My dear friend, who had witnessed the cramp was getting info and passing it along to others to keep them updated. Another friend who works closely with the hospital I went to was texting in for updates and offering help. I wanted a Starbucks but alas…Denied! Hehe…just an inside joke.

Back into the room swept the doctor and said he ordered a chest x-ray and blood work. Now, instead of thinking I was having heart problems, I began running the various scenarios of blood clots and cancer. The tears began to flow as my phone buzzed and a rerun off NCIS played on the wall mounted television in the corner of the examination room. My son clicked the the little screen and sent the update. He then called hubby and gave him the news. “Keep me posted…if there is anything bad…(I could hear a shakiness in his voice.) anything call me and I will be there!”

Blood was drawn and drawn again. Here is some pain medication. I will be right back and take you to x-ray. A Wheelchair appeared at the end of the bed and I was unplugged from all the monitors. Once again I was floating through the back halls of this bustling medical facility. By this time I was fighting tears and running the words of a song mixed with prayers silently over and over in my head. I followed instructions and was placed back into the Wheelchair and returned to my room and hooked back up to the monitors. Here is where the waiting began…in popped the doctor and this is what he said.

EKG…good, Blood work…good, Chest x-ray…good= mystery pain!

Well he did not say mystery pain but they had ruled out heart problem. He asked if I had fallen or lifted anything heavy and I replied not lately. Good thing he did not ask me about a week and half ago. He continued to tell me to contact my doctor and bring him up to speed on the pain and my visit to the ER. “The nurse will be right in with your paperwork and prescription for a pain medication.” My nurse came into the room along with my trusty Wheelchair. The exit process began and within 40 minutes I was in the car headed home. I arrived at the ER at 8:53 pm and was leaving the hospital parking lot at 1:10 am. “Could this even be considered an Emergency Room visit…they are usually longer!”

The pain is much better today than yesterday…which is why I did not write yesterday. I will take Aleve only today at least that is my hope. No lifting anything of substance and limited activity…doctor’s orders!

I thought about the last time I was in a Wheelchair and it was when I was going home with my now 19 year old after he was born.” I guess I said the right thing when I walked into the Emergency Room and was given the royal treatment. All in all it was a pleasant experience,,,except for the bed but that is another story.

What was your last visit to the ER like? Do you remember the last time or were in a Wheelchair? Let me know! Have a great day!”

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Finally Here!

The packing of the family car…”Boy does that hold memories.” There were 6 of us and we were taught the “Art of Packing” for that extended beach vacation. We packed linens and groceries…clothes and grill…we were not packing for a vacation but moving. Those were the good old days before there was a chain grocery store and a grill that stayed at our home away from home. Those methods of placing and stacking have come in handy before and will come in handy today. It’s Finally Here!.

There are only a couple of things on my list of things to do today…

Pack mine and hubby’s clothes and toiletries
Buy a case of bottled water
Oh and Pack the car!

I am fortunate to have two strong backs today for this important task…I think I zigged when I should have zagged last night.

#Pack the pain meds

I packed a few grocery items…pop tarts, popcorn, instant oatmeal, snack cakes and paper plates, paper bowls, plastic spoons and forks…”You expect me to wash dishes or run a dishwasher while I am on vacation!” I also packed some laundry detergent and softener sheets…yeah I know! You can quit laughing! I will wash a load or two so we will not have to take as many clothes.

#Pack some garbage bags for the paper products and snack wrappers…

Wow…it is a little after 8 AM and in less than 9 hours we will be on the road. “No! It is not going to take that long to pack…my hubby had to work today but is getting off a little early.” I will use my time wisely today and rest this wicked twinge in my get-along. [Translation: Pain in my lower hip.] Don’t forget to tell me about your vacation with family and friends… And don’t forget to check out my pics! This time tomorrow I will be waking up in the mountains over looking a river. It’s Finally Here…and I can hardly wait! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Let the Cravings Begin!

Yesterday was a successful day of firsts…today…OUCH! I am hurting in places I didn’t know I could hurt. Of course…this may not be the result of the exercise class alone, but the stepping in and out of chairs as I twisted and reached for bulletin board displays and “ABC’s” throughout my friend’s classroom.

“Drinking my latte’ is a true act of love as I stretch and feel the burn with each lifting of the cup.”

Today is my husband’s first complete day without smoking! He typically smoked about 2 packs a day and yesterday he only had 10! He is resolved to quit for health reasons…and to support a co-worker who has been ordered to quit by his doctor. My husband often resembled a puffing chimney, during the coldest of winter days, as it sends a constant graying haze into the air.” The snacks, that I sent with him yesterday, are still in the fridge at work. I did not have to cut or chop today. He has a jar of oversized Lifesaver Mints on his desk, which will be gone before the day is over, to aid in the cravings. He does not want any chocolate or nuts! “Remember…we’re dieting!” One of my sons told him to wear a rubber-band and pop it against the wrist when he wanted to smoke…Electro-shock would work too…Want a smoke? ZAP! “I know the wires wouldn’t reach that far…but what about a set of jumper-cables?”
I am just kidding!
The ability to remain calm is not the easiest thing to do when quitting. I had been through this before and knew brief “solar flare” reactions would replace the simple talking-to lectures. Our youngest did not listen or heed the warning!
My husband needed to suck a cig down after our youngest set him
off early this morning! My husband asked our son why he tried to take extra food and why he stole something that belonged to his brother. He said…”I was starving!”
#1: he gets 4x the servings of cereal…and he had just finished eating breakfast!
#2: he has a snack at school after his lunch…
#3: he has gained weight but the doctor wants him to gain more due to his body’s ability to burn calories and the ADHD!
#4: he eats extra servings of fruits and vegetables with bread and starches on the side.

He eats more than I do for goodness sake!

The “Dieting Cravings” have begun too…
My husband said no bread…granted my bread items are low in everything but hearing this statement, all I wanted was a toasted bagel…With lots of cream cheese!
My husband said less Starbucks…”whoa!” I drink mine ultra skinny…my hubby drinks his venti vanilla breve’. This is a large espresso with half &half and vanilla syrup!
My husband said no baked items...”but..but..but!” Okay so I could stand to lose some but! (butt)

I just hope to get through the first week. Things will be easier…not easy…but easier after that!
Anyone have any good suggestions to surviving the cigarette and diet cravings?
Common sense tells me not to undertake these two things at the same time…to bad my husband does not use directions when assembling items or doesn’t ask for directions when lost!
I will keep you posted!

As for me…it is time for me to get ready to help my friend in her classroom again. A room full of 1st Graders is a wonderful and energetic distraction from cravings! So bring on the hunger…the shakes…the raised voices…”We are ready to face these challenges sooo…Let the Cravings Begin!

Have a great day!

Peach State